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Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Tamagotchi Ocean blogs.  The purpose of this page is to complete a day by day account of my first two Ocean experiences - which will be written seperately from my regular Tamagotchi blogs. This time I am running my white with purple, pink and blue waves & pink writing US Ocean. He was hatched on Thursday, June 23 at 5:00pm.

My White Waves Tamagotchi Ocean as Kuragetchi

Thursday, June 23, 2016: While I am still in shock over the death of my 7 year old Taiyakitchi, I have decided to hatch a new Ocean. This time I am hatching my white with waves design Ocean which is pictured up above. I really love this design, but my blue one is my favorite. :) I got home from work just shortly before 5pm so I got changed and set the time for my new Ocean at 5:00 sharp.

He hatched out of his egg at 5:05 and there was a big rush of bubbles like before. He was in need of constant care for the next 55 minutes as the baby Planktontchi. In this time span he got sick once and pooped a few times. :) I just held him in my hand the entire time as I slowly ate my own dinner. I want to take as good of care as I did my last Ocean. :)

After a busy 55 minutes in the baby stage, he changed again with lots of bubbles going everywhere to become the jelly fish, Kuragetchi. Things got a little easier then but he is still really needy in this stage. I kept close watch over him like I did as a Planktontchi.

My hope for this guy is to make it to adulthood like my last one. I would be really happy to get a different character this time, but again, as long as he can make it to adulthood I will be happy. Tomorrow is going to be a busy one at work so I am hoping all goes well. I took him with me up to Laura and Donald's this evening and he was in bed by 7:00 so I didn't have to worry about him after that. Wish me luck in tomorrows Ocean adventure....! As with the first one I raised, I had to turn his lights out for him on his first night alive.


Sunday, June 26, 2016: I have had a busy couple of days but Ocean has been right by my side. I haven't been keeping track of his stats like I did with my last one but he seems to be doing just fine. This morning at 10am he changed into the teen stage, the good teen, Otototchi. :)

I had to pause him for 45 minutes this morning and now I am worried. I haven't advanced the time yet - I just took him off pause and left the time as it was. I have heard stories of people who have had their characters die because they paused and messed with the time. If this is true, I feel it is a horrible feature to have on this Tama. People get busy and need to pause at times, including me. If this is the case then I guess this is why Ocean is considered one of the most difficult Tamas to raise.

Well I ended up advancing the hour so it would be accurate with the real time. Right after I did it I got a response from Sarah on the Facebook saying that my Ocean will be dead because of the time change. I was pretty bummed out all afternoon but he hasn't died yet, and he went to bed at 9pm completely full and missing one happy heart. I will be interested to see if he lives or not because others have told me he will die, but then a few have said they think he might live. :) Only one way to find out I guess!


Monday, June 27, 2016: Well I have been really busy, out driving in the truck a lot, hanging with friends and family and I am surprised to say that Ocean is still alive. I am very happy that he has made it this far. He survived yesterdays pausing episode, and I haven't paused him since. I even took a nap this afternoon for about 45 minutes and woke up to find him with only 2 hearts empty. I gotta say I feel really lucky to have made it this far and I hope he changes into an adult by tomorrow. :) Not a whole lot to write other than the fact that he is still very demanding. I filled up his discipline fully by the time the day was over yesterday so I am sure to get a different character this time. I am not sure if I have taken as good care of him as I did my last one, but if I get an adult I will be happy. :)


Tuesday, June 28, 2016: I knew that he would be changing into adulthood this morning based on the fact that I hatched him at the same time I hatched my first one on the 16th of June. Due to the hour of pausing on Sunday, I knew he wouldn't change before bed last night, so I was ready and waiting at my desk this morning. At 10:00 on the nose I looked down at Otototchi to see the bubbles going crazy, my little fish darting off the screen. When the storm ceased, my adult character came slowly onto the screen... And I got the best adult on the chart, KeroPynotchi! He is the little frog character and he is so cute!!! I am actually in love with this guy already. :)

So on my second run I got the best adult and I am ecstatic! I consider myself very lucky because I don't feel I gave the best care. I actually had my mind made up on Sunday that I would probably not even get him to adulthood because of how I paused him and advanced the time. I guess this rumor is false? I honestly don't know. This Tama seems so intelligent and seems sensitive to the smallest of things. Maybe I am just a really good caretaker, or it was just dumb luck that I got adults on my first two tries. :P

When he changed his discipline went down to 6 or 8 lines.... I can't remember. But by the end of the work day I had filled that discipline meter up completely. One thing I noticed is that he gets attacked WAY more, like every hour. And I have been loosing the game a lot, and having the squid dirty the water A LOT. Again, I don't know if this is based on my more lax caretaking this time, or if it is all coincidence. I just plan to take the best care of him possible now and see how long I can keep this little sweetie alive. :)

Later: Well I went out for a walk and a drive with my friend Sharee, and again I feel very lucky because he didn't even get attacked until I got home. He went to bed full and only missing one happy heart at 9:00. I made a little image of what he looks like sleeping, SO cute!!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016: Today was pretty easy with KeroPynotchi and he didn't need anything out of the ordinary. He was sick shortly after waking up this morning and I gave him two inoculations to nurse him back to health. He was sick once again late in the morning and I gave him one dose to make him better. Is this normal? I hope it is not a sign that he will die on me.

The predator attacks every hour or so and I haven't failed in protecting him yet. I am very happy about this as I would be so mad if I let him get attacked! Tonight I was hanging out at Starbucks with my friend Melissa and I fed Ocean snacks for the first time ever. I didn't want to pause him, and I didn't want to get frustrated with playing the game either so I fed him snacks for the hour or so that I was there with Melissa. He didn't get sick from it or anything so I figure it is safe to feed snacks once they reach adulthood. :)


Thursday, June 30, 2016: Well.... I am sad to say that Keropynotchi departed this evening at the young age of 7. He was very good today at work, and was no more needy than usual. Funny this is the same age that my first character, Taiyakitchi left me at. I am really sad to see him gone so soon, especially after all the work I put into raising him. It is just so short that the Oceans live for, too short... I didn't even get to see him depart because I had to run into the store and he was in my pocket. The death sequence is so short and the beeps not all that loud....

It is funny because this time two weeks ago I hatched my first Ocean. It feels like a really long two weeks that I have spent with Ocean Tamagotchi, but the experience was great, and much better than I thought. For now I believe I will take a break and focus on my other Tamas. But you can be sure I will be hatching Ocean again in the near future. :) This Tama has so many characters I have yet to see and I plan to try for all of them.

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