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My yellow Yasashii Tamagotch in the child stage, Hoppetchi

Monday, February 6, 2017: Today I was cleaning my room and saw my Pantarotchi on the death screen of my Yasashii Tamagotch. With the week off work and some free time on my hands, I decided what better time to have a second run of this big guy! I pressed the two red buttons simultaneously at 11:29AM and the egg appeared on the screen.

After five minutes my little egg hatched into the sweet little Babitchi, ChikachikaBabytchi. I filled up his hunger hearts right away and began playing games with him. I had a lot of trouble winning the game and it took quite some time to fill his happy hearts. I finally had to cave and feed him a snack to fill up that last heart.

I really have no idea what character I will end up with this time and don't get me wrong, I love the mystery of not knowing. That being said, I still cannot help but wonder why I got the unhealthy teen on my last run.  I almost always get the best characters on my first run of a new Tama because I never take my eyes off it and I want nothing more than to enjoy and play with it. I love my Tamas and it's often hard for me to get the bad characters because it's so hard for me to neglect. Is there something I am missing? Something crucial that I don't know about the Yasashii Tamagotch...? These are things I will just have to find out for myself.  Is it possible that I coddled my last one *too* much and that resulted in a more unhealthy character? I am just full of questions about this Tama but I am going to just ride the wave and enjoy raising my second one without researching too much. It is better that way and will make things more interesting. :)

I am giving some more thought to the idea that maybe just *maybe* I coddled my last Yasashii too much. I mean I have never coddled a Tam too much before, but hey maybe the Yasashii has different specifications with how it needs to be cared for. I am going to try and not be a hovering parent over my little one..... But after he changes into the child stage. I can't do it when he is just a baby!! Oh dear.... This is gonna be hard for me.

He changed within the hour into a Hoppetchi at which point things became easier.  I got side tracked and had to go outside and shovel snow (a repeat incident of what happened on the day I hatched my first Yasashii).  I left him in the house to his own devices and when I came back he only had one heart missing in hunger and happiness.

He asked for one discipline shortly after changing and so the meter is now at 2 lines.  I do wonder if he will ask for more than one discipline a day this time. Only time will tell I guess! Bedtime came at 7PM this evening. Early sleeper and early riser this little guy is.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017: Today I got the discipline meter up to 6 lines and I am hoping against hope that I can get a couple more in before he changes into his teens. I would love to get the healthy teen this time but I will be happy with the unhealthy one as well.  I have been sticking to my guns and not coddling my Hoppetchi *too* much, but I am certainly not taking bad care of him either.

Tonight he got sick and needed some TLC so I pressed the heart icon and then a little ice pack laid on his head. It was really quite cute! I guess the ice pack brought his fever down? I like how original this Tam is. I believe that my Pantarotchi (adult from my first hatched Yasashii) got sick and when I took care of him he was wrapped in a warm blanket. I will be interested to see if there are any other remedies for healing with other characters.

Hmm what else was I going to talk about.... Oh yes, I have been feeding him more snacks this time and then working off the weight later. I will continue to do this in his teen years, especially if I end up with the unhealthy teen again. I want to see if snacks will effect what adult character I get. I really hope that I get the Jr. Ginjirotchi whom looks exactly like Ginji on the growth chart. I would just absolutely melt if I got him on this big Tam. :)


Wednesday, February 8, 2017: Well as per my predication, my Yasashii changed into the unhealthy teen, Mayumarutchi just like last time. I really don't know why this is but it is puzzling me big time. I have posted on the Tama Collectors Facebook page to see if anyone has any insight about this. I also finally caved and consulted YouTube videos of people with Yasashii Tamagotchi's and there is nothing there about how to get the characters you want.  I don't want to know specifically how to get certain characters, just why I can't get the healthy teen....

I had his discipline up to 6 lines and it has gone down to 0 since he changed just like last time.  I think I will ignore some disciplines this time and hope for anything but Pantarotchi whom I had last time. This Tama is just going to take a little more getting used to before I figure out how to get the healthy teen.


Saturday, February 11, 2017: Today was an incredible day! I got a new but very familiar character on my Yasashii Tamagotch! His name is Jr. Ginjirotchi and he looks just like Ginji from P1 only *bigger*! He also does a little hop when he gets to the left and right of the screen. He is just so sweet! I didn't have time to make the animation of him today because I was at Matt's place all day long. I was there when he changed and Matt didn't know what I was so excited about. :P I was trying to take a video of myself holding Jr. Ginji in my hand and Matt kept snickering at me. That man I tell you....

Matt and I went to dinner this evening at Kelsy's restaurant and I decided to pause Ginji simply because I am very careful about bringing him out in public places. This Tama means the world to me. It really is the crown jewel of my collection. We weren't gone out all that long anyway so it was no matter. When we got back to Matt's we decided why not watch a movie together. We decided on Ghost since it had been a really long time since either of us had seen it. So Jr. Giji got to watch the vast majority of the film with us until he went to bed at 8PM.

He eats a variety of different foods: a bowl of rice, bread, and a meat ball. For his snack he eats the ice-cream sundae and a melon.  I just love everything about this little guy. Jr. Ginjirotchi has made my Yasashii experience an all time wonderful one. I hope this little Ginji lives a long and happy life here with the rest of my Tamas. I will do my best to make the animation of him in the coming days, but I've been having issues with PixelDraw lately so I am not sure how that will go.... I'll do my best either way. I'll leave you with the original Bandai animation that was available on their website back in 1997.


Sunday, February 12, 2017: I have been busy since getting up this morning and my PixelDraw program is just not cooperating with me today. Luckily my dear friend Kat has given me permission to use her animation of Ginjirotchi from her site. Used with permission from mimitchi.com:

Jr. Ginjirotchi is quick to make long-lasting friendships, but can be a freeloader. "Ginjiro" (ぎんじろ) is a Japanese name that names "good silver". "Otōto" () is an honorific that means "younger brother".  - Tamagotchi Wikia

As I suspected, Jr. Ginji woke up this morning at 8AM and I woke just a short while later at about 8:20. I quickly filled his hunger hearts and he ate a variety of his different foods on the menu. His minimum weight is 30 units. Oh something really cute that happened after I fed him this morning: He got a burst of energy and began lifting weights. I never thought I would see the day when my sweet Ginjirotchi would be exercising before my very eyes. I nearly squealed with joy!!! :)

I gave him a discipline around 8:30 when he called for food and wasn't hungry. His meter actually went up quite a bit after he changed yesterday. It went up to 8 lines and is now up to 10!  Another thing I didn't mention is how much easier he is to care for now as an adult. When he was a child and teenager it felt as though he would drop a heart every 30 minutes or so and now he goes almost an hour without dropping any hearts at all. He is a very easy going little Tam. :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2017: I have been sitting at my computer for an hour now meaning to update this blog but somehow I get distracted by 10 other things online before I get to do this.  And now my cat Miss is trying to sit on the computer.  We are sat here in the living room all cozy.... Okay I am getting nothing done tonight.

45 minutes later I am back again. Seriously I cannot sit in one spot for more than five minutes lately.  Let me just get right down to business here. Jr. Ginjirotchi is 10 years of age today and just went to bed a little under an hour ago. He is the absolute easiest Tama ever to care for. I guess they don't call it the Easy Tamagotchi for nothing. ;) This morning while I was eating breakfast with all my Tamas, I looked down to see that Ginji was sick with a flashing skull next to him. I took to the heart button to cure him of his ailment and the sweetest thing happened: Ginji got wrapped up in a blanket and nursed back to health naturally. :) It took two blanket wraps to get him back to his jolly self again. I actually got it on video and posted it to the Tamagotchi Collectors Facebook page. Click Here if you would like to see it in all it's cuteness. :)

On the other hand, I really hope that this illness doesn't mean he is going to die on me soon. He is so young and not at all demanding. I want so much for him to be around just a bit longer.....!


Thursday, February 16, 2017: Well it is with sadness I write here today to say that Jr. Ginjirotchi passed away at the age of 11. Thankfully I was in the room when the unmerciful beeping started. I ran over to where my Tamas were to see poor Ginji on the screen, crying and beeping up a storm. I watched as he just stood there in tears. Then there was silence and he disappeared off the screen, a space ship in the place where he once twirled. I pressed the status menu button and then an egg appeared and the space ship rose off the screen and the same flashes of hearts just went along the screen like last time.... poor sweet Ginji.... I really thought I would be able to keep him around a little longer. I miss him already! I will definitely be seeing this character again one day. I loved him just as much as I do the Ginji from P1. Bye bye my little one... You will be missed.  I enjoyed all the time we spent together over the last week, watching movies and TV shows, working on pages online and cruising around in the car. We did lots in the short time we had together. :)

I would say that I will hatch another Yasashii soon, but not yet.... I need some time first. Since I am pretty sure I will be back to work on Monday, that won't give me the time I need to dedicate to this big Tama. But maybe in a couple of weeks I will feel more up to raising another. It is one fun Tama, that is for sure. :)

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