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Yellow Japanese Yasashii TamagotchiMy yellow Yasashii Tamagotch in the child stage, Hoppetchi

Friday, January 20, 2017: Yet another exciting day for me in Tamagotchi land! I have started up my Yasashii Tamagotch on a whim and I don't even have a web page ready for it yet! I will be busy making that while I type out these blogs. I set the time on my Yasashii this evening at 7:55pm and he hatched five minutes later. Below is the animation of the egg.

After five minutes in the egg, he hatched into the babitchi stage as a ChikachikaBabytchi. He is very cute!! In a sense he reminds me a little of the P1 Babitchi, but not entirely. Either way he is rather demanding in this stage just like a P1. Below is the animation I made of ChikachikaBabytchi.

ChikachikaBabytchi: Because it is a newborn, ChikachikaBabytchi is not fully aware of its surroundings; on the Yasashii, it has no idea it is living on The Earth instead of the Tamagotchi Planet. It seems to love handmade noodles.  - Tamagotchi Wikia

After hatching he was immediately beeping at me for attention and the top icon to the left was flashing - the food icon. I pressed it and then he just began eating! He eats a little bowl of rice just like the Japanese P1 Tams do! After filling up his hearts I pushed the button at the bottom right, the scale icon and checked things out. The first screen shows his age and weight, second is hunger, third happy, and fourth discipline. The light flashes on and off the whole time I am in the status screens.

After that I went and played some games with him. I chose the top middle button with the smiley face and I was brought to a screen with two selections written in Japanese. The top selection is the game itself and the one below it is the snack option. I played the game with him instead of feeding a snack and it is an easy little guessing game. You have to guess from 1 of 3 treasure chests that has the matching item (an ice-cream sundae or a piece of cake) and you need to win at least 3 vs. 5 in order to fill one happy heart. It is pretty simple, but I have lost a few times. Might take a little getting used to.  The snack option is an ice-cream sundae. :)

At 8:38 I looked down to see that he had pooped so I pushed the duck button and it just flushed the screen. It is really amazing just how *easy* this little Tam is. :)

He pooped again at 8:58 and I didn't realize until now that he plays an adorable little tune after you clean the poop! Sweet Jesus I love this little thing. Well... Little.... Not so much.... This Tam is huge, but looking at the growth chart I realize how adorable the characters are going to be. There is even a Ginjirotchi on the growth chart!!!! Oh I am so excited!!!

At 9:16pm there was a rush of beeping and a crazy amount of flashing from the buttons. He was changing and boy what a storm he kicked up. The commotion was over as fast as it started, and the moment he changed he fell asleep. He is now a Hoppetchi and sleeping soundly. I will make the animation of him tomorrow when he wakes up! He was full and happy when he changed!


Saturday, January 21, 2017: Well Sweet Jesus....! I had no idea that a so called "Easy" Tamagotchi would be waking up at 7AM! I woke to him beeping at me at 7:50 with completely empty hunger hearts so I quickly filled him up and then he played a happy little tune and jumped up and down.  Then he beeped and the game icon was blinking so I went to play a game with him and he refused. I knew right away that he was being bad so I disciplined him. He now has 2 lines on the discipline meter!

So we are here watching the movie Duplex and I made the animation of Hoppetchi. Isn't he a sweet heart? :)

Hoppetchi is a delicate child that prefers to live in cold environments, which is why its cheeks are always rosy. In warm environments, it tends to have hot flashes. It likes to say "iya~n" (いや~ん).  - Tamagotchi Wikia

I never realized why I loved this little guy so much until I read the character description from Tamagotchi Wika. He doesn't like warm environments at all and he has rosy cheeks just like me!! So cute!!!!

He has been really easy to care for all day. I did fall back to sleep for quite some time this morning and when I woke all of his hearts were down to 3 empty. Other than that I have been taking perfect care of him. I am not sure if I missed any disciplines while I slept.

He still hasn't called for anymore discipline. I find this really strange! This Tama is like the complete opposite of the Ocean which filled up in half a day. :P Anyways I hope this is normal and that I haven't been missing disciplines.


Sunday, January 22, 2017: It's been another relaxing day with my little Hoppetchi. He is pretty easy to care for, but just a little more demanding than a Marutchi/Tonmarutchi would be. I paused him before I went to bed last night because I knew I wouldn't be awake at 7AM. This characters hours are 7AM-7PM. Early riser and early sleeper.  I knew I liked this guy, since I too love my sleep.

I woke up at 10AM and so did he. The hunger meter was completely empty but his happy hearts remained full.  This is normal - I read CM's Diary on the Mouse House Tamagotchi page, entry dated November 27, 1998.

He asked for a second discipline just shortly after waking up today.  He only has four lines on the discipline meter.... I just don't understand why the meter hasn't filled up more than this.  Regardless he has been living a great life and whenever I feed or play with him, he plays an adorable little tune.  I am not putting him to bed at 7PM tonight. I would rather keep him up as long as I am. I am going to have to pause him when I go to work tomorrow because the Tam is just way too big to care for at the office.

I decided to put him to sleep and wake him back up again.  I wanted to make the animation of him sleeping because he is so adorable. I woke him back up again and he was starving for food. THEN he asked for another discipline. :) So we are up to 6 lines on the meter now! I will keep him up until I go to bed and then pause him until tomorrow when I am finished work.  This will slow his growth but sadly that is all I can do.


Monday, January 23, 2017: Today I went back to work and my little Yasashii had to stay at home.  Last night right before I paused him and went to sleep he changed into the teenage stage. I am sad to say that after all the good care I gave, I got the unhealthy teen. Don't get me wrong, he is absolutely adorable, but I just thought I took extra good care of him and figured I would get the healthy teen like I have on all my other first Tama tries.

This characters name is Mayumarutchi. I have been working and running errands all day and only got around to taking him off pause when I got home from work at 5:15. It is 10:15 now and I am only just getting time to turn on my computer. I will be making the animation as soon as time allows me to do so. I will be pausing Mayumarutchi before bed tonight and then resuming his life after work tomorrow. It is far from ideal, but it is the only way. Poor little guy..... It's not his fault that his Tama shell is too big to bring to the office. Mimitchi, Bakedebirutchi (my Devilgotch), and my Mesutchi were able to live a normal day while I worked.

Oh yes, now that he is a teenager, the discipline meter has gone to 0% and he is a minimum of 20 units in weight. He was a minimum of 10 units as a Hoppetchi.

I'd like to take an opportunity to give my friend Elana a big thank you for all the support she has been showing for my web pages. It means that world to me that you read these blogs and I am so happy to be chatting with you today.  We go back over ten years of internet friendship. :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2017: I finally got around to making the animation of Mayumarutchi this evening! So here he is!!

Mayumarutchi is loud and pompous. It is very proud of its big eyebrows, and even requests special shampoo to keep them clean. - Tamagotchi Wikia

I got home this evening just after 6pm because I had to go to my physiotherapy appointment. I've been trying to give him the most normal life possible but that is hard when he has to be paused all day long. One thing I hate is that when he is paused, the light flashes continuously on the health meter button. I don't like that! I fear that the light will burn out on me. :( Anyways nothing else to report with my little guy this evening.  I have no idea what kind of character I will end up with. He still hasn't asked for any discipline in this stage....

Well 8:00pm came on my Yasashii Tamagotch's time and he fell asleep.  I turned out his lights and then set the time for him to wake up again. This characters sleeping hours are 8pm-8am. I gave him four meals after he woke and then he was well nourished again. I am waiting to see if he will require a discipline now as the only time he has ever been naughty is right after he wakes up. I am busy here working away on my pages while I care for him and trying not to miss anything. It's going to take a while before I fully figure out this little guy....!


Friday, January 27, 2017, 1:14pm: Due to anxiety related problems I am off work today. I went to get blood work done this morning so I had to pause Mayumarutchi while I got that done.  It was only about an hour that I had him paused and now he is living out his normal day with me at home.  I'm not sure if I will be back to work or not next week..... Glad that I have the weekend here at least to try and calm myself down a little.

I am not sure when he is going to grow up, but he is very cute and easy to take care of.  He asked for a discipline this morning but that is the only one he has asked for since the other day. The discipline is only at 4 lines so I don't think I will be getting a very healthy character.  I will update later if he changes.


Sunday, January 29, 2017: Yesterday morning while I was laying in bed being lazy, Mayumarutchi began to shimmer and beep and I watched as he changed into his adult form. He is now a Pantarotchi and it is said that he can change into the secret character.  I am not exactly sure where this character ranks on the growth chart because I am getting all kinds of different results online. Either way, here is the animation I made of him. I really like this guy. :)

Pantarotchi is reclusive and quiet; it's debated as to whether or not he can actually speak at all. However, when other Tamagotchis look into his eyes, they can understand his feelings. - Tamagotchi Wikia

He eats a variety of different foods now that he is an adult.  I am not sure if it is random or if he eats a different food in the morning and evening. I have seen him eating a loaf of bread for his main meal for the most part, but there was something else I recall seeing him eat as well. After he changed his discipline went down to 2 lines, but he made a selfish call this morning and he is up to 4 lines now.

Since I haven't been at work the last few days my Yasashii Tama has been living normal days and going wherever I go. I am rather happy about this because I am really in love with the Tama. I hope this little guy lives a long life. :)

2:43PM: I just finished feeding him a loaf of bread and it seems that he goes back and forth between eating that and some kind of a beef ball that I recognize from the Morino Tamagotch. I will make note if he eats anything else besides these two things.  He eats a melon ball when I feed him the snack, which is just below the game option.

7:00PM: I just caught Pantarotchi taking a bath. He played that cute little tune as he soaked in the tub, but it was over as fast as it began so I wasn't able to snap a photo. So cute all the same, though!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017: Well it's with sad news I update this blog today. My sweet Pantarotchi passed away on me this afternoon at the age of 10. It was a rather traumatic end if I do say so. One minute he was plodding along the screen, and the next minute I heard frantic beeping and he was balling his eyes out.  I have never seen a Tama character so upset before. The next thing I know there was a little UFO on the screen, standing still at the bottom of the screen. I pressed a couple of buttons and then was brought to a screen with flashing hearts, and when I pressed the bottom right red button it brought me to a screen where it showed my deceased character with his age next to it..... I can't believe that these so called "Easy" Tamagotchi only live to be 10, and he was a half healthy character.  It's sad is what it is.... I really thought he would have had more time here with me.

With that being said, I loved raising this Tama, and I look forward to raising it again in the future. I won't be raising another one just yet for one reason only - the size of the Tama is just way too big, and with everything going on right now, it is just too hard and risky transporting him around everywhere.  I will be running this big guy again someday soon.  Just need some time and to have fewer Tamas running.

And with that I depart! Part 2 of the Yasashii Blogs will come when I raise my next Yasashii Tamagotch. :) Until then enjoy my other Tama blog pages!

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