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Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my Devilgotchi blogs. These blogs won't be as detailed as my first two Devilgotchi runs. I will update this page as I get new characters and make new animations. NOTE: As of October 1, 2017 I have hatched my third ever Devilgotchi and this page will be a means of updating as I get new characters. My Animation program is not working so I will have to compromise with pictures.

Japanese Devilgotch in packaging

Sunday, October 1, 2017: Well I've not raised a Devilgotchi since my second hatched character back in January of this year. I took a longer break than anticipated from the Devilgotchi but I figured there was no better time to get back into the swing of things than today, October 1st. :) It seems fairly fitting as I know a lot of people on the Tamagotchi Forums run their Devils during October month for Halloween.

I started my Devil this morning at 10:00AM on the nose and got not Zukidebitchi like my first two runs, but Deviltchi, whom can be obtained on Angelgotchi through pure neglect. Really cute little guy he is, and much more vibrant than what I saw of him on the Angel. He really moves around a lot! That is one thing I love about the Devils - the characters are sooo animated! Excuse me while I make an animation of him....!

SO the animation program is not working for me at all right now so I will need to try and figure that out later.... I will take a picture of Deviltchi to post here instead.

At 11:45 he made a series of beeps and I looked down to see him with a grin on his face, standing still on the screen. It came back to me then - he needed me to shake hands with him and so I did and another little tune played. That brought his DP down from 50 to 40! From my other two runs, I know that it is all about keeping that happy medium of Devil Power.


Saturday, October 7, 2017: It has been almost a week since I hatched my Devilgotchi and I fear that it might already be the end with him. I let the Devil Power go up to 90 this afternoon while I was out doing errands in the car. I was so mad! Shawn told me not to worry too much and that it would need to be 95-100 before it would die, but I am still unsure. Another crappy thing is that my animation program is not working at all. I was unable to make a GIF of the first character I had when it hatched. I now have Bakedebirutchi whom I made an animation of in my Devil blogs part 2 (See entry Sunday, January 22, 2017). I have decided to take some pictures this time since I am unable to make animations.

Deviltchi Stage 1 Bakedebirutchi Stage 2

I am still so mad that I cannot get that pixeldrawmator application to work... I have no idea what is going on with it! I really am just hoping for my Bakedebirutchi to survive and be able to move onto adulthood! Will be back with updates later on to say if he made it to bed or not.....!


Sunday, October 8, 2017: Bakedebirutchi made it to bed last night and didn't die! Yay! He is the age of 7 today and has been hatched exactly 1 week ago. The growth of the Devilgotchi are so very slow but I kind of like it that way. It is a very low maintainence Tam to care for in that the growth process is slow and you can go for long periods without worrying about him. I guess you could say it is the very opposite of the Ocean.... Whom needs care every 2-3 minutes if you want any kind of adult. ;)


Monday, October 9, 2017: I definitely got far too ahead of myself after writing yesterday and Bakedebirutchi passed away last night. I was hanging out with Matt and Basil over at Matt's place and lost track of time. His Devil Power exceeded 90DP and then I heard an odd sounding beep that I am not used to hearing from the other room. I had a sinking feeling it was Devilgotch.... I walked into the bedroom with dread and sure enough, Devil was dead, a bad ending....

SO I was pretty mad at myself for letting this happen and waited until this morning, shortly after waking up from bed to restart. I have Deviltchi again and I am going to try and keep the DP as high as possible without going over 90. I really would love to get Pukudebitchi again as he was soooooo cute when I had him at the beginning of this year, way back in January.. :) For now my Deviltchi is sleeping with a whopping 75DP.

Still no luck with my animation program.... I so wish I could get it working so I could make the animation of the Deviltchi character in stage 1..... Sigh sigh sigh....

10:03PM: I think I have found myself a half decent web based animator..... I have something started but won't be able to finish it tonight... Updates to come after work tomorrow....!!!!!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017: I have been keeping the Devil Power as high as possible without going over 90. Andddd I finally managed to make an image of little Deviltchi! That is really the reason I updated! :)

Deviltchi/Debirutchi: A pitiful figure that was once an Angel Tamagotchi, but it was corrupted by Gaikotchi and fell. He actually prefers it down below where he can spend happy days practicing "Devil Tango" dances. - Tamagotchi Wikia

He just went to bed at 9PM sharp! I am praying to get to adulthood this time. I will update as I get new characters with animations. That's all for this update!


Monday, October 16, 2017: I haven't been busy so I am unable to use that as an excuse as to why I haven't updated.  I ended up getting Devil Oyajitchi AKA Oyajidebiru and he is identical to that of the P1 Japanese secret character only with Devil horns and wings :) I love this guy!! I have yet to make an animation of him because I have been lazzyyyyyyy. Either way I will post his cartoon image, compliments of Tamagotchi Wikia.

Devil Oyajitchi resembles Oyajitchi, except it has green, corpse-like skin and devil wings, and has two strands of hair on his head instead of one. Devil Oyajitchi drinks "PikiPiki Mountain" mineral water, and has taken up a hobby of gardening. If he is seen by Oyajitchi or Oyajitchi Angel, he becomes excessively discontented and irritable. - Tamagotchi Wikia

I am excited to see who he will change into! I will eventually get around to making the animation of this guy, but it may have to wait for another Devilgotch run. ;) He went to bed at age 7 tonight with 80DP on his status screen. Maybe tomorrow will be changing day!!!! I am not patient at all. Shawn said I shouldn't have much longer of a wait.....! Sleep.... Must sleep... I will update with any changes tomorrow. :)


Sunday, October 22, 2017: I ended up with the adult of Kabodebitchi AKA Pumpkin Deviltchi on the day of the 17th, just a day later after having wrote my last entry on this page. I have been busy raising other Tamas and working, giving little time to work on my pages. I have yet to get around to making animations of the Devil Oyajitchi or Pumpkin Deviltchi, but I am hoping by next weekend I may have some time to do so.

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