Welcome to my page dedicated to the Devilgotch aka the Tamagotchi Devil. As most everyone knows, this Tamagotchi was released only in Japan and is one of the rarest next to the Yasashii and the US Ocean Tamagotchi. I was lucky enough to score a good deal for mine - used of course. This page will follow the same format as my past blog pages.

Japanese Devilgotch in packaging

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Devilgotchi General Info & Icons

The first icon is the status meter where you can check your Devils age, hunger, happiness, and Devil Power (DP). Devil power is based on how good/naughty your little Devil has been, and determines which adult Devilgotch you will end up with. If the DP goes beyond 90, it is rumored it will die.

The second icon is the food/snack option where you can feed your character a little piece of pie as its main meal and a piece of chocolate as the snack. Sometimes he will throw his food up in the air and that is one way that he acts out and is naughty. It is really quite cute. This Tam has a lot of attitude.

This is the game icon where you have to move from left to right to catch the falling stars. It is one of the easier games to win -- much more easy than the find the hidden leaf game for Morino Tamagotch. I enjoy this game a lot. He can act naughty during game play and make the screen go entirely black and cancel out playing the game. Again, sassy attitude. :)

This is the toilet icon which is a really cute little bum with wings on it. This is actually the same icon that the Angelgotchi has! When you clean up your Devils poop he will actually run away from the screen wiping. It's really funny and original! Love when Bandai makes Tamas with different little quirks.

This is the discipline icon which you need to use when your Devilgotchi acts naughty (ie. throwing food at the screen, refusing to play the game, or just being plain bad). Just scroll to this icon and press B and you will successfully scold your Devil. This will also decrease the DP which is necessary so that it doesn't get too high.

This is more of a praising icon than a scolding action. Sometimes your character will be very friendly, and you will know it because the screen will not go black and he will stand still on the screen. Simply just select this icon and your Devil will be quite happy to shake hands with you. This also decreases the DP like the scolding action does.

This icon is pretty basic. When your Devil falls asleep in the evening just select this icon and scroll to the second Japanese word to turn the light off. Your Devil can act quite bold during it's sleeping hours and will actually do things like set off fire works in the middle of the night which can be REALLY loud. If you are someone who needs a solid sleep (which I think we all do), it's best to mute the sound which can be done by pressing A & C at the same time.

This is the attention icon which will light up when your Devil is hungry/unhappy, being selfish, wanting to shake hands or when he falls asleep for the night. Pretty basic!

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