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Part 2

Monday, October 17, 2016: This morning the parents were gone and the babies were left in my care. They woke up at 9AM and I filled the Osu's hearts up completely, while I neglected to care for Mesu at all until 9:57. I will be neglecting her in hopes of getting a different generation teen and adult. Below is my humble animation of Petitchocotchi.

It was really hard neglecting the Mesu today. I neglected all calls for discipline, and let her sulk as much as I could. There were times where I would game her a meal and a snack just so that she wouldn't die on me. I cared perfectly for Osu and caught all of the disciplines he called for.

Osu went to bed with full hearts tonight and Mesu went to bed with empty hearts, sulking, miserable... I feel horrible doing this, but it's the only way to get more variety. It worked before and I got the Gen1 teen and adult. I really wanna get adults that will bring me Gen1 Babitchi again. There is just so much more variety in Gen1! We will see what happens! They went to bed at 8pm this evening.  I don't feel good tonight.... Hoping to feel better in the morning...!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016: This morning I was late getting into work because I had to bring the truck in for servicing and then I had a doctors appointment which my Mom brought me to. By the time I got into the office it was 9:15 and they had changed while I was in the car. They became Mizutamatchi's just like I suspected they would.

They were both sick and Osu needed one dose of medication, while Mesu needed two doses. I guess the neglect I gave poor Mesu made her more sick. I have been taking good care of Osu and continuing my neglect of the Mesu. It's hard but I am hoping it will bring me some new characters like before.....!

Osu is fully disciplined as of this evening, and I have neglected all calls for discipline on Mesu. She has 25% on the meter that was there after she changed this morning. I hope this doesn't mean that she is going to continue on her regular TMP3 path....


Thursday, October 20, 2016: I wasn't surprised when I got the characters that I got today. I knew that I would get who I got on Osu, but I had been hoping against hope that I would get something different on Mesu. They both changed into the TMP3 teens shortly after 10am this morning. Mesu was the first to change and she became Batabatchi.

And just a couple of minutes later Osu changed to become Propellertchi.

I'm not entirely unhappy with these guys because they grow into the sweetest adult characters ever, Kabutchi and Pipotchi. My only concern is that once I get to TMP4, I will just get that repetitive cycle of the same characters. When this happens, I may let Mesu live out her life in TMP4 without mating and pause my Osu so that he can breed with a Gen1 adult - that should ensure that I get some new characters. :) Until then I will just go along the path that they are going right now.


Sunday, October 23, 2016: It's been a few days since I've written and I've been waiting for their change into adulthood. Late this morning when I was over to Matts place I looked down to see that Mesu had changed into Pipotchi! I was delighted to see that sweet face. :)

And five minutes later or less, Osu changed into sweet little Kabutchi. :)

Now that I am into TMP3 with them I know that they are just going to keep repeating the same characters after TMP4. I really don't want this to happen again, so I have been debating on what to do. I have two options, the first one being that I could hatch a second Mesutchi and mate her with Kabutchi. My second option would be to let Pipotchi pass away of old age and then raise a new Mesu to mate with Kabutchi. . . I am going to think about it for a day or so and then make my decision. If I choose the second option, I will at least be able to spend some quality time with Pipotchi. :)

I am so happy I got these characters again though, especially Kabutchi. He is just a sweet heart! They will be ready to mate tomorrow, but I see no point in doing that when I know they are going to produce Gen4 babies. I will have to make my decision tomorrow on whether or not I am going to hatch the second Mesu, or if I will just let Pipotchi live her life out.....


Thursday, October 27, 2016: I have had Kabutchi paused since Monday morning and letting Pipotchi live out here live as a single woman. :) After she passes away I will raise a Gen1 adult and mate her with my Gen4 Kabutchi. :) I just really want to get some new characters so I will be neglecting the Mesu to get some characters further down the Gen1 chart.... Until Pipotchi passes away and I raise a new Mesu, these logs will remain as is. More to come soon!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016: I had planed to write this hours ago but my website had other plans. I was unable to access my website via the web tonight due to unknown fees being owed on my domain.  I immediately panicked but thanks to the help and patience of Kat and Shawn I got the issue resolved.  My page is still offline as of right now but I am hoping for things to be up and running by tomorrow.

Anyways, today after work as I was laying down for a little nap, Pipotchi passed away at age 17. She was very old and needy and made a series of odd beeps until there was nothing but a grave yard scene left. I restarted my Mesu at 5:09 and am now raising a new generation 1 character. She is just a MohiTamatchi at the moment of course.

I am hoping for an unhealthy adult on my Mesu and that shall hopefully bring me some new babies. :) I am excited to raise her up and mate her with poor Kabutchi who has been on pause for over a week now! I shall update on her progress in the coming days.


Friday, November 4, 2016: I still have my Osutchi on pause. He is paused in his sleeping state and when I wake him up he will be ready to mate. I am still raising my newly hatched Mesutchi and she has grown since the last time I wrote. I got the unhealthy teen for the first time ever. Her name is Hawaikotchi and she is soooo cute! I made an animation of her.

Isn't she sweet? She is doing pretty well considering all the neglect I have given her. I didn't discipline her at all as a Mohitamtchi and I don't think I will discipline her in this stage either. I really want some new characters so I am hoping for the lowest on the chart. I have let her sulk a few times today so this should ensure I get something new. Won't be long now till I have a mate for my sweet Kabutchi. :)


Sunday, November 6, 2016: Today has been an exciting day with my Mesutchi! While I was sleeping in this morning I woke to the sound of her changing. I reached over to grab her and in my half snoozing state and peered into the screen to see a character I had never seen before. Her name is Gankotchi and she is the worst of the Gen1 characters. But she is so cute!! I really like her. :) She went right to sleep after changing but I had to wake her up so I could cure her of her illness and feed her. I took awful care of her while she was a Hawaikotchi so she was completely hungry and unhappy when she changed. Being that she fell asleep after changing, she aged a day, but that is fine. Below is the animation I made of her. :)

At 10:58 my time she called for discipline and I scolded her. She already had 3 lines of discipline on the meter after she grew up today, but this is the first time I have disciplined her since she was hatched on the 1st.

11:17AM: I was just scrolling through the icons and pressed the mating icon by accident. Gankotchi is ready to mate due to the fact that she went to sleep after she changed and then woke back up again.....! I have to message Shawn and Matt and tell them this news and then I think I am going to mate them. :)

Ok so being that it is only 11:20 my time, I don't think Matt will be awake yet since it is the weekend after all.  I will tell them the news later. Shawn knows and I am going to let him know what happens....! I am so excited right now. I just took my Kabutchi off pause (my Gen4 Osutchi) and he too is ready to mate.... I am nervous to see what babies I will get!

Well I mated them with rather surprising results. I was positive that I would get Gen1 babies, or at least the worst strain of the Gen2 babies. But instead I got Gen3 Petitchocotchi. Hmmmm.... I am not totally upset about this, but at the same time I really thought I would have gotten Gen1 babies. I think I will neglect them both and hope that I get some previous characters that way like I did back in September. I *will* get those Gen2 characters that I have not yet gotten yet at some point. :) It is just going to take some time and patience.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016: I haven't updated since the babies were born because things have been uneventful. I was disappointed that I didn't get Gen1 babies like I thought I would, but that's all I could do. The parents left the children last night so they were in my care this morning. My two Petitchocotchi haven't had the best day as I have neglected them quite badly.

I actually kept a tally of how badly I treated them today, believe it or not. They woke up at 9am and I never fed them until 11:08am because they were sulking so badly. I gave them each one meal and played one game. I did the same again at 1:57pm, and then one last time at 4:47pm. They were treated horribly and sulked for the whole day. I felt awful.... But it's the only way I will have half a chance at getting back to Gen1 again. Sigh sigh sigh. They will change into Mizutamatchi tomorrow morning and I plan to neglect them the same as I did today.


Thursday, November 10, 2016: This morning they changed into Mizutamatchi just shortly after waking up. I expected that they would both have 0% discipline on the meter but sadly they had 25% each. This is not good news because I have written proof that when that 25% automatically populates on the meter, I am not going to revert back to the previous generation....

I have continued to take very bad care of them both today. I fed and gave them a snack once at 11:37AM, and again at 2:15pm. I gave them one last meal and game at around 5:30 and I plan to just let them sulk for the rest of the night until they fall asleep. If this doesn't work then I know I will get stuck in the same cycle that I did back in May. We shall see what happens I guess.... For now I am off to get ready to go up to Laura's.


Sunday, November 13, 2016: I tried, oh how I tried to neglect these two little ones. All of that bad care I inflicted on the poor things and I still ended up with the regular Gen3 teen characters. They changed while I was still sleeping yesterday morning, to become Batabatchi and Propellertchi.

Since they changed into teens I have stopped taking bad care of them. I figure there is no point to take horrible care of them when I know I am going to get Kabutchi and Pipotchi back, and I do love those characters. I will try the neglect method again in the next generation. And I really hope it works because that will be my last chance to break the cycle of the repetitive characters I will end up with. I so want to get those third line of TMP2 characters that I haven't gotten yet, but I fear I won't get them without resetting both Osu and Mesu which I really don't want to do.

I am just taking a quick break to write this. I've been watching the movie Match Point, but Osu and Mesu were asleep before I even began to watch it. I will hopefully finish the movie before bed, but if not I will tomorrow after work. :)


Monday, November 14, 2016: It has only been a day and I am already back with another update. They got sick first thing this morning and shortly after they both changed into Kabutchi and Pipotchi. :) My favorite characters on these Tamas. :)

Tomorrow morning they should be ready to mate and I will connect them up as soon as possible. I want to waste no time getting to Gen4 so I can start the bitter task of neglect once again.... Ugh.... I hope it works this time. I fear that I may end up killing the poor things if I neglect them any worse than I did this time, but only time will tell....


Tuesday, November 15, 2016: This morning about 15 minutes after they woke up, I took them to the bathroom and mated them. I didn't want to waste any time so I let them have their way with one another right there in the bathroom.... Romantic hey? Well as I suspected Pipotchi gave birth to Gen4 Babitchi, the Petitteretchi. I am going to neglect them big time once the parents leave, and that will be my final chance at reversing the TMP....! I really hope it works. :(

9:00PM: SO! I have absolutely no faith in the idea that any amount of neglect is going to reverse the TMP of either of these Tamas so I have taken some new measures as of right now and just hatched another Mesutchi. I set the time at exactly 9pm sharp and she hatched six minutes later. I am going to neglect her and *hopefully* any of the Gen1 adults will revert me back to Gen1 on both. I honestly have no idea what will come of this, but we will see I guess.....

9:08PM: OK! SO!! I just told Shawn that I hatched the Pink Mesutchi and then I said hey... Why not just hatch a second Osutchi as well. So now I have my blue Osutchi that was just hatched as well. What have I gotten myself into..... My plan now is to cross breed my two pairs. So I will breed my Gen6 Osu with the Gen1 Mesu, and my Gen1 Osu with my Gen3 Mesu. :P Does that make sense? Well it does to me. Here goes nothing!!!!!!! I am going to begin a part 3 to these blogs because I will have lots to write about with two pairs of Tamas going now. :)

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