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Part 3

Thursday, November 17, 2016: Here we are into the third part of the Mesutchi Osutchi blogs. As I wrote in my previous entry, I am rasing a second pair of Mesu and Osu and will be cross breeding them with my other pair. The newest hatched ones are still MohiTamatchi. I have been taking good care of the Mesu, while I have been neglecting the Osu.

As for my other set of Tamas, they are still Kabutchi and Pipotchi and have yet to leave the children. I will pause my Gen1 pair when they grow up to let the other two catch up with them, and then when they are all ready I will mate them. I really am excited to see how this all goes.

I have a feeling that the parents are going to leave the children tonight and when they do I am going to neglect the Babitchi. I will just give one last shot at reversing the generations, but I am not too worried about it because I have this other pair to help spice things up. :)


Friday, November 18, 2016: Today much has happened with my four little ones. First off, the parents left the children last night. Kabutchi and Pipotchi took off while I was sleeping... And the little Petitteretchi slept soundly on the screen until 9AM when they woke up. I have been taking awful care of them. I have just fed them a meal and a snack so far today and that is it!

Next off my two MohiTamatchi changed into their teen stage just a few minutes apart from one another. They were both sick and changed shortly after. The blue Osu was the first to change and he became the unhealthy teen, Hawainotchi. I have never had this guy before. He is so cute!

Next to change was the pink Mesu, and she became a familiar little face. I got sweet little Ojotchi back! :) Even though I neglected all discipline calls on her, I still took good care of her so this brought me the healthy teen on her. :)

So quite a few changes to report for today! I await all four of them to change into adulthood, and obviously I will have to pause my blue/pink pair for a couple of days after they grow up so I can let my white/yellow hearts pair catch up. I have never done a cross breed like this before so I am really excited! Can't wait to see what happens!!!!


Saturday, November 19, 2016: My Petitteritchi have changed into Harutchi since yesterday and I have given in and stopped taking such terrible care of them. I have my heart set on the fact that I will get some new characters from the cross breed that I am going to do. :)

Speaking of which my other set of Tamas are still in their teens and will most likely stay that way for another couple of days yet. I look forward to seeing who they grow into!


Sunday, November 20, 2016: One change to report for today! This morning Hawainotchi changed into his adult form - Megatchi. He is really cute!!! I have already had the female counterpart, Gankotchi and now I have the male one. :)  Here is an animation I made of him.

My pink Mesu is still in the teen stage as an Ojotchi! I think that the unhealthy teens change faster than the healthy ones, so Megatchi will be going on pause after today. He will rest up for his bride to change into her adult form.

My other set of Mesu and Osu are still in the child stage as Harutchi so no changes there. I will update when everyone else finally changes. :) Exciting times!!!  For now I am off to update a couple of other parts of my site, and then off to the grocery store to buy ingredients for spaghetti sauce.

Oh one more thing! I forgot to mention that Megatchi went to bed this morning after he changed. He sleeps till 11am in the morning! So as a result he aged a day from going to bed. I just checked and he is able to procreate - he does the little dance when I select the interlocking heart icon! He will just have to wait for his wife to catch up now. :)


Monday, November 21, 2016: Today I had three changes occur! The first two happened at the same time this morning, my Harutchi grew into Kuribochi and Pyukichi, the Gen4 teens! A normal change for them. Here they are below.

Cute little critters they are. :) I have decided that I will keep neglecting them just cuz who knows, maybe I will get a different adult? :P On a much better note, my pink Mesutchi changed today from an Ojotchi into a Gankotchi. She will be paired with Kuribochi when he grows up. :) My Megatchi remained on pause for today, and tomorrow I shall be pausing Gankotchi as well while the two teens catch up. :)

Nothing else to report for today! I have long given up taking tallies of their stats because work is just too busy these days. If all goes well I will have some new characters by the end of this week! *fingers crossed*

Update:  So... Yet another change of plans.... Upon realizing that I had two Gen1 adults that were more than able to mate I got to thinking about should I even risk doing a cross breed.  I mean I don't even know if the cross breed would bring me Gen1 babies, or the last set of Babitchi I need from Gen2.  I pondered for a few minutes... I pondered. I unpaused Megatchi and mated him with Gankotchi. I guess they were just meant to be together because they had Gen2 babies, Kakutchi! I will now be able to say that I got all the adults on Mesu and Osu once the children grow up. :)

So now you may be asking, what about my Gen4 characters? Don't they deserve a chance at love to?  Well of course they do. I know that those two would be able to mate when they grow up but I know that they will just produce the same Gen4 Babitchi again. SO! I am going to raise my Gen4's into adulthood and instead of mating them, I am going to let them live their days out and maybe they will change into Oldies like Shawn's did back in May. I didn't even know there were oldies on Mesu and Osu! So that is what I want to do with that pair. I feel bad that I didn't go through with my original plan, but I *really* wanted to get those Gen2 characters, and I just knew Megatchi and Gankotchi would be able to give them to me. :)

I really never thought I would hatch a second pair of Mesu and Osu. Didn't even cross my mind. I bought that blue and pink pair for collection purposes, never actually intended to hatch them. I kinda feel like I cheated, but at the same time I just really wanted to get those Gen2 characters. ;)

Once the parents leave the children I will make animations of them. :) For now I will enjoy the time I have with them, parents and babies. :) Pictured below are my lovely little couple with their babies!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016: Today proved to be another surprising turn of events.  Just when I thought that my Gen4 teens were destined to change into ChoMametchi and Chohimetchi, they reverted back to Gen3 and became Kabutchi and Pipotchi. I wasn't expecting that to happen at all, but hey it worked out that way so I'm not complaining. :)

Something strange happened after they changed tho. It was just shortly after 9am when they changed into these guys, and then they went right back to sleep again. I was puzzled by this because these characters sleeping hours were always from 9-10.  Anyways I set the time to 11:00 and they woke up again. Because of the fact that they had gone to bed and woken back up again, they were ready to mate, so I took my break early and did just that.  Well they ended up having Gen4 babies again. I expected that to happen, and I am just going to continue on my path of neglect for them.  Pretty cool that I got Gen3 adults from neglecting them tho. :) I really didn't think that would happen.

My other pair of Tamas are still Gankotchi and Megatchi and their baby Kakutchi. They are very content and happy for the time being. I expect their departure in the next day or so. I'm not sure how much longer I'll have these four Tamas going, but I guess as long as I keep getting characters that are able to mate these guys could go on till the batteries run out! They really are a remarkable Tamagotchi version.


Saturday, November 26, 2016: The parents on both sets of my Mesu and Osu left the children in recent days. Gankotchi and Megatchi left their Kakutchi first, and two nights ago Kabutchi and Pipotchi left the Petitteritchi. My most exciting stuff is happening with my blue/pink pair. :)

Two days ago they woke up and the Kakutchi were on their own. I made an animation of them and they are such cute Babitchi. :) Here they are!

They were extremely sweet little babies and made the cutest faces when they would eat and get happy. I loved them very much!  They remained as this guy for a little over 24 hours and then changed into the second part of the Babitchi stage to become Currypantchi! I am so happy to have gotten a new line of characters.

Since changing into this stage their discipline is at 25% and I've been caring for them quite well, filling their hearts whenever they need it. After these guys grow up, I will have gotten all the adults on Mesu and Osu, excluding the oldies and the unmateable guys.

My other pair of Mesu and Osu are Gen4 Harutchi at the moment and I've been taking rather awful care of them. I feel bad, but I would love to get the oldies/unmateables if at all possible. Might as well go for all the characters. :)

Been busy working (yes work on weekends...) and so that has left little time to update this blog properly. I am watching Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life with my Tamas now. :)


Sunday, November 27, 2016: This morning as I was getting ready to go to work Mesu and Osu advanced into their Kodomotchi (teen) stage.. So I spent this evening making their animations whilst watching Gilmore Girls with my Mom. :)

They both changed at the same time or maybe a minute or so apart, but pretty much the same time. Below is the animation of Pirolirotchi on the Osu.

Next off we have Pirolintchi who very much looks like a Christmas tree. Hehehe. In fact they both kinda resemble a Christmas tree, but the Mesu really does.

Funny that they changed into these characters because I put up Christmas lights in my room last night.  I went out and bought some extra ones today because I just didn't feel like I had enough up! It's very cozy in my room now. :) And these little guys are just the icing on the cake.

When they changed today their discipline went down to 0% because I didn't discipline them when they were Currypantchi. They called for discipline at the following times: 12:46 (25%), 3:10 (50%), and 5:34 (75%).  I don't think they call for any extra disciplines in this stage, but what do I know, I haven't kept stats on these guys in weeks. :P

8:00pm: They just called for another discipline so now they are at 100%!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016: This morning Mesutchi and Osutchi changed again, this time into their adult form. I was sitting at my desk when I went to check on them to see that they had gotten sick and changed while I was caught up doing something. Osutchi changed into Biruotchi and Mesutchi into Birukotchi. Below is the animation of the Osu.

And here is Birukotchi on the Mesu. :) Isn't she sweet?!

They are matching TMP2 adults and I am so glad to have finally gotten them! Tomorrow they will be ready to mate but I may hold off a couple of days so I can get to know them a little. I gotta say that I am very fortunate to have gotten so many different adults in this run of Mesu and Osu.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016: Well it's only been a day and I've had quite a change of events occur. :) I'll try and keep this organized as today was quite eventful. First off, my white/yellow hearts pair of Mesu & Osu were Gen4 teens, Kuribochi and Pyukichi. I hadn't written about them in a few entries because I was taking awful care of them and figured they would change into the unmateable characters. Well this afternoon I am working at my desk and check on those two to see that they were sick. I cured them with 3 doses of meds and knew that they would be changing soon, and they did. I ended up with Kabutchi and Pipotchi again, which wasn't planned or expected, but I am always happy to see those guys.

So after I got them I decided hey, why not do a cross breed with my other pair whom are the penguin characters, Biruotchi and Birukotchi, the TMP2 adults. I thought it would be a great idea to mate TMP2 with TMP3 and see what I ended up with.

So I took my pink mesu with Birukotchi and my white/hearts osu with Kabutchi and mated them on my first break of the afternoon. I watched patiently as they danced about the screens and then Birukotchi gave birth to Gen2 Kakutchi, the little square babies. :) I am very happy about this! I half expected that I would just end up with Gen4 babies, but nope, Gen2 babies I got. I waited a little while and then took my next break where I mated my yellow/hearts mesu, Pipotchi with my blue Osu, Biruotchi. That mating was also successful and I got Kakutchi again.

I am so happy to have done a successful cross breed! I never did one before so the fact that it worked *and* that I got babies that were not gen4 was a huge boost. :) So after these parents leave I will be left with a total of four baby Kakutchi. I plan to neglect two of them to see if I can get back to Gen1 again, and the other pair I will take good care of and get the penguin characters again. After that I will try doing another cross breed.

After I wrote last nights entry I thought to myself that my journey with Mesu and Osu would probably be coming to an end soon.... But if things keep going the way they've been, I might have these Tamas going during the Christmas season. :) I would love to get the second best adults in Gen1 and after that I will have officially gotten all the adults there are to get. But that is only if I manage to get back to Gen1 without resetting which I don't plan on doing. I guess this journey could go on forever so long as I got characters that were compatible with one another, and so long as the batteries held out. But I will just keep riding the wave and see what happens.

As of 10:27pm Biruotchi and Birukotchi are in bed asleep, but Kabutchi and Pipotchi are still awake. My last Kabutchi and Pipotchi slept from 11pm-11am due to the severe neglect I gave them.  Normally when I had these guys their hours were 9-10. But I guess the neglect makes them more 'unhealthy' so they stay up late and sleep late, which is fine by me. :) I have taken photos of my cross bred pairs of Tamas which can be seen below.

Kabutchi (Gen7) and Birukotchi (Gen2) with TMP2 Babitchi, Kakutchi. Biruotchi (Gen2) and Pipotchi (Gen4) with TMP2 Babitchi, Kakutchi.

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