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Dedicated to the vintage Tamagotchi of the 1990's and more.....

Welcome, young and old Tama lovers.  This webpage will cover the various 90's versions of the Bandai Tamagotchi and various other virtual pets released from 1997 onwards.  Poke around, read some of my stories and blogs, look at my collection photos and have fun. :)

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TamUpdate!! New Page Ginji's Journal Stay tuned for posts!!

TamUpdate!! Made a page for Buddy, my Komputer Koala (GigaPet)

TamMy First Tama

My First Tamagotchi: My first encounters and experiences with Tamagotchi as a young boy. The excitment I felt at that time is still as clear in my memory as if it happened yesterday. Hard to imagine that I love them just as much, if not more over 18 years later.
TamTama Blogs
Tamagotchi Blogs: A detailed list of my past Tamagotchi characters, which includes dates of birth and departure, and which colour Tama shell they resided in. Also included on this page is my Tamagotchi blogs - day to day experiences with my little ones.
TamTama Photos
Tamagotchi Photos: Various photos of my collection throughout the years.  All photos are taken by myself and of my personal collection unless otherwise noted!
TamList of Tams
List of Tamagotchi: A page listing all of the Bandai Tama's I own along with various other Virtual Pets I have collected over the years.

TamMorino Tama

Morino Tamagotch: My day to day experiences with Morino (Forest) Tamagotch. This blog includes pictures, animated gifs and character descriptions.

TamMesu & Osu

Mesutchi & Osutchi: My day to day goings on with Mesutchi & Osutchi Tamagotch's. This page holds my own pictures and character animations made by my own hand.

TamTama Ocean

Tamagotchi Ocean: My day by day adventures with Tamagotchi Ocean. These blogs include my own pictures of my Tama Ocean shells, along with animated images that I have made on my MacBook.  Everything written in these blogs are based on my own experiences unless noted otherwise.

TamMothra Tama

Mothra Tamagotch: My first experiences ever with Mothra Tamagotch, with my usual pictures, animations, and character descriptions.


Devilgotchi: One of my newest experiences with a Tamagotchi from the 1990's. The Tamagotchi Devil or Devilgotchi as it is better known as will be written in the same fashion as my previous incarnations.


Yasashii Tamagotch: My experiences with one of the most rare Tamagotchi on the market, the Super Tamagotchi.

TamTama Plus

Tamagotchi Connection: My experiences with the newer age Tamagotchi - Tamagotchi Plus/Connection. Includes blogs and photos.

TamGinji's Journal

Ginji's Journal: AKA a new blog for everything and my day-to-day life.

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