28/4/2018: Happy Birthday to me! Today I turned 28 :) 28 years old! I used to dream of the day I was going to turn 28, and I imagined myself much more grown up than I am. But hey, I never thought I'd have my own Tama site at 28 so who knew. ;)

I've been pausing all my Tamas except for two: my clear green P1 and my purple and white Devilgotch. Those two Tamas have been coming everywhere with me, and I am glad after doing these blogs for so many years now that I still can manage to have a couple of Tamas on hand. I've continued to be really busy at work, and will be really sad when Debbie and Lisa finish up next week... I have so enjoyed their company as coworkers. They definitely feel more like friends than coworkers.

I got Pukudebitchi again on my Devilgotchi whom is the healthiest of the three 'teens'.  I had this guy last time but sadly his DP went to high and he died on me.  Well he is 8 going on 9 tomorrow and think he should be changing into adulthood soon.  I've had all the adults except Debirukotchi (whom ranks at the bottom of the chart).  Although I have had several adults on the Devil, it still feels like a really unknown Tama to me. He is asleep now and I think I am going to put it on SET and pause him so that I don't let his DP go too high -- cuz I know I am gonna sleep in tomorrow.

As for my clear green, I had been expecting either Ginji or Masukutchi, but ended up with Mametchi! I couldn't believe it since I had only disciplined him to 75% as a Marutchi child. No less I am happy to see little Mametchi after all these months. The last time I had him was in June when I hatched that clear green Tama on the flight to Toronto. :) Mametchi is 10 years old and very easy to care for, though I do neeed feed snacks from time to time when I don't have the patience to win the game. ;)

As for my other Tamas, Ginji Angel, Kutchipatchi and Koganetchi have all remained on pause for the most part. But this evening at Matt's I was having some alone time and I had them all going cept GInji Angel. He is so needy and I am just not ready to let him go yet.

My Mom bought me Mexican food tonight for my birthday dinner, and we had it at my house along with my Nan and Matthew. Tomorrow the family will come over for Sunday dinner and we will have a cake!  Matt had a cake for me last night over at Andreas.  We had Basil, China and Brandon with us last night to celebrate. So it's really just been a weekend of celebrating, and Devil and Mametchi were there for all of it. :)

Now I am just finishing up updating my Tama history page and uploading this blog before I hit the hay for the night. I hope I sleep tonight (I had an hour and a half nap this afternoon) as I always find it hard to sleep after lazy days involving naps. I do love my sleep.... I just wish I could balance it so that I get a good nights sleep and not crash in the middle of the day.... But that will be a rant for another day. ;)

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