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Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of my Umino Tamagotch blogs.  I have taken it upon myself to write my experiences with the Japanese version of Tamaogtchi Ocean, which is said to be the same as the US version. I just want to document the experience for my own curiosity. :) My Umino Tamgotch was hatched on Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 10:00am.

My clear purple Umino Tamagotch in the packaging

Sunday, August 28, 2016: Today has been a new Tama day for me! A couple of weeks ago my clear purple Umino Tamagotch showed up in the mail. I have already raised my US Ocean three times and now it's time to try the Japanese version. I set the time at 10:00AM sharp. Right off the bat I noticed a difference! The egg is different! It is all white instead of black like the US egg. :)

My little fish hatched five minutes later into the adorable and very demanding Planktontchi. For the next hour I just sat and cared for him. I am going to be owned by this little guy for the next week if all goes well. He got sick at 10:35 and only required one shot of medicine. I am off to a good start!

At exactly 11:01AM he began to change into the jelly fish, Kuragetchi! Things have calmed down a little now, but he is still needy. He called for his first discipline at 11:25, bringing the meter up to 4 lines. There was already 2 lines there when he changed.

So now begins the adventure! I have decided that I want to get a different adult this time. I have had two of the adults so far, and there are still several others I have yet to get. I need to experiment with the discipline and see if that will bring me a new adult. It is going to be really hard to ignore discipline calls since he calls for it so often, but I will give it a try.

So no real differences with this Tama compared to the US version. Of course all of the screens are in Japanese, and his food is different - it's a shish kabob! Aside from all that everything is the same.

At 11:49 he called for another discpline (6 lines). I am just too nervous to neglect any of those selfish calls in fear that he will die on me.  This Tama has such a complex and is so sensitive to every little thing. My past Oceans got sick from just being paused for a half hour so I can only imagine what would happen if I ignored too many disciplines.

12:13PM: another discipline call (8 lines). And also the squid has come and dirtied the water so many times. I have lost count of how many times it has happened, but I have been continually cleaning the water and playing games for the last 20 minutes. I NEVER had this much of a problem with the squid on my US Oceans.... Is this just bad luck or is the Umino Tamagotch harder to raise? I am actually frustrated....!

I still have no idea what to do about the discipline..... I am at 8 lines now and if I ignore the rest he is going to beep like crazy...! If he dies I will just have to try again....!

7:00PM: I am back after quite a few hours! I was away from my computer but had my Kuragetchi by my side the whole time. I caved and gave one more discipline (10 lines) but have ignored all other wants for discipline.  According to Angie Allison, leaving the discipline meter at 10 lines will get me the unhealthy teen character which I have never had before. This should definitely ensure that I get a different adult character! It is soooooo hard ignoring the discipline calls because he calls so often. I think he called for discipline four times in the span of an hour, and in that time I was unable to feed or play with him. His hearts fell to three empty on each. On the bright side he hasn't gotten sick yet. He went to bed at 7:00 and I turned out the lights. :)


Monday, August 29, 2016: I had to work today so I was in the office by 7:45AM. I had an hour and 15 minutes to get myself situated before Kuragetchi woke up. He got sick once around 10:30 and only needed one dose of meds. I thought that the rest of the day was going to be smooth sailing, but then he got sick again. But first I must mention that when he got sick at 10:30 his attention icon was also lit up. When I tried to give him medicine, he refused to take it. I knew I had to either discipline him or wait it out, but I decided to discipline him and then gave him his one dose of meds. Now I fear that I won't get the unhealthy teen but it just felt too risky to leave him there sick.

I managed to neglect the rest of his disciplines for the rest of the day, and I saved him from all predator attacks. But for some reason he still got sick again around 3:00 and it took four doses of meds to cure him this time. Angie's Ocean tips said that four illnesses more than six hours before any evolution means death. I will just continue on the rest of the night and see if we make it to the teen stage tomorrow. I have no idea whether I will get the healthy or unhealthy teen!

I am actually amazed he even made it through this day! After he got sick at 10:30 we had a staff meet in the kitchen. I held him in the palm of my hand for the whole 20 minutes and hoped for the best. When the meeting finished he had two hearts empty on both hunger and happiness. As if that wasn't bad enough, I had to drive 20 minutes to a doctors appointment at 1:00 this afternoon and again I just brought him with me and hoped for the best. I checked on him at every red light and just kept on praying. When I got into the doctors office and chatted with my psychologist, I just clutched him in my hand.  She didn't seem to notice, and even if she did, she's a pretty sweet lady and probably wouldn't have said anything negative.

He made it to bed at 7PM and turned out the light on his own just like in the US version. Made it through day two - even though his age is only 1 year on the second day. Until tomorrows events....!


Tuesday, August 30, 2016: Today was a great day, both at work and with my Umino Tamagotch! He woke up at his usual time of 9am and there was no illness today. He was his usual needy self for the entire morning and then I went to lunch at Matthew's house. It was when I got back to work that things got exciting. As I sat at my desk and got ready for an afternoon of typing, I looked down at Umino to see the screen moving really fast. He was changing.I figured I would end up with the healthy teen, Otototchi since I had filled 12 of the 14 lines of discipline..... But I was pleasantly surprised to see the unhealthy teen, Kingyotchi!!! I nearly fell off my chair! I am so happy to have successfully gotten this far. :) Below is an animation I made of him.

Much like Otototchi, he is a lot easier to care for in this stage. When he changed I took note that there were now 6 lines on the discipline meter. At 1:45 he beeped for no reason and without thinking twice I scolded him. From then on I have made a conscious effort to neglect all discipline calls. I heard if I catch all the disciplines I will just end up with one of the healthy adults again, and I don't want that. I will be so happy if I get the whale! But anything I haven't gotten will be just fine. :) He finished out his night at 8pm and went to bed with full hearts. I shall do my best to leave his discipline at 8 lines and see what adult I get. I may have to do a character page in the future!!!


Wednesday, August 31, 2016: Today has been another interesting day! Oceans grow fast it seems! I am very happy to say that I have gotten a new (to me) adult character. I got Kaitchi the clam and he fell asleep the moment he changed at 7pm. I am very happy with this character and it came as a bit of a shock that he changed at all. Let me back things up a little to this morning....!

So this morning Kingyotchi didn't wake up at 9am like Kuragetchi did. He slept in until 10am which was quite alright with me. That gave me an extra hour to not have to worry about him. Well 10am crept up pretty fast and before I knew it, it was 10:15 and hadn't checked on him yet. I had gotten busy and was chatting to one of my coworkers. Well I pulled Kingygotchi out to see him sick.... Very sick in fact. It took 6 doses of medicine to get him better again and I figured at this point I should just pack it in and kiss this character goodbye. I consulted with a few people on Tamagotchi Ancestors and they said 4 or more doses of medication means death. As if that wasn't bad enough, he got sick again around 1pm and needed 3 doses this time. I was devastated! Yesterday was such a joyful occasion with getting the unhealthy teen, and now I am almost positive that he is going to die.

Even though the guys and girls on TA have a lot of experience with Ocean, I decided to keep on going. I couldn't just give up. My good friend Matt told me to keep on caring for my little guy and hope for the best, and I am glad I did. I neglected all calls for discipline today and kept the meter where it was. I must have neglected about 7 calls total today? I didn't keep track, but it felt like that many. With each hour that passed I was just happy that he was still alive. All I wanted was for him to make it to bed tonight, and he did. :)

I was playing the game with him around 6:55 and the squid came and dirtied the water on me. I cleaned up his screen and then played the game with him as much as I could, and then.... it happened. He began to change! This was a REALLY fast growth! He has only been a Kingyotchi for the last 30 hours, and upon visiting Gotchi Gardens Ocean page, I realize that the unhealthy teen stage is shorter than that of the healthy one. Not complaining about that at all. :)

I shall make an animation of my little clam tomorrow when he wakes. He went to bed at 7pm at the age of 3, weighing 10 units, all full on hunger, 3 full on happy, and 2 lines of discipline. With any luck at all, I will manage to get the secret character who comes from the clam. I am so SOOO happy to have a fourth successful run with Ocean. :) I was able to make an animation of my sleeping clam. He is so sweet and peaceful.....


Thursday, September 1, 2016: Today was another great day with my Umino! Now I can finally post the animation of my sweet clam. Below is the animation that I made of Kaitchi! Isn't he adorable?

So this morning he woke up at 10am and I was ready! He is definitely less needy now that he is into his adulthood so today wasn't too stressful. He started out with two lines of discipline and by the end of the day I had the meter up to 14 lines. He got sick around 5:30 and required two doses of medicine - not bad at all.

I think that I have a good shot at getting the mermaid secret character! I have taken great care of him all day and missed no attacks. I was just here in my room doing updates on my pages and realized he was asleep by 6pm! That is definitely the earliest I have ever seen a Tama go to bed! He went to bed with full hunger hearts and 3 full happy hearts. More updates to come on this wonderful little guy. :)


Friday, September 2, 2016: So as you may or may not know, I have been doing a lot more research on the Ocean than I have ever done -- mostly on how to get which characters you want. The tips posted by Angie of Tamagotchi Ancestors have helped me a great deal. I got KeroPynotchi and Taiyakitchi (my first two Oceans) without the help of those care sheets. It's only now that I realize that those two characters are ones that everyone is able to get rather easily if they are actually able to get their Ocean to adulthood.

If all goes well with my clam, Kaitchi, I should have the mermaid by tomorrow. I am so pleased to have raised four Oceans and gotten them all to adulthood. And if all goes well I will follow the tips from Angie and get the other two adults! I definitely would have never figured out how to get those other two characters on my own. Hats off to her for cracking the case on those. Normally I want to figure these things out on my own, but Ocean is hard enough to raise without not knowing what techniques to use in getting the different adults. I will update tomorrow in hopes that I get the mermaid!


Saturday, September 3, 2016: This shall mark another fabulous day in Tamagotchi Hisotry for me. Kaitchi the clam evolved into the mermaid, Ningyotchi this morning just shortly after 11AM! I was fairly certain that I was going to get her because I didn't run into any problems with Kaitchi the last two days. He was only sick a couple of times, and sometimes only needed one dose of medication to get him better again. Here is my sweet mermaid!!! She is gorgeous!!

I have to say that Ningyotchi is the most undemanding Ocean character I have ever had.  It is like caring for a P1 Marutchi! She drops a heart maybe every 40 minutes? Maybe less, who knows. But she is very easy to care for and I find myself checking on her all the time to see that she hasn't even lost a heart. I hope she stays around for a while....! She is 7 years old and weighs 40 units of weight.


Sunday, September 4, 2016: Everything was going great with my secret character, Ningyotchi, but like most Ocean characters that came before her, she passed away this afternoon at the young age of 7. I was taking a walk up the trail when I heard those slow, low pitched beeps coming from my pocket. I took her out and there she was looking very sad.. The death sequence didn't seem to last for more than 15 seconds, if that. The death screen is different than that of the US Ocean. There is an underwater grave site on the Umino Tamagotch. I will make an animation when I have the time. I will be hatching my Umino Tama again tomorrow! More updates to come!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016: I ended up restarting my clear purple Umino Tamagotch again on Monday morning. I set the time at 10:00AM and things have been smooth sailing ever since.  I had every intention of getting the unhealthy teen, Kingyotchi again this time, but I messed up and accidentally gave him his last discipline as a Kuragetchi. This afternoon at 1:00PM he changed into the healthy teen of Otototchi who I welcome back into my Tama life once again. I do love this guy, but I had really been hoping for Kingyotchi.. Anyways....

I have been lax on writing about this Umino's journey simply because it is all the same as before. The jelly fish stage is annoying but I have gotten through it once again. The real challenge is not going to be keeping it alive, but getting a new (to me) adult this time. I have but two adult characters left to get and if all goes well I will get either the whale or the fish with legs on Friday afternoon. I will be following Angie's rules to get the whale (where I will feed him ice-cream until he is 99 units of weight), or get the fish with legs (where I will dirty the water completely ten minutes before evolution).

I keep going over everything in my head so that I do one of those two options ten minutes before he is to change. He changed into the teen at 1pm on the nose today, so that means he will change into an adult on the hour as well. Otototchi takes 47 hours to change into an adult so that means I should reach adulthood by 12:00PM on Friday if all goes well and I don't pause. SO!! On Friday at 11:50 I will either feed him a ton of snacks or dirty the water.

I am getting nervous now.... But excited at the same time. I haven't cared for just one Tama at once since a year ago when I first hatched Mimitchi. It feels like I am caring for a large group because of all the attention I give to this little guy. I had planned on hatching a second Ocean so that I could try and get both adults in one week, but I just don't think I can do it. I think it would end badly and I probably wouldn't want to raise another Ocean again. I am just gonna give this little guy the best I can and hopefully try one of those two things at 11:50 on Friday and see who I get....! Oh by the way, Mimitchi Tama is still alive. I would tell you his age but it is so far from accurate that I won't even bother to say how old he is, just that he is very old and needy. I just love that little guy.... I've had this Mimitchi with me since July 31! Time sure is flying!


Thursday, September 8, 2016: Tomorrow will be the moment of truth and if all goes well with my Umino he will change at 12 noon. I really hope this is the case because I am going to want to feed him the snacks at 11:50 to ensure that I get the whale! I just hope he doesn't change before that time because then I will most surely get KeroPynotchi (I gave all the disciplines). I really want this to work out!!! I have been wanting the Whale for such a long time!

Otototchi is sleeping now with 1 heart missing in both hunger and happiness, but I am sure that doesn't matter. He was sick around 7:45 and I gave him two doses of medicine to get him better. This Ocean has been a breeze to raise it seems. I think it gets easier every time I raise one! My plans to hatch a second Ocean fell through -- I figured I wouldn't get ahead of myself with my ability to raise Ocean Tamas well. For now one at a time is enough. Though my friend Adam is raising two at the same time and he got two adults with great success earlier today. :) Big applause for him. :)


Friday, September 9, 2016: Today came the day where I knew my Umino would be changing. I got up late today, at 9:51 to be exact, and Otototchi was down to 3 emptied hearts on both hunger and happiness. I quickly filled his hearts up and got ready for the day ahead. I had to rush because myself and my Mom had to pick Donald up at 10:30... I am really not a morning person, even when I set my alarm.

So I was running around getting ready and had Ocean with me. I took him to the bathroom with me while I hopped in the shower for all of 3 minutes and thankfully there were no attacks. We drove up to Lauras and hung out for a bit and then took Donald with us for the rest of the morning/afternoon. I knew my little fish would be changing at exactly 12:00 so at 11:45 I decided to max his weight out like I planned to do and just hoped for the best.

12pm came and then there was changing... I sat in anticipation as the screen went all crazy with bubbles. We were actually up at my grandmothers condo at this point so there was lots going on around me, but all I could concentrate on was Umino. Well I finally caught a glimpse of my adult character and to my joy it was Kujiratchi the whale! I finally got him!!! And he is even more adorable than I thought he would be!!

I seriously hope he stays for a long time, but I know that probably won't happen if he is anything like my previous adult characters on Ocean. My Gosh he is just adorable though! He went to bed at 8pm, but he is missing one heart in hunger and happiness. I was at the grocery store with Laura buying stuff for Donald's birthday party. At least he didn't go to bed with poop!! I look forward to seeing his cute little face in the morning!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016: Well poor sweet Kujiratchi passed away yesterday at the young age of 6. I wasn't surprised considering this is the age that some of my others left at. I will be taking a break from Umino/Ocean for a while now as I want to concentrate on some of my other Tamas. Ocean takes up a lot of time and it's hard to run other Tamas when raising one. I will come back to it again someday, though. :)


Sunday, October 22, 2017: It has been a while since I updated this section of the website. It has been just a little over 13 months actually! I never thought I would go this long without raising my Ocean/Umino, but at the same time it really comes as no surprise considering how much work goes into raising one. For the last two weeks Ocean has been on my mind. I talked about it with Shawn many times. It all started two weeks ago when I was sorting through my drawers of Tamas. Long story short, I hatched my clear purple Umino Tamagotch yesterday afternoon while house sitting with Matthew.

All this being said, I am not expecting to get to adulthood with this one because I am not going to be as dedicated as I was back in 2016. I have been pausing Kuragetchi frequently and then adjusting the time when I am ready to play again.  This is said to be a factor in sudden death of Oceans but I am going to see for sure now for my own curiosity. I was sure to see that he was in bed by exactly 7PM last night and I woke up to his beeping at 9:06AM this morning. I quickly fed him and paused him so I could go back to sleep. I've paused and unpaused him at two different times today and so far he has only gotten sick once, requiring two doses of medicine. I am really hoping I can prove the myth that pausing kills wrong!!!! I will return with updates as they occur.

2:41PM: I just neglected a call for discipline as the meter is already at 10 lines, and in order to get Kingyotchi (the unhealhy teen) you need to ignore two discipline calls.

4:47PM: I paused Kuragetchi at 3:03PM and took a nap. I woke up and unpaused him at 4:33PM and just a few minutes ago he called for discipline again. I am once again ignoring his call for scolding. I've paused a total of 3 times now today and going to try and hold out until 7PM bedtime without pausing. This shall be an interesting experiment - whether he makes it to adulthood or not...! As for the discipline calls, I kept the meter at 10 lines back in August of 2016 and this brought me the unhealthy teen. :) So I am going to do my best to keep it at 10 lines and get Kingyotchi.


Sunday, October 29, 2017: My Umino has been growing very slowly as I had to pause for the majority of the work week.  It has been just as demanding as I remember it being a year ago but I don't give up easily on my Tamas. Yesterday after days of pausing and unpausing he finally changed into the unhealthy teen, Kingyotchi. I have only had this guy once before and it was not easy getting him this time. I had to ignore SO many discipline calls, it was so hard waiting 15 minutes for that attention icon to go off so I could feed and play games with him. Anyways yesterday afternoon, late, around 5:30PM he finally changed and things have become a little less stressful now. I've been catching all of his disciplines now that he is a teenager so that alone makes things easier.

And then my web browser completely froze on me and I had to force quit. You can imagine my rage.....! Okay so as I was saying, things were going well yesterday up until this morning when he got sick... Very sick. It took about 8 inoculations before he was better and I pretty much figured he would be dead within the hour. Long story short: he survived the day and made it to bed at 8PM. I await tomorrows adventure to see if he will make it to adulthood.  That is if I make it through the work day without pausing him. ;)


Monday, October 30, 2017: Well today was changing day and I was ready and waiting. I had wanted to dirty the water as per Angie Allison's Ocean Tips so I could get the Ashigotchi (I know that is misspelled) but I didn't know when he was going to be changing. I dirtied the water during my last hour of work and left it that way until I needed to drive home. At that point I was worried I was going to kill my Umino, so I cleaned the water and drove home. Just as I was pulling up to the driveway, I could hear changing music. I pulled out Umino to see a familiar face. I got Taiyakitchi!! All of the Ocean characters are adorable, and I had wanted him in some form or another I guess. The character I wanted looks just like Taiyakitchi only he has legs. :)

So I am still left with that final Ocean character to get to complete my quest, and in a sense I am rather happy about it. I had the joy of getting a new adult on my DigiMon first thing this morning, so all was not lost today.  And now I can still look forward to seeing a new Ocean adult in the future. I will definitely be raising another one after this one departs.

Also, this adult I have on my Umino proves that pausing is okay in certain amounts because I certainly paused him a great deal.  I think it does affect the lifespan, but only to a certain extent. There was that one time where I paused him twice within a few minutes and then he got sick and needed about 8 inoculations.... But the little guy survived. :)

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