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Welcome to my Mesutchi Osutchi Tamagotch blogs.  The purpose of this page is to complete a day by day account of my Mesutchi Osutchi pair which will be written separatley from my regular Tamagotchi Blogs. I want this blog to reflect solely on these Tamas. :) My first hatched pair was the smoke black and clear white pair, while my second hatching I chose to raise the green/white pair with multicolored hearts around the shell. This page will include my personal experiences with Mesutchi & Osutchi, along with my own pictures and animations. Enjoy!!!

Mesutchi Osutchi in Packaging. These were my first hatched pair. :)

My written accounts of my first hatched pair are below in three parts. They were hatched on April 15, 2016.

Osu Mesu Blog Part 1 Osu Mesu Blog Part 2 Osu Mesu Blog Part 3

My second hatched pair of Osu & Mesu in the packaging.

My Written accounts for my second hatched pair can be found below! They were hatched on September 15, 2016.

I also hatched my third pair on November 15, 2016 (pink & blue pair) and their growth is written in part 3!

Osu Mesu Blog Part 1

Osu Mesu Blog Part 2 Osu Mesu Blog Part 3
Osu Mesu Blog Part 4

My Mesutchi Osutchi Character History:

(Smoke & Clear Pair)

Characters Dates Generation
Pyonchitchi & Pyonkotchi April 15-April 24, 2016 Gen1 TMP 1
Hiratchi & Piratchi April 24-May 4, 2016 Gen2 TMP 2
Kabutchi & Pipotchi May 4-May 15, 2016 Gen3 TMP 3
ChoMametchi & ChoHimetchi May 15-May 26, 2016 Gen4 TMP 4
ChoMametchi & ChoHimetchi May 26-June 8, 2016 Gen5 TMP 4

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