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Welcome to my page dedicated to Tamagotchi Ocean/Umino Tamagotch. Pictured below are two of my US Ocean Tamagotchi, the blue with white bubbles and pink writing on top. I also have the white one with purple and pink waves. The blue one is my favorite one! My first two blogs reflect that of the US Ocean Tamagotchi in June 2016. I have also taken it upon myself to write blogs on the Japanese version, Umino Tamagotch which will be written in the same fashion that my US Oceans were done in. These Tamas are extremely difficult to raise but when they get to adulthood, the feeling of success is so worth it.

My two U.S. Ocean Tamagotchi. Kingotchi and Otototchi appear on the screen upon pulling the tabs.

Click Here for part 1 of my Tamagotchi Ocean blogs (June 16 - June 23, 2016)

Click Here for part 2 of my Tamagotchi Ocean blogs (June 23 - June 30, 2016)

Click Here for part 1 of my Umino Tamagotch blogs (August 28 - present date)

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Some notes about my first Ocean Tamas:

  • When you first hatch the Ocean he will be incredibly needy as most anyone who has raised an Ocean will know. My trick to getting through the first hour was to put on an episode of a good show or a movie and just dedicate that hour to Ocean. I ONLY played games in this stage. In fact I didn't feed snacks once during its entire life cycle. I made sure that the hearts never fell below one in any of these stages. Neglect is something I am going to want to experiment with in the future.
  • When it comes to the ratio method, this is something I have not yet tried. Angie of Tamagotchi Ancestors gives a detailed rundown of a 4:1 ratio for hunger vs. happiness hearts. I will want to experiment with this method one day.
  • When he was in the baby (Planktontchi) stage he got sick and only needed one dose of medicine to get him better. It is my belief that the number of doses he needs will indicate whether or not you have a good shot at getting it to adulthood. Some have said that if it needs anymore than 3 doses to just hit reset and start over.  I think by playing games and not feeding snacks, and just taking overall perfect care in this stage you can limit his illness in the baby stage. Again, this is something I will need to experiment with in my future hatching's of Ocean.

  • When the predator (polar bear) attacks, most people will suggest tapping the screen. This is correct, but I found tapping the side of the shell with the chain to be more effective. I have tapped my fingernail on the screen and successfully got rid of the bear, but I found using the key chain lightly on the side of the shell to be quicker and more effective. There were times that I tapped the screen and it took much longer to rid him of the bear than it did when I used the chain on the side. :) My thoughts are that the motion sensor is probably closer to the side of the unit than the screen -- Again, this is my experience and others may have a different opinion.


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