17/5/2016: Well I guess it has been longer than normal, but then again I have been spacing these out more lately. I went back to work yesterday and boy it was hard after being off for 4 days! Anyways I will tell you about how my week is going so far.

Yes much has happened Tamagotchi wise, but I guess that is to be expected when I am caring for 9 Tamas at once. Well I was caring for 9 Tamas, but Gejitchi on Morino Tamagotch passed away on Sunday morning just shortly after waking up...! I wrote in my Morino Tamagotch blog on Sunday

For now I have decided to put the tab back in my Morino which felt weird because I have been continuously restarting that Tama since I hatched it for the first time on February 25. I shall raise this wonderful Tama again in the near future.

Ok enough about Morino. Mimitchi, my sweet darling Tama is still alive due to pausing. I have ended up pausing him a lot more than I had planned but work was just so busy last week, and then I was off. I don't want to torture him by letting him consntatly beep for attention so I just pause him and care for him when I can. :)

Saturday evening past I lost Kutchipatchi on my Japanese P1 Tama and I beleive I posted an update in my last blog saying so. No less I hatched that same Japanese Tama again on Sunday morning at 8:55am and I am hoping to give the same care I did on my last one and get Kutchipatchi. After that I think I will know a perfected method to get this wonderful character. :) I currently have Kutchitamatchi at 50% discipline! I hope I get him :)

On DigiMon I got Numemon, the worst character, while Matthew got a middle character, Darkmon whom I have also had before myself. I was surprised because I really didn't think Matt would get his to adulthood, let alone get a good character. We have been battling them and his Digi whoops the pants off mine. Numemon has a 35% victories and Matts Darkmon is 64%. I do wonder if Numemon will change into a secret character? I have heard that this character can change into one of the three secret characters which would be pretty cool. Matt left his Darkmon here at my place tonight when he and my friend Maria were visiting, but I will get it back to him when I see him again. I will be battling them both in the meantime while I still have Darkmon in my care.

Oyajitchi and Bill are still with me at age 19. They are becoming a little on the demanding side sadly, but other than that are doing well. They just loose hearts more noticeably now when I have six other Tamas to care for.

My TamaOtchi is in the Kakutchi stage right now and I feel like I might be destined for the same adult I had last time, Tabatchi. This Tama almost never asks for discipline so there is no way to experiment with getting different characters it seems.  It has asked for discipline once, and it gained 3 bars on the discipline meter, but they disappeared after a couple of hours.  It is really hard to check on him every 15 minutes when he beeps/flashes writing across the screen.  I have no idea what the Japanese words say so I am kinda at a loss for words with this Tama. No less I will keep trying to figure it out, and hopefully get some new characters.

As for Osu and Mesu, details on their lives can be found in my Osu and Mesu blogs. They are now into their fourth generation, with four crowns on the TMP meter. I am really enjoying them. :)

That is all of them right now. Work is busy, but I am still bringing them all with me to work. :) I am gonna be spending as much time updating my pages over the next little while and then get things ready to make an Ocean blog. If I could get an long weekend and enough time to make the animations then it shouldn't be an issue at all. I love writing here so why not. :)

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