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Part 1

My Mothra Tamagotch in the larva stage

Friday, July 8, 2016: My first day with Mothra Tamagotch! I came home from work and set the time at 4:46. In five minutes he hatched from his bouncing egg. There was a hatching tune that played, but it was much longer than that of a regular Tama. Two little figures also stood on either side of the egg as the tune played, and then my character emerged. It was quite dramatic! Hehe. Below is an image of what the egg looked like. I didn't have time to do the sequence of the hatching!

So after the dramatic hatching I was greeted with a cute little grub called Baby Mothra. He is really cute and has a small resemblance to that of Imotchi from Morino Tamagotch. I guess this is the baby stage since he seems a little on the demanding side. Below is my horrible animation of baby Mothra.

I fed him four leaves and played some games with him and then he was content. The game is identical to that of Morino Tamagotch in that it's a guessing game with four little tubs to pick from. You have to find the hidden moth intead of the hidden leaf!  Well in Morino you needed to pick the correct hat... I am not sure what the four things on the screen are on the Mothra, but when you pick the right one, a little grubs head pops up. Really cute! And if you win all five times it fills two hearts like on Angelgotch!

He went down for a little nap at 5:21 and awoke again at 5:27! Six minute nap! He continues to be very demanding like any baby character would be, so this tells me that he won't be like this for a long time like Morino Tamagotch is when you hatch it. Did I mention the game is SO easy? I am really liking this. :)

At 5:39 I found him sick with a skull that was flashing black and white. I went to the medicine icon and gave him two doses of medication. A tune played, a very long tune and two little figures stood on either side of him as he got better. He got happy with a little sun when he was better and all is well again now. :)

At 5:41 he played a little changing tune and grew into a bigger grub. His name is Mothra Larva! I don't think they were very original with the names for the characters but that is ok. He is really cute!

He seems far less demanding now that he has changed into the larva stage. Look at that cute little nose. :) Who couldn't love such a sweet little thing!  Things were quiet with him until 6:42 when I heard a little beeping tune play. I found him standing next to a tower of some sort so I scolded him. He got a little upset with me and then there were 3 bars on the discipline/training meter. So we are off to a good start here...! Bedtime was at 8:00 as per most child Tamas! We shall see what tomorrow brings!


Saturday, July 9, 2016: My Mothra Larva woke up at 8:00 this morning. My alarm alerted me to wake up at this time so I was ready to take care of him. Funnily enough he needed nothing. It was Imotchi on my Morino Tamagotch who was beeping up a storm as soon as he woke up because the predator was lurking. My Mothra has been very quiet this morning, not needing anything beyond being fed and played with every hour or so.

I was at Mana Bakery getting a sandwich when my little grub called for discipline, this was at 12:41. He called for discipline once again at 1:54. Then while I was out in CBS with Mom and Eileen there was another discipline call, but I failed to write down the time. Either way the discipline meter is nearly full now! I don't know how long he will stay in this stage for, but I hope PixelDraw Mator cooperates when I go to make an animation for his next stage of life!

He got sick at 5:45 while we were all watching Gilmore Girls and it took two doses of medication to get him better. I wonder if he will be changing into a new stage soon? He is only 2 years old but who knows.... Ocean changed into the teen stage at age 3! My little Larva went to bed at 8pm. :)


Sunday, July 10, 2016: Today was quiet with my little larva. I accidentally slept through my alarm until 9:30 and he had two empty hearts in hunger and happiness. I feel like I possibly could have missed a discipline but no matter, I will just wing it and see who I get for my first adult. He is still in the toddler stage yet and he got sick early this evening after I got out of the shower. I guess he will change tonight or early tomorrow? Who knows... That is all I have for today folks. This is one easy Tama to raise!


Monday, July 11, 2016: I went back to work today and it was actually a really good Monday. :) Mothra Larva was awake at 8:00 as usual and I kept a close eye on him as I did my morning duties. He changed sometime after lunch time to be a Mothra Grub! That is what his name is. :P Hahaha. Anyways, I definitely missed a discipline somewhere along the line because his meter wasn't completely full before he changed. It is okay though because I still got the healthy teen character. Here is an image of what he looks like below.

He is cute isn't he?! Well he seems even easier to care for now that he has changed so I hardly ever have to check on him. He called for a discipline at 4:00pm so his meter is 3/4's full again. I will try my best to catch that last discipline. This Tama is rumored to go into a cocoon like Morino Tamagotch, but it doesn't stay in there for a full 24 hours.

That is all I really have to write for today. :) He is one easy little guy to care for. I wonder if things will get more interesting before/after he goes into the cocoon... Only time will tell!


Friday, July 15, 2016: My lack of updates to this blog has had to do with the fact that not a whole lot has been going on. He has remained a Mothra Grub since he changed on Monday and things have been very easy going with him.  He hasn't asked for any disciplines since 4pm on Monday afternoon. Very cute little grub he is, but I just don't know when he is going to change. I haven't paused him for anymore than four hours total. He is 8 years old today, weighing 38 units and still very undemanding and easy to care for. I haven't had such a slow growing Tama before.... Only time will tell when he goes into his cocoon.....

12:45: Well! I guess the moment I said that nothing had happened, something happened! :) He just made a series of beeps while I was out of the room, and when I came back in I found him in a cocoon which has legs and is like standing up against a tower. It is kinda creepy looking to be honest.. :P Here is the cocoon image below....

1:45: Ok so it only took an hour to come out of its cocoon and what a surprise I was in for. It turned out to be this gorgeous butterfly looking character. Its name is Fairy! I am going to work on the animation for it right now. A couple of notes before I make the animation: this character remains to be extremely easy to care for, as the previous stages were. I have also taken note of the fact that the food has changed for his main meal. It was a leaf before and is now either an apple or a cheery. Very nice!

So here is the animation of the lovely fairy. I am actually posting this one day later as I got distracted last night and ended up going to my cousin Laura's for the evening. :) Anyway I finished up the animation and here he/she is! Very gorgeous character!

I am unaware of the sleep times for this character as I paused it when I went to Laura's house and then just advanced the time when I got home at midnight.  I will make notes for today (the 16th) and make a new entry. :)


Saturday, July 16, 2016: Today was a good day! I am still unaware of what time this character wakes up, but I will be sure to have the time set properly so that I can find out what his bedtime is. :) He asked for a discipline last night and another one this afternoon so the meter is completely full now. He continues to be very easy to care for, and according to Shawn, this character can change into a secret character if I take good enough care... :) I will do my best and see what happens.


Saturday, July 23, 2016: Well these have probably been the worst set of blogs on a new (to me) Tamagotchi that I have ever written. I hatched this Tama during a time when 1.) I've been under a lot of stress and anxiety and 2.) Having had family in town for the last ten days. I have made time to update my regular Tama blogs, but when it comes to making animations and keeping track of stats and such, I am just no good for that stuff when I am busy or stressed.

My Fairy character made another change after changing into hir final adult form. So in that sense it was not final. It changed during the work week to be this big blob looking thing, and I believe it's name was the Botora Grub. I will need to check on this. Anyways I didn't get around to making an animation of this guy, but I really plan on doing so in the future if I ever get that character again. I feel bad that I didn't get an animation or make better blogs of my first experience with Mothra, but life just happens sometimes and it takes me away from my hobbies.

My Botora Grub was extremely easy to care for and needed nothing more than a meal and a game every hour or so. He lived a really good life up until today when I came into the room to hear a series of really fast beeps! I have never heard anything like it on a Tama before. I picked him up to see that he was dying, a flashing skull beside him. Within a couple of seconds he was gone, and a grave stone cross left in his place. He was 16 years old and why he died is a mystery. He wasn't at all needy, so I guess he just died for no reason. At least he left full and happy!

I do plan to hatch another Mothra very soon, and I am hoping that my second blog will be of better quality. I even thought about just scratching this whole first experience and starting new, but I am going to leave this page as it is. I did manage to make some good animations of my characters up until I got the Botora Grub, so I will leave things as is. I just wish I could have been a better blogger.... I was always dedicated to my other Tamas when I blogged about them for the first time. Ahh well.... All is not lost. :) I shall update this page again soon with a Part 2 of my Mothra Tamagotch Adventures.

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