29/8/2016: Is it Friday yet? I had a really enjoyable weekend and went back to work today, but already I am waiting for the weekend. This is also my last week of work before I get a week off so I am pretty anxious for Friday to come. :)

First things first, Darkmon Digi passed away at 18. He was very old and demanding and emptied out all of his hearts in less than ten minutes. I never timed it, but it just felt like that was how much he beeped for attention. I went for a walk with my friend Jenny on the evening of the 27th, and as I was walking up the driveway to go inside he began to die. I held him as he stood hunched over looking very sad, and then he laid me an egg and smiled a big smile and was gone. I will miss him! This was my second Darkmon and I definitely hope to see him again someday. There are still so many characters I have not gotten yet on DigiMon, but for now I am going to put the tab back in.

Angel Twins are still alive and well. My US set of twins is 11 and my Japanese ones are 9! They are not at all needy yet but I know that will change.... I really hope they don't live forever. They are actually growing on me a little this time.. :)

Shawn and I had it planned to start up Osutchi & Mesutchi this coming week, but then I began to have second thoughts and said I want to raise Umino (Oceangotchi) Tamagotch and do blogs to reflect the Japanese version. Well I did end up hatching my Umino Tamagotch and have decided to put off hatching Osu and Mesu for another couple of weeks yet. I just feel like now is the best time to get things done with my Ocean page and document what I can about this very complex Tama. There are still several characers I haven't gotten and I want to be sure I do! I feel like I won't always have the spare time to raise Tamas the way I want to, especially ones like Ocean. So on Sunday morning I hatched my new clear purple Umino Tamagotch. Click here if you would like to read about my experiences with it - this is the Japanese version. :)

Mimitchi is extremely demanding and looses all hearts within about ten minutes. I have paused him so much, I can't even say what his age is because it is so artificial. I just keep proloning his departure. I will have to let him go at some point.... Will do the best I can to bring him back when he leaves. It's just hard to let go of him knowing that I have to go through the work week and not mess up in my caretaking to get him back.

This past weekend was pretty fun! Friday the 26th I got off work at 4pm and came home to nap for a little bit because I was getting picked up around 6:30 by my friends Amy and Dan to go out for dinner. It was Amy's friend Ashleys birthday so everyone went to Jack Astors which I had never been before. The food was pretty good! I had a chicken quesadilla and fries, and for dessert had "the worlds smallest brownie" hehehe. It was actually a pretty average sized brownie to be quite honest. Everything was good. I was glad to see those guys as it had been a good few months since I last saw them. :) They dropped me home around 9:30 which I was very thankful for. I didn't have to deal with driving to and from downtown. The parking down there is crazy on a good day!

The rest of my weekend was quite lazy and I spent a lot of time online and watching TV. Then of course I hatched Umino Tama on Sunday morning so the majority of my day was spent hovering over that Tama and taking notes for the blog. :)

I don't anticipate too many updates to these blogs over the next while as I will be really busy with Umino Tamagotch. I am still unsure about how to get some new adults but I am going to take the next few weeks to see what I can get. Until I am finished with Ocean, you will find my updates over on part 1 of my Umino Tamagotch blogs. :)

UpDate: As of September 5th I have just been running two Tamas including Mimitchi Tama. My two Angels died a day apart - my US twins at age 12 and my Japanese set at 11. I have been busy making updates on my Umino Tamagotch blogs, the Japanese version of the Ocean Tama. Lots of things happening over on that page. Mimitchi is alive but extremely needy and spends a great deal of time on pause just because I can't bring myself to let him go. I want to spend this week concentrating on Umino and may end up hatching a second one if I can handle it! I will try my best to come back to writing here in a few weeks time, but for now I am going to be writing on the Ocean page. :) I will get back into making regular blog updates as soon as I tackle the Ocean Tamas. :)

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