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Part 1

Friday, April 15, 2016: My first day with Osutchi and Mesutchi! I was so excited all day long at work. I couldn't wait to get home so I could finally hatch my new Tamas! I have been waiting for the right time to hatch these two Tamas, and I figured this is as good a time as any. I have the weekend ahead of me to care for them properly and keep tabs on them. :) I pulled the tabs, hit reset on both and set the time at 5:10pm.

Osu Egg Mesu Egg

I chatted with Shawn while I waited for them to hatch. Shawn also hatched his Osutchi Mesutchi Tamas, the clear black and clear white pair like myself. It didn't take long for five minutes to pass by. :)

Once the eggs hatched I had two demanding babies to contend with. This characters name is Kuritchi and it is the first part of the Babitchi stage. They are really cute! Quite different from a regular Babitchi in more ways than one.

The animation I made of Kuritchi is by no means accurate, but it gives you a general idea of what he/she looks like. They were both really demanding in this stage, and Shawn and I both commented on the fact that they are way more needy than a P1 Babitchi. I was incredibly busy this evening, so I wasn't able to keep tabs on them for things like poop and nap times. But I did make a few discoveries..

There are a couple of really cute features to this Tama! When they were in this stage, their poops were really tiny because they are such tiny babies. I noticed the same thing when they got sick -- the skulls were extremely small. I really like this feature! Very realistic indeed. :)

I was driving around for most of the time they were Kuritchi, and when I got to Matt's house I took them out of my pocket to see that they had changed into the second part of the Babitchi stage. They are now a MohiTamatchi! The image that I made of it is not at all close to what it really looks like, but again it gives you a general idea. :)

This little character is so adorable! Just look at the facial expressions! So cute!! And that little mohawk.... I am already in love with these Tamas. :) After they changed into MohiTamatchi, it wasn't much longer until they went to bed at 8:00pm.  I think I fed them two meals and played two games before they tucked into their little futons for the evening. I am going to head to bed now myself so I can be up early for them tomorrow. :) Below is an image of what they look like while they sleep.


Saturday, April 16, 2016: Today they were up and at em' for 9:00am and so was I! I am so glad that these Tamas followed in the footsteps of the original P1/P2 Tamas and wake at 9am instead of 8am. :) Since it's the weekend I have been able to keep tabs on them and keep track of when they needed food and discipline.

Their feeding/play times were as follows today: 9:32, 10:00, 10:31, 11:04, 11:34, 12:08, 12:41, 1:15, 1:41, 2:14, 2:46, 3:22, 3:51, 4:22, 4:50, 5:00, 5:25, 5:55, 6:29, 7:30.

From what I have gathered, they seem to drop a hunger/happy heart roughly every half hour. There were times when it was every hour, but for the most part it was every half hour. Interesting... I guess since the MohiTamatchi are considered the second part of the Babitchi stage, they are somewhat more demanding than what a Marutchi/Tonmarutchi would be, and they definitely are. But nothing I can't handle. They are incredibly cute and enjoyable to care for. :)

Poop times were as follows, and from what I can see there is no set poop schedule: 10:17, 1:17, 6:51.

They called for discipline at the following times:

Osutchi: 9:36 (25%), 11:48 (50%), 2:00 (75%), 3:15 (100%)

Mesutchi: 9:36 (25%), 11:49 (50%), 2:04 (75%), 3:18 (100%)

It was weird how they both asked for the first discipline at the exact same time, and for the rest of the day they asked for them 1-3 minutes apart. I have heard that they will actually continue to ask for discipline even after the meter is 100% full. They have not made anymore selfish calls since the meter became full.

Something else I noticed about scolding/discipline was that when they make selfish calls and you scold them, they actually make a crying face and tears. This is something I have never seen before, and it's a cool feature. On the original Tamagotchi they get angry and throw a little tantrum when they get disciplined. Funnily enough, I scolded them both by accident this morning when I was scrolling through the different icons and instead of making a crying face, they got angry and threw a tantrum instead. I think this is a cool feature! They cry and look sorry when they actually need to be disciplined, but if you scold them when they don't deserve it, they will get angry. Very realistic touch! I like it!

The game is really easy on these Tamas! I haven't lost once. I played an equal amount of games for every meal I fed them! So it was a pretty eventful day and bedtime was at 8:00 again. I am looking forward to tomorrow! I can't wait for them to change into the teenage stage!


Sunday, April 17, 2016: Today was another day off from work but I was still up and ready for them at 9am. :) I did my best to keep track of their stats today but it was hard since I was on the go a lot. I did pretty good with them though, all things considering. They followed the same kind of routine as yesterday, only they seemed to drop a heart closer to once an hour rather than every half hour like yesterday. I fed and played with them at the following times: 9:21, 10:18, 11:17, 12:11, 1:20, 2:09, 2:59, 3:54, 4:54, 5:51, 6:42, 7:28.

They pooped at: 10:45, 1:30, 4:02, 6:40.

And they called for those extra discipline calls today as well!

Osutchi Discipline times: 9:42 (125%), 11:55 (150%), 2:09 (175%).

Mesutchi Discipline times: 9:46 (125%), 12:00 (150%), 2:14 (175%).

All in all a very easy day with these two. I really love these Tamas! I am excited to see them grow up. :) I took them with me all the way through Walmart today. I had to pick something up for my cousins husband, so I kept them in my hand the whole time so I didn't miss a discipline call. They were very good while at the store.

Around 7:30 they both got sick a few minutes apart from one another. I knew this meant that they would be changing into the next stage, but I didn't think it would happen so soon! At 7:36 the Osutchi made a series of high pitched beeps, and the screen went jagged back and forth. When it cleared he had grown little arms and legs, and a little curl on his forehead. His name is Obotchi, and he is really cute! At 7:41 the Mesutchi followed suit and became an Ojotchi. She looks very much the same, except she has a little ribbon in her hair, and her legs are a little more chubby. They are both so adorable, even more so than before!

Obotchi Ojotchi

Is is 8:31 now and they are still awake, so I am guessing they will go to bed at 9pm like the teenagers from P1/P2? Since changing into the teen stage, their discipline has gone down to 50%. They appear to be even less needy than they were as the Mohitamatchi, so I think it is going to be an easy work day with them tomorrow! I won't have time to make note of what time I feed/play with them, but I will do my best to make note of the discipline calls.


Monday, April 18, 2016: Today was a very relaxing day with Obotchi and Ojotchi. I really didn't even need to keep track of anything because they called for all of two disciplines at 11:41 and then again at 3:45, bringing them up to 100% on the stats meter. I checked on them very frequently throughout the day, but they were so undemanding that I hardly needed to look in on them at all.  They have definitely gotten easier to care for since entering the Kodomotchi teen stage.

They are just so cute.... I cannot get over it. I am quite taken with these two, and I think I will actually be sad when they have to grow up because they are just so sweet. I was playing the game with them several times today and when they win they make the cutest little happy gestures. Ojotchi (the female Mesutchi) actually goes up on one toe like a little ballerina. I nearly squealed right in my office chair because the cuteness was too much to handle. :)

My big question at the present time is whether or not they are going to continue asking for discipline like they did as MohiTamatchi's. They asked for four extra disciplines once the meter was full, and I will be curious to see if that happens in this stage as well. If so, I plan to catch all disciplines and see who I end up with. Very much looking forward to the coming days and seeing what happens next. In the meantime, I am just going to enjoy my time with my little cuties. :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2016: Obojtchi and Ojotchi awoke at their usual time of 9am this morning, and like yesterday the woke to find themselves in the office. :) They have remained very easy to care for and drop a heart every hour or so. I kept a close eye on them all day and made sure they never dropped more than one heart at a time.

Their discipline has remained at 100% since yesterday. They haven't made any extra selfish calls like they did as MohiTamatchi. I am going to experiment with those extra disciplines in the future and see if it is a determining factor in what character you can get. :) They went to bed this evening at 9:00, age 4 years and 20lbs.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016: Today was a pretty good day. We actually had a big snow storm here in the city today, so I got to leave work at 1pm. Obotchi and Ojotchi were up at their usual time of 9am and things were quiet. There were no more selfish calls so they have remained at the regular 100% discipline.

This afternoon when I got home I wasn't feeling the best, so I decided to pause my demanding Tamas, and keep the undemanding ones off pause. I laid down for most of the afternoon and had them laid out beside me. I would doze off every now and then but each time I would wake up to see they had only dropped one heart in hunger and happiness. Very easy little Tamas to care for indeed. :)

This evening I was on the phone for over an hour with my friend Tracey. Towards the end of our chat I noticed that Obotchi was sick. I gave him two inoculations and he was fine as kind again. A few minutes later, Ojotchi got sick as well. I figured that they would change right after getting sick like they did as MohiTamatchi's, and they did. :) Just shortly before 9pm Obotchi changed into a Pyonchitchi and then a minute or two later Ojotchi became a Pyonkotchi. They are really cute!! And according to the growth chart, they are the best adult characters for Gen1! I am really happy with them. Shawn's pair changed into adults as well this evening, and he got different adults than I did. I will be interested to see if his characters in the next generation will be different than mine.....!

Pyonchitchi Pyonkotchi

I had about an hour with them before it was time for them to go to bed. I will check and see if they are ready to mate tomorrow! I am so excited. :) They went to bed this evening at 10pm, age 5, and a whooping 50lbs. I would write more, but I am really not feeling the best tonight.


Thursday, April 21, 2016: Today I decided to stay home from work because I just haven't been feeling my best at all. I have had an ear ache all week, so I decided to go to the doctor this morning. Instead of waking up to the office, Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi woke to find themselves in a waiting room instead. I think the office setting is much nicer... But it wasn't too long of a wait and I was out of there by 9:30.

I took my Tamas and went to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled, and while waiting in the car I decided to see if they were ready to mate. And they were to my surprise! They wiggled around the screen and a little tune played. :) I decided that the car was as good a place as any. :P And I removed the tops and connected them up. I had to push pretty hard to link them together, and I was worried that they were going to come apart. I selected the linked heart icon again once I had them connected, and pressed the B button on both of them.

From here on out I just held onto them and made sure they didn't come apart. For the first few seconds they just stood still on the screen, and then the screen blacked out in a squared pattern. They slid off the screen for a moment and when they came back they stood there with the word OK on the screen. Then the high pitched beeping began and they started dancing around.... Sometimes the Osu would stand still, while Mesu would prance about, and then sometimes Osu would get all excited and Mesu would stay still.  The process seemed to last for a good few minutes with lots of different pitched beeps. :) Finally Mesu stood there with a very serious look on her face, and then two little babies were on her screen. There was A LOT of beeping after that, and before long one of the babies were over with the Osu, the father. The father gave his baby boy a big hug, as did the mommy with her baby girl. It was just so cute!!!!

The Babitchi's are named Tsubutchi and they are so cute! They are like little candy corns! They are just like the baby Kuritchi in the sense that their poops are really tiny. :) Another really cute thing is that when I feed the parents, they eat the meal and then save a little bit of it and feed it to the children. I love these Tamas!!!!! The children were just sick a few moments ago, and their little skulls were so tiny.... So incredibly sweet. All is well again now and they are just bobbing alongside their mommy and daddy.


Friday, April 22, 2016: Today was a very easy going day with the parents and children. I wish I could say the same about the rest of my day... Anways, they continue to be very easy to care for, even with the children in toe. The only thing is that the children do get sick a few times a day, and I find myself cleaning up twice as much poop because the parents and babies poop at different times. Other than that I really couldn't ask for an easier pair of Tamas to care for. :)

I will make animated GIFS of the babies when the parents leave.  If you are interested in seeing what they look like now, you can go to my Tamaogtchi Pictures section and see the photos that I put up last night. It shows the parents with their babies standing beside them.

Bedtime was at 10pm as usual, and they fell asleep full and happy. :) I hope that they parents will stay for another day. I have no idea when they will be leaving.


Sunday, April 24, 2016: It is still really Saturday to me since the clock just struck midnight. I just turned on the lights of Osu and Mesu to see Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi standing by the beds of their babies. I know this means that they are preparing to leave.... I don't know how long they are going to stay standing there for, but I am going to keep an eye on them to see what happens.

12:05: Well that didn't take long..! Just like that they disappeared off the screen. And now the babies are all alone. I will make sure that I am up and ready for them at 9am so I can feed and play with them. I just checked their stats and they are empty on hunger and happiness, 1 year of age and 5 units of weight. So the first generation is now over and onto the next....! I shall update in the morning when they wake up, even though it is technically the morning now.

9:00am: I was up and ready for them! They are 2 years of age now, and it looks like they are going to stay in the form of a Tsubutchi for some time. After I fed and played with them, they didn't need any attention for about a half hour. Very easy babies to take care of indeed! Here is the animated gif I made of them!

I was out for a walk and they called for their first discipline at 11:49am. This is the first time I have ever had to discipline a Babitchi character in my life. Very interesting. They called for another one around 3:00pm, not sure of the exact time. And then the most recent one was around 5:30pm. They are up to 75% discipline now!

They don't seem to get sick as often now as they did when they were with the parents. In fact I don't think they have been sick at all today.  They poop about every three hours or so, just like the last generation of characters.

Bedtime came at 8pm as I suspected it would, but I lost track of time playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and they went to sleep with a heart empty in hunger and happiness. Ah well could be worse! I will be back to update tomorrow when (if) they change into the next part of the Babitchi stage.


Monday, April 25, 2016: I was an hour into my work day when they woke up today, still in the form of Tsubutchi. I filled up their hunger and happiness heart that was empty from the night before and then continued on with my work. I checked on them 15-20 minutes later to see that they had changed, and they were also sick. So I guess they got sick and changed just shortly after waking up. I wish I knew the exact time because I am a perfectionist like that. Anyways! They changed into the second part of the Babitchi stage and are now a Hyurutchi.

It's a very sweet little character. :) Very cute! When they changed their discipline was already at 50% which I was surprised at. But then again they did ask for three disciplines while they were Tsubutchi's, so this makes sense. They went the entire work day before asking for discipline, and they are now at 75%. They are the same demand level as the MohiTamatchi from the last generation.

They went to bed at 8pm with full hearts which was quite surprising since I have been immersed in Animal Crossing New Leaf all evening. :) I shall update in the coming days when they change again!!


Tuesday, April 26, 2016: Quick update before I go to bed! My two Hyurutchi were very good today at work. They called for a discipline in the afternoon which brought them up to 100%, and then another one around 5:45, bringing it up to 125%. They call for discipline a few minutes apart, which I don't understand. I guess they will call for another few disciplines tomorrow. They are oh so cute...! Especially when playing the game. :) That little smile on their face when they are choosing the flag. No less I am really excited to see what they grow into next....!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016: Today was a good day with my little ones. They woke up at their usual hour of 9am and I was lucky enough to be still sleeping. I had the morning off work due to weather conditions so I never got out of bed until 9:30. They were only one empty on hunger and happiness so there was no problems there. I just lazed around for the morning, caring for Tamas and waiting to hear what time we had to be in the office.

Well they got sick around 10:45 and I gave each of them one inoculation. They were fine after that and within just a few minutes of one another they changed. :) Osutchi was the first to change and became a Hikotchi, followed by Mesutchi who changed into a UFO-tchi. They are both so cute!!!!

After they changed their discipline was down to 50% again. They actually asked for a couple of extra disciplines when they were in the Hyurutchi stage, but I believe it was just two extra ones. This afternoon they made a selfish call around 2:30 and another one around 5pm at dinner time.

They went to bed at 9pm tonight as the teenage characters before them did. They are sleeping soundly with full hearts. :) I anxiously await their change to adulthood, but I think I can be patient as these characters are oh so adorable!!!


Saturday, April 30, 2016: Today was exciting! Just shortly before noon they were both sick so I knew they would be changing within a matter of minutes. As per usual, Osutchi was the first one to change and then Mesutchi followed a few minutes later. Osutchi changed into a Hiratchi and Mesutchi became a Piratchi. They are kinda cute, but I think my generation 1 adults were way cuter. I am still happy with them, though.

Since becoming adults their discipline has gone down to 75%. I definitely missed a few disciplines with them when they were Hikotchi and UFO-tchi, but I have been really busy with other Tamas and real life stuff. I still took perfect care of them, though and they never dropped more than one heart at a time. :) I shall wait patiently for tomorrow to come to see if they are ready to mate!!!

This afternoon I took a small nap and Hiratchi asked for discipline while I was half awake. I somehow managed to miss the discipline of Piratchi, so she is still at 75%.... I hope this doesn't affect her ability to have children....

10pm was bedtime as per usual with any Tama adult, but I gotta say I am confused with this pair of adults.... Hiratchi asked for another discipline this evening, bringing him up to 125%, while Piratchi is still at 75%. I was sure to keep a close eye on her, waiting for her to ask for discipline like her boyfriend, but nope... I will update tomorrow to see if they are ready to mate or not!


Sunday, May 1, 2016: This morning when they woke up I selected the interlocking heart icon and they began to do a dance with a little tune playing, signaling that they were ready to mate. I decided to wait until I got over to Matt's house to do the mating ritual since he had been saying he wanted to see what it looked like when they "did it". :P I got over to his place around 10:45 and we mated them right away. I connected them up and selected the icon, pressed B on the Osutchi and waited for them to say OK, and pressed B button again on the Osutchi. Then everything was out of my hands and we watched as they procreated.

The whole process was much the same as last time, with the same pitched beeps and tunes. There were far more animations from Piratchi on the Mesutchi, and really this makes sense since she is the one who had to bare the children. :) The ritual took the same amount of time as it did with my last adults, and I held tight onto their two cases so that they didn't disconnect. I have heard stories that if they disconnect while mating that you can never mate the Tamas again and that it messes up their connectors forever. :( I do not wanna think about it!!!

Anyways the parents each have in their care a sweet little Petitchocotchi. I shall be making the animation of this little guy when the parents depart. It is really cute!!! :)

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