3/4/2017: Hello hello! I am here, I'm queer, get used to it, don't mess with me! Does anyone read these blogs? After the opening I just made I would hope not. :P I know Shawn reads all my pages and for that I am very grateful. :) I don't think that this site would be what it is today without all of his support and encouragement. I can't even count the number of hours I've spent working on these blogs while I chat away with Shawn on Facebook. :) I want to keep up with the blogs because for many months it was this blog in particular that kept me sane through some really bad days.

I have been having trouble attaining new characters lately and that is part of the reason why this section hasn't been updated as much as it was this time a year ago. I was writing here sometimes every day, and if not every other second and third day. The blogs were just effortless to write because I was always getting new characters on my Tamas. A year has past now since that time and it's harder to get new ones. That coupled with the fact that work has been busy and I have more to do now than I did before has made it hard to get new characters and be a dedicated Tama caretaker. Anxiety will NEVER be an excuse as to why I'm not a good caretaker. ;)

I have been raising a DigiMon for the past week and the other day he changed into his adult form to be none other than Darkmon. I was kinda disappointed and had really been hoping to get Tyranomon who ranks second below Greymon. It is really hard to get anyone but the best, middle and worst characters. I did succeed and get Meramon once but I am still missing several adults that I would really like to get. One day I will figure this Tama out and make sense of those online instructions. That will take time, though, I think. Either way Darkmon is 7 years of age and 99lbs due to my job of caring for him.

I have two other Tamas here with me as well, one of whom is the Morino Tamagotch I hatched on my last update. I again ended up with Gejitchi, the fuzzy caterpillar guy. I am going to keep trying for new characters. :) I guess I shouldn't complain that it is so hard to get new characters because if I got them all so easy, how fun would it be, and how hard would I work on this site? :)  Maybe I've just been loosing my momentum and need to motivate myself a little more.

The third Tama in question is none other than Mimitchi, whom has been spending a great deal of time in stasis. His age only reads 9 years because I've not been putting him to bed at night. This has really been working out a lot better because I can better keep track of what stage of life he is in. He is sweet and easy to care for at just 9 years. :) How I love this little guy. I took him with me to work for the first time in ages today. We only had a half day at work due to winter weather, and I kept Mimitchi right by my computer screen where I could see him all afternoon.

I've not been working on anything new for the site as of lately. My main concern is to keep the blogs alive and make new animations as I get new characters. I see a lotttttt of growth with regard to my Connection pages in the future. It will be a slow growth, but a very enjoyable and worthwhile one.

Anyways I gotta keep this blog short. I am tired and need to be sure to get a good night sleep for work tomorrow. Work has been rather enjoyable lately with the new guys that they just hired. They are really sweet and just a little younger than me. I help them lots throughout the day and it is definitely a little boost to my self confidence. See I can write about positive stuff too and it feels really good! I will try to make a point to say something positve in each of my blogs from now on. :) Until then.... Take care and good night.

Update: Okay so I am back again because I just hatched a second DigiMon just then at 10:04PM. I am gonna neglect this one and see if I can get someone in between average and the worst, maybe Sedreamon?? I'll be happy with anything new. The challenge is on! :)

UpDate #2: I'm BACK! It's Tuesday the 4th now and Morino Tama passed away on me at age 6 when I got home from the office. Poor little Gejitchi. :( I restarted him again about an hour ago and will try again for a new character. :)

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