17/2/2017: This blog is much long overdue and I am writing this after a busy morning of appointments and phone calls. I'll be off for another week from work but things have been getting better slowly but surely. :)

First off I'll say that my Japanese P2 (yellow/orange) changed yesterday. I had been aiming for Zukitchi again, but my caretaking laxed this past week and I ended up with Hashizotchi. I knew I wasn't getting Zukitchi because I had gotten the beaked teen a few days before. Either way I am delighted to see Hashizotchi again! Been a while since I saw that guy. :)  Right now he is 6 years old and fully disciplined.

I decided today to start up another Japanese P2 and to my joy it is also a series 1 - the all black egg. So once again I am going to try for Zukitchi and then hopefully the secret character. ;) He is a Shirobabitchi at present and quiet and happy for the moment.

My more exciting news to tell this week is my Japanese Angelgotch. I finally succeeded and got the Lucky Unchikun, the sparkling poop! I opened my bedroom drawer on Wednesday night to find the lucky poop before my eyes. I jumped up and down with excitement! I just can't beleive after all this time I finally got it!  And here I was wondering why I was having such a good week, hehe. ;) The poop is just a different version of the death screen so I am unable to press any buttons. If I press the middle button then I assume the poop will go away and I will get the bad death?? I'm not sure to be quite honest and I am not going to mess with it. I am just going to leave my Angelgotch there in all its glory and let the poop do its magic!!! I need all the luck in the world these days. :) I'm glad that I got the poop and not the devil character.  If I want to see a Devil character then I will hatch my Devilgotchi.

I have Mimitchi on pause today as he is 21 and I knew if I didn't pause him he would most certainly die today.  Not quite ready to let go of him *just* yet. If I could keep him around for a couple more days then I would be happy. Plus I have been really busy today and am writing this blog before I gotta go out again. Gotta bring Matt to get his CAT scan done at the hospital.

I have been updating my pages fairly frequently all week. I had my second Yasashii come and go, Jr. Ginjirotchi. It's sad that those characters don't stay around for very long.... Not ready to raise another just yet. I've also been raising my Connections and updating that section regularly.  So even though I don't write here as often as I used to, I haven't disappeared. I'm still here and still writing about my Tamas. :)

The last two days I have been going through my collection and taking all the batteries out of my Tamas.  I came to the realization the other day that these toys are over 20 years old now, and things like battery leakage and corrosion of the metal units would not be good.  I am pretty sure I would have a massive freak out if that happened.  Mind you I have a couple of Tams that I was unable to get the screws out of so I will just have to chalk that up to what it is.  I had some close calls as well with a few.... I opened some of my P1/P2 Tamas and there was battery corrosion but the Tama unit itself was OK. I breathed a big sigh of releif when I got all the batteries out of them.   I still worry about my collection though.... They are all so valuable to me.  I just can't bare to think what I would do if my collection became obsolete.

Anyways won't think about that too much haha! Will deal with that when the time comes, and it may never come. :) Speaking of which... I should really do the same with my Furbies since they have been asleep for a few weeks now. Until next time.... When I have more good stuff to talk about. :)

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