Mothra Tamagotch

This page is dedicated to the Mothra No Tamagotch from Bandai, which was inspired by the Godzilla movie in the 1990s. I know very little about this Tama so I have decided to make a page about my experiences with it. As with my past incarnations, I will write two blogs on my first two hatchings of this Tama and provide pictures, animations and descriptions of the characters I get along the way. This Tamagotchi is said to be similar to that of the Morino Tamagotch but without the motion sound censor. It was released in 1997.

My Mothra Tamagotch in the Larva stage

Click Here for Part 1 of my Mothra Tamagotch Blogs

Click Here for Part 2 of my Mothra Tamagotchi Blogs

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