17/6/2016: Well things have been busy and now that I have finally reached a weekend I just plan to keep things simple and not do much for my days off.  I feel like I have been flat out all week without a minute to myself. I have literally not had a moment to myself since last weekend which can really stress an introverted person out. It's 8:33 on a Friday night and I am in my room with my pjs on. This is my idea of a wild Friday night. ;) I will tell you about my Tamas now.

The last time I wrote I mentioned that I had hatched my clear blue with yellow buttons P1. My goal was to get Ginjirotchi for my adult. Well he got sick on Wednesday while I was at work. And I got so busy that afternoon I decided to pause him for a couple of hours so I wouldn't mess up and get someone else. Well late yesterday morning I was working away on some stuff at my desk and I glanced down at my Tamas to see my clear blue with a shimmery screen. When it cleared there stood my sweet Ginjirotchi, back again. He has always been my favorite on P1 and sometimes I just can't help myself. Well I was very happy and that made my day 100% better.

With that being said, I think it was good I got Ginji back when I did because Mimitchi decided to give in and die this evening at 23. My time with him seemed so short this time around... And as I looked at my little yellow/blue Tama, it dawned on me just how much I've been through with this Tama alone. He looks very different than he did 10 months ago and his sound is even different than it used to be. It's more muffled now and kinda scratchy sounding.... It will never change my love for this Tama, but I just fear something happening to it. I restarted him again and of course I will get Mimitchi back again. I just really need to start being more careful with this Tama. I am caring for little Shirobabitchi now as I type this.

My DigiMon is still in the form of Greymon at the age of 10. No Metal Greymon or secret characters for me this time on this guy. Matt's Numemon passed away last night so my Digi has nobdoy to battle with at the moment. Matt hatched his DigiMon again so I will be able to battle them in a day or two. But for now my Greymon is just living the easy going life. I'm not sure how long he will live this time. The age seems to vary with each Greymon I get.

I hatched another P2 on the 14th with the intention of getting the beaked teen and I was successful. I don't know if I will be as successful in getting Hashizotchi, though since I have been so busy with work and other things. I have the weekend here now, but most of my efforts have been focused on my Ocean page at the moment.....

So yes that will tell you that I did hatch my Ocean and I have published the blogs page for it. I am really not sure how that page will fare as I don't even know if I will get this thing to adulthood. Shawn hatched his Ocean today and we have been walking on egg shells ever since. It is one hard Tama to raise. It is really cute, with gorgeous animations and features but it is just soo difficult to care for. For more on my Ocean go see my Tamagotchi Ocean page. :)

Anyways this blog will only be this long for tonight. With only five Tamas running at the moment, I don't have a whole lot to talk about. But I have been writing plenty over on the Ocean page. I gotta take a few more pics of my Ocean Tamas (I have two) to post on the main index page for Ocean. Other than that I think it's gonna be an early bed time for me and the Tamas tonight.

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