3/3/2017: Well my last log was pretty bad and a tad depressing. Okay very depressing, but that's just one of the down sides of my anxeity. I end up putting myself down a lot when I shouldn't be. Either way I haven't been neglecting my Tamas, but I've definitely been a better caretaker than I have been as of lately. As Kat would say "I've had better..." ;)

I still have my Angelgotch on the Lucky Unchikun death screen. I haven't had the heart to let go of it yet. That and the fact that I have gotten all the characters that there are to get on the Angel. Though Shawn said that there is a lucky poop character that actually has a face and that you can take care of. It's extremely hard to get though and you need to reset a bunch which I am not in the mood to do.

I hatched another Japanese P2, a series 1 I might add. The Tama is a gorgeous shade of teal blue with yellow border and Tamagotchi written down the side in Hiragana. It also has pics of Mimitchi and some kind of Angel character on the shell. Very cute. I hatched this one because I have Zukitchi on my other Japanese P2 (yellow/orange), but I don't think that one is going to become the secret character..  Like I said, I've had better caretaking wise. ;)

I have a true to his age 12 year old Mimitchi on my yellow/blue Tama and he is doing very well.  He got his first sickness last night so he has about 10 days worth of time left. Lots of time still hehe. Out of all my Tams he is still the one who gets the best care. I just adore that face!

And then I took a six hour long break from writing this to go out with some friends. :) Hung out with Sharee, Gerald and their friend Lander at a house that Sharee is caring for a families dog. Fun night!

I got some really good news today regarding my work situation. I am going to be going back to work on March 14th and everything with my short term disability got worked out. I feel pretty good about getting back into my work life again in a weeks time. I definitely needed this time to get a little back on track.  Things still aren't perfect but hey nothings ever gonna be perfect. I think the increase of Zoloft has really helped, though.

Matt is going away on Monday to see family so I am definitely gonna find the coming week different. I see Matt most days lately since I haven't been at work. Today I went and decided to visit the animal shelter. I went this afternoon! It is the same shelter that I got my two cats from nine years ago. Man... That only feels like yesterday.  When I think about the fact that the year 2007 was ten years ago, I honestly get blown away.  I think the thing that has always triggered my anxiety is change, and life is always changing so that's just something I need to deal with, end of story. I always said the moment I feel like I am settling or getting comfortable everything changes. It happened in my childhood, happened in high school when I finally graduated, happened in college and then I went into the work world completely afraid of how I was gonna cope.. The first year of actually working was so hard for me.  It was the biggest life change at that time in my life and I was scaredddd. I guess the fear of the unknown has always gotten me. Anyways.. Just a little bit more history about my anxiety and how little things like moving schools, or going into the work world are a huge deal for me.

SO yeah next week will definitely be different but it's all good. :) Maybe I'll become a better Tama caretaker over the next week? LOL.

It is 11:41PM now and I am only just home from being out about 20 minutes ago.  Gonna take a while for me to wind down prolly... Might pick out something good to watch in bed before I fall asleep for the night. I've been doing so good at getting up early all week! Feels so good!!! :) I best be off for now. I shall update again soon if/when I manage to get the Japanese secret character. ;)

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