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Wednesday, May 4, 2016: Hiratchi and Piratchi left their children last night. I was in bed and alseep by 11pm so I missed their departure. I woke up at 7:30 for work this morning to see the baby Petitchocotchi sleeping in their beds, with the lights on might I add. I let them be until they woke up at 9:00 when we were at the office. I quickly filled them up and played with them and they were good to go. :) Below is the animation I made of how they look now.


They continue to be very easy to care for and they have stayed in this stage all day like they did in generation 2. I kept track of their discipline times today. Both called for it at 11:47 (25%), 2:30 (50%), and again at 5:30 (75%). I don't think they will call for a fourth one as my last ones changed into the second half of the Babitchi stage at 75% discipline. I am going to check with Shawn and see what his Osutchi Mesutchi do as he is on the same generation as I am with mine. If things go the way they did in the last generation, they will change shortly after they wake up tomorrow morning. I am excited!!


Thursday, May 5, 2016: They were sick this morning not five minutes after waking up and I gave them two inoculations to get them better. Within a couple of minutes they both changed into a Mizutamatchi, one of the cutest toddler Tamas I have seen yet on these Tamas. :)


Is that not the sweetest face you've ever seen? They continue to be easy to care for, even with seven other Tamas going. They called for discipline at 12:55 bringing them to 75%, and then once again at 4:39 to 100%. I am sure they will call for a few more tomorrow. Now that they are in the third generation, their foods have changed again, and the generation screen says TMP3. I am looking forward to seeing what they change into next! They went to bed at 8pm full and happy. :)


Sunday, May 8, 2016: I haven't had any time to update my page the last couple of days so I am really glad I have the time now. Yesterday my Mizutamatchi made the change into the teenage stage just shortly after noon time. They had gotten sick just a few minutes prior to changing. Osutchi became a Propellertchi and Mesutchi a Batabatchi. Below are the animations I made of them. :)

Propellertchi Batabatchi

They are cute, but not as cute as the Mizutamatchi in my opinion. But I still love them a lot! :) They are 100% disciplined and doing quite well at their 6 years of age. I have been so busy that I haven't been able to keep track of their feeding times or disciplines. But they are still getting very good care regardless of all that. :)

One thing I have noticed in this generation particularly is that they are much more in sync with one another than my previous characters. They drop hearts at the same time, and they only call for disciplines about one minute apart. Makes it a lot easier caring for them. :)


Monday, May 9, 2016: Today was quite busy at work so I am not sure if they called for any disciplines or not. I never let their hearts drop below one, but they only drop one heart every hour or so. I may or may not have missed a discipline.... I have been doing the best I can with a total of 9 Tamas going right now, and I have also been concentrating on my Morino Tama a great deal as well. The main thing is that they went to bed full and happy at 9pm so I am doing that much right. :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2016: I have been super busy at work, not to mention super busy with Tamas. I have been updating my blog pages all evening but I can't forget about this page. And I definitely can't on a day when I get the cutest adults of all time on these Tamas. :) This afternoon while I was working away on some claims at my desk, I looked down to see that Propellertchi and Batabatchi were sick. I got really excited because I knew that they would be changing any minute. I was actually gonna take my 15 minute break so I could watch them change, but my boss called me over to his desk for something so I missed the changing sequence. But that was fine. When I got back to my desk they had both changed. Propellertchi changed into Kabutchi and Batabatchi became a Pipotchi. Two of the most sweet, adorable characters I have ever seen on these Tamas. They have really stolen my heart.

Kabutchi Pipotchi

I know that they will be ready to mate tomorrow but I think I will wait a couple of days since I am really enjoying having them here. I will make the most of all the time I get with them before I have to marry them off.... :)


Thursday, May 12, 2016: Just wanted to make a quick update to say that I mated Kabutchi and Pipotchi today. I waited the extra day simply because they are the most lovable adult characters I have had yet on Osutchi & Mesutchi. The mating was a lot more interesting than the generation 2 one. That one really seemed to lack animation and excitement! I was so happy to see that the mating went off without a hitch and now they both have a sweet baby Petit-teretchi alongside them. I will be sad to see them go in a couple of days.... But that is just the nature of these Tamas, here one day, and married off the next!


Friday, May 13, 2016: The last couple of days have been uneventful but very enjoyable with my little ones. I know that tomorrow will be my last day having Kabutchi and Pipotchi with me so I am going to make the most of it. The babies were sick a lot today but that just seems par for the course with the babies each time. I am looking forward to seeing what generation 4 has to bring all the same, though! I will most certainly look forward to seeing Kabutchi and Pipotchi again one day after they depart...!


Sunday, May 15, 2016: Kabutchi and Pipotchi departed last night at 12pm. I was asleep at that point so I never got to see their departure. I sure do miss those guys... They were two of a kind. :) Regardless I had to get up at 9am and care for my little baby Petit-teretchi. They are so very cute! :) I filled up their hearts and played games with them and they have been quite easy to care for ever since, only dropping a heart here and there. Below is the animation I made of them.


Like the previous generations before them, they will stay like this for the rest of today and change into the child stage tomorrow morning. :) I will be ready for that and make the animation of the child character, whomever that will be. Can't believe I am already at my fourth generation on these Tamas!!!

As of 2:36pm they are both 50% disciplined. They just called for their second discipline of the day just a minute apart at 2:35. Their first discipline was at 11:46 and 11:47 this morning. Upon looking back at my blog posts from the previous generation, they called for discipline around the same time as Petitchocotchi's. Their schedule is pretty much identical! I can't wait for tomorrow morning to see them change. :)

They called for discipline again at 5:22 (Mesutchi) and 5:23 (Osutchi) bringing them both up to 75%. Again, very similar time frame to the last generation but not perfectly accurate. They went to bed full and happy at 8:00 this evening.


Monday, May 16, 2016: Today was a work day, and boy was it hard getting up at 7:30am after being able to sleep in for the last three days. My little Petit-Teretchi's woke up to find themselves at my desk at 9:00 and about then minutes later they changed into the second half of the Babitchi stage. They are now a Harutchi, a very cute little thing with little arms and legs. :)


Isn't that a sweet character? :) I love that Shawn and I have been working our way through the generations together on these Tamas, and he has agreed to raise them with me again when I hatch my newest pair which will be here in the mail soon! :) But that will be for another time.

I didn't have time to keep track of their stats today but they were given equally good care. Maybe tomorrow I can keep better track of them, but I make no guarantees.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016: My little ones woke up this morning at their usual time and were sick not long afterwards. Actually when I first checked on them this morning my Osutchi was still a Harutchi and Mesutchi had become Pyukichi with a sick skull. I cured them both and then Osutchi changed into Kuribochi.

Kuribochi Pyukichi

These animations are not by any means accurate as they do move around the screen instead of just staying in one place. My animation program can be really temperamental sometimes. Either way here they are! Very cute little teens. They reach their hands out to eat their food which is really cute! And when they play the game they have their backs facing the screen. :P

I am just in the process of unwinding from my work day now as I sit with all my Tamas beside me. Kuribochi and Pyukichi are at 50% discipline. They were at 25% when they changed and asked for a discipline sometime this afternoon at work. Things were so busy today I just didn't get to keep track of times and such.

I wrote most of this when I got home from work. They are in bed now as of 50 minutes ago, sleeping soundly. I await the coming days to see who they change into at adulthood. :)


Sunday, May 22, 2016: Well as usual I am behind on everything and I haven't been around to update these pages. They changed into adults yesterday at the age of 8 and this morning they were ready to mate. You will have to forgive the poor animations I made of them as I have just been so busy lately. I really hope that I will have more time to make better animations the next time I run these Tamas. Here they are, ChoMametchi and ChoHimetchi.

ChoMametchi ChoHimetchi

Anyway I got these characters yesterday just shortly before noon time, around 11:15am. The ChoMametchi is definitely related to Mametchi from P1, but there is also a resemblance to Mimitchi from P2 because of those big ears. I really like these characters a lot. :) I think they were really well done!

Today I woke up late due to being up late last night... When I got up they were only missing two hearts each on hunger and happiness which was no big deal. My other Tamas were paused because they are rather on the demanding side and I didn't want them dying on me. When I selected the interlocking heart icon they were ready to mate, so I sat up in bed and connected them up.

The mating was a success but I was sad to see that I got the same generation 4 babies again, Petit-Teretchi. I am going to keep them running and see what happens for their fifth generation and see if there is any point in continuing on. For now they are very cute and fun so I am just going to enjoy them for what they are. :)

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