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Part 1

Thursday, September 15, 2016: At exactly 4:52pm I set the time and pressed C to hatch my two eggs!

This day marks my second hatching with these Tamas and I have decided to raise a different pair than I did last time. They are very different in style and color than my last pair. I do love my clear ones, but these ones are very unique and pretty. I was very lucky to get them for such a good price on eBay!

The Mesutchi is a greenish yellow egg. The border is light pink and the buttons are white. The cover at the top is also light pink. At the top of the shell are the words "gotch" "love", each word in a different colored heart, all in caps. The shell is covered in pink, blue, purple and green hearts that run to each end of the buttons.

The Osutchi is a white egg, but has the same kind of design as the Mesutchi. It has light blue border and yellow buttons. The cover at the top is also light blue. The words "gotch" "love" are also at the top of the shell, all in caps. The shell is covered in the same colored pattern of hearts as the Mesutchi. They both compliment each other so well! A picture of them in their Japanese Packaging can be found on the main page for Mesu and Osu.

A little tune played at 4:58 (six minutes later) and they hatched into the Babitchi character, Kuritchi! Oh so cute!

I quickly fed them four meals and played four games with them! I forgot just how easy the game is to win! I scored 5 VS 0 on all four games! I am off to a great start already! They are demanding in this stage, but at the same time very easy to care for. I am used to the demand level of those Oceans. ;) They went down for a nap at 5:46 and have been sleeping soundly for the last few minutes.

They changed into MohiTamatchi in perfect unison at 6:07pm! They are so adorable in this stage. The MohiTamatchi reminds me so much of Marutchi from P1, but just a little more animated. :) Oh yes and the mohawks add an adorable touch as well.

They were very good for the next couple of hours until they turned into bed at 8:00. I only had to feed them a few meals and play a few games! :) They have not asked for discipline yet! They are just so sweet, sleeping in their little beds!


Saturday, September 17, 2016: Well I had the day off today since it is Saturday, but I was sure to set my alarm for 9AM this morning so that I wouldn't sleep in and have them neglected. I don't like to pause my Tamas as most know. They have been very easy to care for, just like a Marutchi/Tonmarutchi. I disciplined them to 100% yesterday before the afternoon was over and then they continued to make more selfish calls like last time. I decided this time I'd discipline them up to 175%, ignoring that last call on both of them. I am hoping for something other than the 'best' adults this time. :)

This evening I was hanging out over at Matt's place and we were watching "Don't Trust the B in Appartment 23", when I looked down to see that they were both sick. I got really excited because I knew that they would change in a matter of minutes and they did. Mesutchi changed first and became Ojotchi, the healthy teen. :) And shortly after Osutchi changed to become Obotchi. I have missed these guys so much!!!!

Obotchi Ojotchi

Aren't they just the sweetest? Obotchi is said to be a fashionable little gentleman, and he truly is. I wish that they could stay around longer than a couple of days but they are only the Kodomotchi teen characters so they must grow up. Either way their discipline has gone down to 50% now and I plan to ignore the last selfish call and have it be (technically) at 175%. I am hoping against hope that this will get me the Kiwi characters. :) I want a new strain of adults in the second generation this time. ;)


Sunday, September 18, 2016: Today was a very lazy day, but then we had company come over for dinner so I decided to pause them from 5:00-8:00. I would rather not miss anything that happens, even if I am trying to miss a discipline or two to get some different adults. They started out at 50% discipline today and by the end of the afternoon they were up to 100% - so two disciplines given today.

Now I know that they are going to ask for more disciplines so I am going to give them 3 more so that they will technically be 175%! I will ignore that last call. I have been taking average care of them, sometimes letting the hearts fall to two empty on each. I really don't want the best adults this time! Anything but the best I will be happy with. :) Bedtime was at 9pm as per usual tonight!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016: Well today they changed into adults, and I'd be lying if I said I was happy with what I got. They became Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi, the characters I got the first time around. I am pretty bummed out about it because I really had my heart set on some different adults. :( I thought that I had taken lesser care than what I did with my first hatched pair, but I guess not..... Either way, here are my two little ones.

Pyonchitchi Pyonkotchi

Now I have to make a decision on what I want to do. I have no idea if the three sets of Gen2 characters are born at random, or if they are based on the care given to your adults before you mate them. I'm not sure if anyone knows what I am talking about here. But with my first pair, I took perfect care and got the Tsubutchi babitchi character, which appear to be the 'best' of the three sets of adults on the Gen2/TMP2 chart. Shawn got Bunbutchi and Bunkotchi, third down the chart, and he is going to mate his now and see who he gets so I can get a better idea of what's going on.

Well Shawn just gave me an update and he got the Tsubutchi for his babitchi characters. I have two options: I can either let my Pyonkotchi on my Mesutchi live out her life and die and then raise a new Mesu and get a different adult so that I am more likely to get different babitchi in Gen2. OR I can just take rotten care of them before I mate them and hope for anything other than Tsubutchi. I am so torn about what to do.... I really don't like the idea of reseting them because that is just something I don't do. Thing is that I am going to have to make a decision soon because I think there are only so many days before I won't have the option to mate them anymore. Tomorrow they will be ready, but I don't know if I will be. I just want some new characters!!!! Oh well, I guess this is all part of raising Tamas. My problem is I just can't take bad care! And I guess that's not such a bad thing. :)


Friday, September 23, 2016: First thing yesterday morning I decided to mate them. I had been neglecting them in hopes of getting a different babitchi this time, but as I suspected I got the Tsubutchi just like I did last time. But I guess it's not so bad because those Gen2 characters are really cute and sweet. The mating was just as eventful as it was the last time - lots of beeping and animations. :) I have a feeling that the parents will be leaving the babies tonight.

Once the Tsubutchi are left to their own devices I plan to ignore all calls for discipline and be more lax on my care-taking of them, particularly the Mesutchi. I have been doing some reading online and if you neglect these Tamas enough their TMP will decrease, thus bringing you characters from an earlier generation. There is written evidence of this on Kats logs for Osu and Mesu. I just have to try my best to neglect and I should *hopefully* get some new characters. I am very excited about all of this, and I hope that these blogs will be more interesting in the weeks to come. My first run of these Tamas was fun, but I don't wanna get stuck in the same cycle of Gen4 characters like I did in May. I want a whole new experience this time! I was definitely a bit deflated when I got those adults two days ago, but I think I will have more luck in the future generations. ;) Gotta stay positive!!


Sunday, September 25, 2016: Well the parents left their babies last night. I thought that they were going to leave on Friday but they didn't. I woke up a little later this morning, about 9:30 and the first thing I heard was them beeping. Poor little sweeties! They have already asked for discipline but I have ignored it. I have been reading Kats OsuMesu logs from 1998-1999 and she neglected them a great deal after Gen2 with fabulous results. It's not going to be easy to do, but it's the only way I'll get new characters. Below is what my little Tsubutchi's look like. :)

They are pretty easy to care for so I am able to just leave them in my bedroom and do other things. I have let them beep at me with empty hearts a few times now. It's really gonna be hard to neglect them now because the Gen2 characters are soooo cute!

6:40PM: I have been ignoring all of their discipline calls and as rumored in Kats log, they actually sulk when I don't scold them. Kat found this very strange and so do I! Who would sulk because one didn't scold them? They are clearly very obedient Tamas. :P

My Mom got me to watch the movie Fried Green Tomatoes with her this evening and my little babies fell asleep 20 mins into the movie. It was a great movie! :) Tomorrow they will change into the second half of the Babitchi stage and I look forward to it! I anticipate them changing no longer than a few minutes after they wake up so updates to come tomorrow evening after work. :)


Monday, September 26, 2016: This morning they woke up to find themselves in the office at 9am. It wasn't long until they were sick and then changed into sweet little Hyurutchi. I love that little one so much! What a doll! I was so busy at work today so neglecting them wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

I never kept a tally of any events today, but I did notice one thing. After they changed into Hyurutchi, I noticed that the Osutchi had a 25% discipline on the meter, while Mesutchi had 0%. I find it really strange because I never disciplined either of them yesterday when they were Tsubutchi... I wonder if that is normal? Did I treat Osutchi better than Mesutchi and that is why he got 25% on his meter? I thought I treated them both the same so far. Oh well... They have been sulking a lot this evening because I won't discipline them. On the bright side they refuse to eat because of this, so they went to bed empty on hunger and happiness just now. I hope that all this neglect pays off and gets me some new characters because I hate doing it!!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016: Well today was a good day! I had expected them to be changing, and they certainly did. I am beyond excited with the teens that I got! I pretty much had my mind made up that I would get the same Gen2 teens that I got on my first run. Well they had other plans today... :) I had been taking very bad care of them, and the neglect paid off! I definitely took worse care of Mesu than I did of Osu, and I will note a couple of things that happened with them over the last two days.

Well as I mentioned in previous posts, they sulk on the screen when you don't discipline them. This was something I found hilarious! The next thing I noticed was that even after the attention light goes off, they still continue to sulk, and even though they were starving they would keep refusing food.  I thought to myself... What would work to make a spoiled child happy? Candy! So whenever they were sulking with the attention light having gone off, I would simply feed them a snack, and then all was well and they would cooperate. I really did take awful care, but Mesu got the worst care of all because I let her sulk for longer periods of time, and would give her snacks more to make her eat and play when I *needed* her to. I think I only fed Osu a snack once to appease his mood, whereas I probably fed three or four snacks to Mesu on different occasions to get her to stop sulking and cooperate with me.

SO this morning they both get sick. Mesu got sick first, and I noted that she took 3 doses of medicine to get better. Normally they only require 2 doses, so I figured it was because of the severe neglect I gave her. Next off, Osu got sick and he only required 2 doses. I continued to work away on some stuff at my desk and then checked on them again to see that Osutchi had changed into the Gen2 teen, Hikotchi. The same cutie as last time! I figured that Mesu would follow in the same pattern and become the UFO-tchi, but she didn't seem to want to change yet.

After I got Hikotchi it was time to go into the break room at work for birthday cake!  I figured when I came back to my desk 20 minutes later that Mesu would have changed by then, and she did.... But not into what I expected....! She became Ojotchi from Gen1!!! I was shocked, but SOOOO happy! I texted Shawn immediately and told him the news. The neglect totally paid off! It was so worth it though! I finally have a shot at getting a new adult from Gen1!!

After the initial excitement wore off I had to examine my little critters. When they entered the second generation, they both had 2 crowns on the TMP screen. Upon checking the TMP on my Mesutchi I realized she was now down to just 1 crown due to the neglect I gave her, thus why I have the Gen1 teen. The Osutchi still holds 2 crowns because he is a Gen2 teen! I went to feed her a meal and her food had gone back to that of a Gen1 Mesutchi, the bowl of rice! The Gen2's eat something that looks like a tin of sardines. Her discipline remained at 0%, while Hikotchi's was still at 25% like it had been in the previous stage even though I never disciplined him at all. Now that they have changed I have decided to discipline them both to 75%. They have both asked for two disciplines so far, so Hikotchi is already at 75% and Ojotchi is at 50%. I am positive that she will become an adult other than Pyonkotchi this time!!!

I have no idea if any of what I have written will make sense to anyone, but I am just so darn excited! I have no idea what my Mesutchi is going to change into, and furthermore I have ZERO idea of what kind of Babitchi they will produce when they mate. There is so much more mystery to this generation than I ever thought was possible and I couldn't be happier. :) I am going to be incredibly impatient waiting for them to change into adults, but that is just going to add to my excitement!

6:27pm: I am back! Just shortly before 6pm Ojotchi asked for a discipline so now she is up to 75% as well! I hope hope hope that I get an adult that will bring me those Gen2 Mimitchi characters!!!!!

8:26pm: I have been extremely nostalgic this evening and reading back through old journal entries that I made throughout the years. In many of the entries I was raising Tamagotchi, but I wasn't documenting their lives the way I do now. :) Either way, I got caught up in reading and then was snapped back to the present when my little Ojotchi beeped for discipline. I am waiting for the attention light to go off so that I can feed her and play a game. It feels good to be able to take good care of them again now. :)


Friday, September 30, 2016: The past two days have been pretty relaxing with Hikotchi and Ojotchi. They are very easy to care for, but I am just so darn impatient waiting for them to change. I am beside myself wondering what adult my Mesutchi is going to grow into! I really have my heart set on getting a Kikotchi, who is the second best on the chart. And it is my belief that Kikotchi will produce the Babitchi that become the Mimitchi characters who I have been wanting forever. :)

They are 7 years old today so I am hoping against hope that they will change sometime tomorrow.... The question is when.....!


Saturday, October 1, 2016: Well today has been another great day with Mesu and Osu! They changed into adulthood late this morning, and I was so nervous to take them out of my pocket to see what they had changed into.... Osutchi was the first one to change, and he became Hiratchi, just like I suspected he would.


Moments later Mesutchi began to beep while still in my pouch pocket... I hesitated and figured that I had to look sooner or later, but I was in fora  pleasant surprise when I saw that she had become a Kikotchi - The character I had been hoping for all along! :) I am sooooo happy!


Since changing their weight has gone up to 30 units, and their discipline has stayed at 75% were it was when they were in their teens. I impatiently await tomorrow morning when I can mate them.... I can assure you that I will be just as nervous and excited as I was today while I waited for them to change into adults. Which Babitchi will I end up with? I am truly beside myself. :) I am just so happy to have finally gotten little Kikotchi!


Sunday, October 2, 2016: Last night I went to a party and didn't get home until much later. I had paused my Tamas before I left, and when I got home it was 1am. Shawn was still awake, and I told him that it was now really the next day. I told him if I put Mesu and Osu to bed, I could wake them up and they would be ready to mate.. :)

So I got comfy in bed and told Shawn that I was going to do the deed. I popped the tops off them and connected them up... Things went off smoothly and they were compatible. As I suspected and hoped, Kikotchi birthed two Gen2 Teletchi's and I was soooooo happy! This is the Babitchi that will grow into the Mimitchi characters! I finally did it!!!!!

Since the babies have been born nothing has really changed. I paused them once they had mated and then went to bed. I resumed their time this morning when I got up around 10am and they have been living out their regular day. The babies poop a lot as usual, and get sick quite often. Now that I have gotten the Babitchi I want I can finally relax. :) Mission accomplished!


Monday, October 3, 2016: Today my little ones were at work with me all day, so I wasn't able to take a tally of events. In fact now that I think of it, I haven't been able to take a tally of events since I hatched them on September 15th. ::Dennis looks ashamed::. That's what happens when life is so busy. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Either way they are doing very well today. Aside from the fact that the babies get sick about 3 times a day, doing very well indeed. :) I still can't believe I managed to get a new Babitchi, but I did and I await the parents departure so that I can raise their newborns into a new phase of life. :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2016: When I woke up this morning the babies were on their own, their parents having left at midnight. I was ready and waiting for them at 9:00 when they woke up and of course they were completely empty on hunger and happy. Below is the animation I have made of Teletchi.

Today I managed to keep track of their discipline times. They called for discipline at the following times: 11:49 (25%), 2:38 (50%) and 5:33 (75%). I don't think they will make anymore discipline calls until tomorrow when they change into the child stage.

I am taking good care of them since I actually managed to get a new line of characters this time! It feels good not to have to neglect the poor things anymore. I am sure I will have to do more neglecting of my Mesu in future generations, but for now I am enjoying being a good caretaker. :) Tomorrow they shall change from babies into children. Can't wait!


Sunday, October 9, 2016: I haven't been around to update at all these last few days. I was busy with work, and then I was off with my cousin Laura and Donald for a day and a night. I actually paused all of my Tamas for the day on Saturday so now I am getting back into my routine and updating things. I hate pausing my Tamas, but sometimes it's necessary when I want to spend quality time with my loved ones. :)

I will back things up to Thursday first, when they both woke up at the office. They got sick at 9:10 and within two minutes they both changed into the child character Puchitchi. Very cute little critter, that is for sure! Below is an animation of what they looked like in this stage.

So I took really good care of the both of them just because these are new characters and I want to give them the best that I can. They remained in this stage until today. They actually got sick yesterday before I put them on pause to hang out with my family, but I paused them before they were able to change. When I woke them up today, I immediately hopped into the shower. When I got out of the bathroom and came back to my room they had changed into the teenage characters, Moritchi (Osutchi) and Morutchi (Mesutchi). They are both sooooo cute! I love them so much! They both look almost identical but you will notice some very minor differences between the two of them. Below is an animation of Moritchi on my Osu.

And here is the animation of Morutchi on my Mesu. :)

It feels great to be getting new characters that I haven't seen before. And even though I know that they are going to change into Marumimitchi and Mimikotchi (the Mimitchi characters), I am still really excited because that means new animations and enjoyment. I will eventually get the lower characters on the Gen1/TMP1 Scale, but for now I am happy with the way things are going. :)


Monday, October 10, 2016: One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that I haven't been keeping track of their discipline times. All I can say is that they are now 100% discipline and I don't even know when they made those selfish calls yesterday. Either way, as long as I give them good care they will change into their predetermined characters and not reverse back into the previous generation. :)

Another thing I wanted to say is that if I do get stuck in that Gen4 cycle like I did with my previous pair, I may hatch a second Mesu and cross breed her with my Osu to get some different characters.  Shawn has already hatched a second Mesutchi and he is going to keep me in the loop about what happens. My guess is that he will mate the Gen1 Mesu with his Gen3 Osu and get Gen2 babies. ;) He really wants the Mimitchi characters so we shall see what happens. I still need to get the lowest TMP2 characters, but like I said - another time.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016: Today has been a great day with Mesu and Osu! They turned 9 years old today so I knew this was the day they would change into adults. They got sick just shortly after 12pm and then I decided to keep eye on them to see the exact moment they would change. I figured that they would change a couple of minutes apart like they have done in the past (when I am actually there to see it), but they actually changed in unison today. Their clocks are about 4 of seconds apart, so Mesu changed first. :) She became a Mimikotchi!

And then changed Osu to become a Marumimitchi! I am so happy to have finally gotten these characters. Osu definitely resembles the P2 Mimitchi - simply adorable! :) Here he is below.

It feels great to have the second line of TMP2 adults! Neglect from previous generations definitely does pay off. I will probably wait a couple of days before I mate these two. I wanna be able to enjoy these guys and spend some time with them. Once you mate Osu and Mesu they only stay around for a couple of days, too short a time really.

Now that they have changed their discipline has gone down to 75%. They are 30lbs and require nothing else out of the ordinary. I am unsure if they will call for discipline or not.... Either way I know that I will be getting Gen3 Babitchi from these two which won't be so bad. :)

9:04pm: They just called for discipline at the same time! I love how in sync they are. So now they are fully disciplined and won't make anymore selfish calls. Did I mention how much I love these characters? hehehe. Ok off we go again. My Tamas are watching Scream 3 with me. :)


Friday, October 14, 2016: This afternoon I got home from work shortly after 4:00pm and decided it was time to mate my two little ones before they were unable to mate anymore. I don't know how long they stay "active" for and didn't want to take any chances at the male becoming sterile or the female becoming infertile. :P

So I sat on my bed and got them ready, removed their tops, and away we went. The mating went beautifully and as I suspected, the mesu gave birth to the Gen3 Babitchi, Petitchocotchi. :) As usual they have stayed very easy to care for, but they just poop a lot and get sick once or twice a day - the babies that is. I expect the parents to stick around for two or three days and then depart. I sure will miss them when they go, especially Marumimitchi. He is just the sweetest little guy. :)


Sunday, October 16, 2016: Been busy the last couple of days with friends visiting from out of town, and today is my Moms birthday. :) We will all be attending a family gathering later to celebrate both her and her twin sisters 55th birthday. My family means the world to me so it will be a fun evening.

No less my Tamas have been cared for all the same. They have been coming everywhere with me and have been cared for very well. I just haven't had time to write blogs. I will be posting the animation of the Petitchocotchi after the parents leave, and I believe that will be at midnight tonight. They are such little sweeties, those Gen2 Mimitchi adults. :)

In other thoughts my friends Shawn and Adam have been raising their own Mesutchi Osutchi Tamas and they have been having some interesting results with their mating. Shawn got Gen1 Babitchi from his Gen1 Kiwitchi and his Gen3 Pipotchi! I was amazed that you can actually get back to Gen1 like that. I really hope I managed to make it back to Gen1 at some point without having to restart them. Very impressed with Shawn for this. :)

I am not sure if the parents will leave the children tonight or not.... I always forget how many days they stay with the babies. If they are still there tomorrow when I wake up I will be very happy, but if not I will be ready to raise my two little Petitchocotchi. :) Generation 4 is slowly approaching....!

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