Tamagotchi Ocean Blogs 

Part 1

Welcome to the first part of my Tamagotchi Ocean blogs.  The purpose of this page is to complete a day by day account of my first two Ocean experiences - which will be written seperately from my regular Tamagotchi blogs. For my first blog I am running my blue with white bubbles and pink writing US Ocean. He was hatched on Thursday, June 16 at 5:00pm and passed away on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

My Blue US Ocean as Taiyakitchi

Thursday, June 16, 2016: After a lot of mental preparation, I have finally decided to hatch Tamagotchi Ocean. I pulled the tab and hit reset and set the time at 5:00pm. He hatched five minutes later at 5:05pm. Below is an animation I made of the egg he was hatched from. :)

After five minutes in the floating egg stage, a little tune played and the bubbles on the screen began to move around really fast, and the egg zoomed off the screen again and again. Then I caught a mere glimps of a little fish going really fast across the screen. Then things slowed down and my little baby fish slid onto the screen really slow. He is a little Planktontchi and he is really tiny and cute!!

Anyone who said that the Ocean is easy to care for would obviously be lying. I haven't been able to put him down since he came out of the egg at 5:05 and it is 5:25 now! He is in constant need of food and playing with. I don't know if snacks affect this Tama or not so I am just going to play games. I don't want to take any chances at killing him! I have tried to read as much as I can about the Ocean Tama, but I have gotten a lot of mixed messages. Some say to feed snacks in the baby stage, and others say never do it. I don't know who is right! So I am just going to do things my own way. Some have even spoken of a trick where you need to time the ratio of hunger hearts dropping compared to happy hearts. I have decided to avoid all of these methods and just see what happens.

At 5:18 he pooped for the first time. He made the cutest little face when he went! :P He pooped again at 5:59!

At 5:33 he got sick and it took just one inoculation to cure him of his illness. A cute little tune played after that and he got really happy. :) Very cute for sure, and quite different from the other Tamas who throw a tantrum when you try and give them medicine.

At 5:49 I was playing the game with him and that nasty squid appeared on the screen and sprayed the black ink! The whole screen went black and I had to flush the screen four times. All of his happy hearts had emptied and I had to fill them up. I can tell already that this is going to be one hard Tama to deal with!

At 6:00 sharp there was a big commotion like when he had hatched, and the same little tune played as the bubbles went all fast about the screen. My little Planktontchi was whipping back and forth the screen really fast, and then I could see a little jelly fish take his place. Things slowed down again like they did at the initial hatching and my little jelly fish slowly came to the center of the screen. His name is Kuragetchi and he is even cuter than before. :)

Well goodness, just a few minutes after changing I played the game with him and the squid arrived back, spraying the screen and making him completely empty in happiness. I really hope that the dirtying of the water doesn't affect my characters lifespan or I might be in trouble.....

At 6:25 he called for his first discipline. I scolded him and he threw his little tantrum and then I fed him a meal. I will note that when he changed into Kuragetchi, there were automatically two lines of discipline already on the meter so now there are 4 lines.

At 6:48 he called for another discipline which brought him up to six lines. Those two disciplines sure were close together! And then just another two minutes later he beeped again, but this time he was sleeping on the screen with the bear prowling next to him. I pressed A and B and then tapped the side of the egg until he was safe! I was definitely relieved when I saved him. :)

Bedtime came early at 7:00! I turned the lights out and he has been asleep ever since. I like that he went to bed so early because it allowed me to go up to my cousin Laura's and hang out and not have to worry about my little fishy. We shall see what tomorrow brings.....!


Friday, June 17, 2016: Well today was.... crazy... I have NEVER cared for such a demanding Tama as Ocean. I had work today so I was at the office by 8:15. This gave me time to get logged on and ready for the days events. I was definitely glad to have that 45 minutes of prep time because mannn what a day.

Kuragetchi woke up at 9:00 and from there on out it was just a circus of events. He drops a hunger and happiness heart every 8 minutes - I timed it. And in the midst of all this he asks to be disciplined, poops, gets attacked, gets sprayed by the squid, and oh yeah he got sick at one point too, where I had to give him three doses of medicine. I kept a tally of his stats today so I will give you the run down. :)

Poop times: 9:19, 10:37, 11:55, 1:12, 2:30, 3:48, 5:06 and 6:24. There is definitely no schedule to his poops and it is all at random which I kinda like. Morino Tamagotch has very random poop times as well. :)

He called for his first discipline just after he got up at 9:13 which brought the meter up to 8 lines. At 9:55 he called for another discipline which gave him 10 lines. I was amazed at how fast the discipline meter was filling up. At 10:39 he called giving bringing it to 12 lines and then at 11:22, just shortly before noon he called for his last discipline which made a full 14 lines on the discipline meter. I have never had a Tama who called for that many disciplines in such a short period of time except for Osutchi & Mesutchi. Unlike Osutchi & Mesutchi, he did not call for any extra disciplines after the meter had been filled up.

He got attacked for the first time at 9:40 and I was ready and waiting. This is probably the thing that stresses me out the most is the attacks from the polar bear. I press the A button first which highlights the discipline icon, then press B button to prep the motion sensor and then I tap the side of the shell with the chain and it gets rid of the bear within a couple of seconds. I get so scared every time the polar bear comes lurking, thinking that I won't be successful in scaring him off. But I got rid of him every time he came today, which was a lot I might mention. He came again at 10:31, 11:21, 1:50, 3:30, 4:20 and 5:10.

I got through the entire morning without any problems playing the game which I was rather surprised about. At 12:35 during my lunch hour I was playing the game with him and the squid reared it's ugly head and sprayed the screen. I cleaned up the water by flushing the screen four times and then went back to play the game. The squid came and did it again! I was definitely swearing at this point. :P I managed to clean it up and then fill the four hearts without any trouble. The squid dirtied the water again at 1:17, 3:54, 4:16 (twice in a row), 5:20 (twice in a row) and at 5:46. This is definitely going to be annoying but I think I can handle it.

As I mentioned above, he did get sick today at 12:45. I got really nervous when this happened because it took three doses of medication to get him better again. He got sick as a baby and it only took one dose. I fear that this could mean he will die young..... I really hope not. I basically had him in my hand all day today, taking perfect care of him. I haven't let the hearts drop below one even once and I have saved him from all the predators. Shawn hatched his Ocean this afternoon and he too is finding it rather difficult. He is having a big problem with the squid.... I hope we manage to get adults. I don't care which adult, just as long as we get one!

This evening I was just chilling out in my room and playing one last game with Ocean since I knew it was close to his bed time. He beeped to go to bed last night at 7pm. Tonight was different... As I checked his stats one last time, I laid him down on my bed and then he was asleep, but he didn't beep. He had turned the lights out on his own! I was very excited about this since I have never seen a Tama do this before. :) I was also happy because he went to bed with full hearts and clean water quality. Tonight as he lays peacefully asleep his age reads 1 year and he is 5lb. I have my alarm set for 8:00 tomorrow morning so I can get up and have a shower before my little jelly fish wakes from his long nights sleep. I will be in for a day of busy care-taking tomorrow for sure.


Saturday, June 18, 2016: Today I had my alarm set for 8:00. I laid in bed for about a half hour more and then got up and had my shower. I was upstairs and ready before 9am to be there for my Ocean when he woke up. I kept track of his stats for the time that I was just home with him, but this afternoon I ended up hanging out with friends and missed writing down a few things.

He got attacked by the bear for the first time today at 10:31 and I had no problems scaring him off. He came lurking again at 11:22, 2:30, 3:31, 4:30 (while I was driving of all things), and one last time at 6:00. I still get really nervous whenever the predator comes and I drop everything I am doing to make sure I tap the shell hard enough. I am still so scared I will fail to protect him and loose him.....!

I was playing a game with him this afternoon and the squid appeared  and sprayed the screen black. Just as I was about to go and flush the screen, the polar bear came at 3:31 and I had to scare him off. Once I got rid of him, the screen went black again, and the attention icon lit up indicating I needed to clean the water immediately. There is so much that goes on with this Tama... I can't keep up sometimes.

I am really surprised that he even made it through today alive. While I had just planned to stay home and have a quiet Saturday, I ended up going out just before noon time. I took Ocean and my other Tamas with me, but I definitely had a few close calls. I actually had to scare off the predator while I was driving which is probably the most unsafe thing I could possibly do while driving...... I am just so determined to get this guy to adulthood.

Either way I have made it through another day with my little jelly fish. He turned the lights out on his own again at 7pm. I await tomorrow in hopes that he will change into the next stage of his life. He wasn't sick today which I was relieved about. I really thought I was going to loose him yesterday.

Kuragetchi got to watch half of this movie The Misadventures of Margaret this afternoon but he was asleep when I got around to watching the second half of the movie this evening. Cute movie. :)


Sunday, June 19, 2016: Happy fathers day to those who celebrate it! I am thinking a lot about my Dad today and the last year that we spent together.  It is definitely a bitter sweet kind of a day.... I am trying to keep my spirits up. And I was definitely happy when at 10:00 I heard the little changing tune coming from Ocean Tama. :) He became the good teen, Otototchi! He is really cute too. :)

So there he is in all his loveliness. :) And he is significantly less demanding since changing into the teen stage too! I have noticed that he drops a heart every 21 minutes now as opposed to every 8. Things have definitely calmed down more now.  When he changed I checked his stats to see he had grown to be 15lb and his discipline went down to six lines.

I didn't keep many stats on him today but he did ask for a discipline at 1:01pm, bringing him up to 8 lines on the meter. He was attacked a few times today but I didn't make note of the times. Needless to say, I still have him in my hand pretty much at all times.

His discipline is definitely not going up as fast as it did when he was a Kuragetchi. He has only asked for one discipline today and that was at 1:01. Besides that and a few attacks, things have been quiet....

Well I made a liar of myself. Just as I was typing this at 6:20 the predator came! I haven't failed to protect him yet which I am very thankful for.

7:05pm: Well here is an interesting note: I was just sitting down relaxing after having eaten my dinner. I looked down to see the screen was black on my Ocean. I was like what? Can the squid dirty the water outside of game play? And then I realized that he had turned his lights out, or the sun had gone down, one or the other.  I turned the lights back on because he was not sleeping. Very interesting indeed... I will have to ask other Ocean owners about this and what their thoughts are.

Ok so I just posted on TA asking if it was alright that I turned the lights on. I am so paranoid about every little thing I do with this Tama. I feel like it could just take one slip up for him to die a young death. Thank God for the Facebook page or I might go crazy.

7:25pm: So I just heard back from Julissa Gutierrez of Tama Ancestors and she told me that it is OK to turn the light on so I think I am safe.  :)

8:36pm: He just called for discipline when I came into the room. I scolded him and brought his meter up to 10 lines! I wonder how long it will take for it to fill up completely this time? Bed time will be in another 24 minutes for Otototchi and then I can relax a little.

He got attacked just shortly before he went to bed at 9:00 and I saved him. I turned the lights out for him since the sun had already set at 7pm. :) I have work tomorrow so I will do my best to keep track of his activity during the day. Above all I will just try and be a good caretaker so we can reach adulthood. :)


Monday, June 20, 2016: Monday's are always busy data entry days for me, so today allowed for me to sit at my desk for 8 hours and key data and have my Ocean right at my side. It worked out great! I didn't get to keep track of every little thing that happened today, but I wrote down the basics. :)

He was attacked at 9:40, 10:29, 1:49, 3:30, and 4:19. He got attacked several times after work but I never wrote down the times. I was successful in saving him each time.

Today he got sick on two occasions in which he needed one dose of medicine for each illness.  When he got sick the second time I was worried. I thought for sure he was going to die on me, but he didn't. At 4:01 he beeped for no reason so I disciplined him, bringing the meter up to 12 lines. He called for two more disciplines before the day was over, but I decided to ignore those calls and see if it affected the character I got.

I was chatting with Shawn and testing out my other Ocean Tamagotchi when all of the sudden I heard changing music. I had just checked on him at 8:59 as I knew he was going to be going to bed in a minute and then put him down again. Then just as he beeped to go to sleep, the changing tune began! I was in shock! He was changing into an adult already at just age 4.  He changed into Taiyakitchi who is the top character of the USA adults. :) Am I happy? You BET I am!!! Below is the animation I made of the little guy. Isn't he sweet? :)

Well I am elated! I cannot believe I actually pulled it off! I do have some tips that I am going to type out for the main index of my Ocean section, but I will warn everyone that these are my own tips that come from my own experiences. They may not work for everyone else. :) I shall update tomorrow to give a run down of what he is like to take care of. I wonder if he will be less needy again now that he is in his final adult form? According to Gotchi Garden's Ocean page, my little guys hours will be 8pm-9am. :)


Tuesday, June 21, 2016: Today was pretty quiet. Taiyakitchi seems about as needy as Otototchi was, dropping a heart every 20 minutes or so. I never did keep a real time sheet today, only to say that he started out with 8 lines of discipline and I ended up filling up the meter by the end of the work day. It is at 14 lines now!

He called for discipline at the following times: 9:41 (8 lines), 11:03 (10 lines), 11:44 (12 lines), 12:24 (14 lines full).

At 11:22 he got sick and needed one dose of medicine.  I am guessing this is normal because it didn't phase him at all and he has been just fine ever since.  I did not keep track of the times that he got attacked today but I saved him every time. :)

He went to bed at 8:00pm which I knew because I looked up the sleep times on Gotchi Garden's page, but I was a little surprised seeing how this is an adult character and he went to bed at 9pm as a teenager. Either way I am still really happy with him.

One other thing: I am questioning whether or not I have the best adult or second best. Reason being that I denied him his last discipline call. Shawn is running the Japanese Ocean (Umino) and got the frog character. He gave all the disciplines. My belief right now is that the US and Japanese characters are based on the same chart and there was just a mistake made on the US character growth chart listed in the instruction pamphlet. Shawn has asked about this on the Facebook page so I will write more on this when we hear something.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016: Today was a good day with Taiyakitchi! He turned 6 today and has been quite relaxing to care for. I guess I am getting used to the demand level of this Tama. :) He hasn't asked for anymore discipline since yesterday when he reached 14 lines, and he didn't seem to get attacked as much today. He did get sick on two occasions today, resulting in one dose of medicine each time.

I paused him for the first time ever tonight at 6pm. I was heading out to hang out with my friend Melissa and I knew I wouldn't be able to care for him so I paused him. I don't know if this will affect his longevity or not as I know this is a Tama that is sensitive to everything, but it was either pause him or risk him being attacked and killed so I chose to pause him. I got home around 8:30 so I unpaused him to see if he was ok and then changed the time for him to go to sleep. He is full and happy and sleeping great!

So my next order of business is to say that Shawn cracked the case about the US and Japanese growth charts for Ocean. The Japanese one is the correct growth chart! There was clearly a mistake made on the one in the US instructions/advertisement. There is no difference in the ranking of characters for the US or Japanese Oceans, so my little Taiyakitchi is really the second best adult. :) The US advertisement also leads one to believe that there are 3 secret characters when in fact there is only one. I am glad that we know this now because I was really confused and it was really bothering me that I didn't know where my character ranked.

It will be a week tomorrow that I hatched Ocean and I really didn't think he would make it to adulthood. I am still beyond thrilled that I managed to get an adult on my first try, and hopefully I will have just as much success in my next Ocean run. :) For now I am going to enjoy this little guy while he is still around.


Thursday, June 23, 2016: Well my first little Taiyakitchi has passed onto the afterlife of Tama Planet! I can't believe he is gone already. He was only 7 years old and no more demanding than normal. I was at work and the time was 12 noon when I looked down to see he had passed away/left in the submarine. I keep the sound off on my Tamas at work but I have always kept a close eye on Ocean. I really loved that little guy and I will miss him! All that is left now is a little submarine and if you press C button it will scroll over to show you his age. Bye bye little Taiyakitchi, I hope to see you again one day. :) Below is all that is left of my first little Ocean.

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