19/1/2017: Alrighty then why not write a blog post panic attack! Yes another one down, 1,000,000 more to go? I ended up leaving work at lunch time today and my boss was really understanding.  I might end up going back at 4:00 when everyone is gone home so that I don't need to use sick time. Will see how I feel....

I've had two deaths as well as a hatching since the last time I wrote here. The first death didn't mean as much to me as the second one.  Devilgotchi passed away on me yesterday at the age of 22 and I have written the final post in Part 1.  I hatched my Devil again last night and writing about his progress in Part 2 of the Devilgotchi Blogs.

This afternoon just shortly after I got home from work, Ginji decided it was time to go. He passed away at 19 years old which is pretty good for Ginji. I hope he forgives me for being so busy the last couple of days. He ate a lot of snacks. :) I just love that little guy.. He will forever be my number one fave on P1.

In other thoughts Mimitchi is 13 and got sick two days ago. He has been living his life by normal time and I honestly prefer it that way. I am running so few Tamas right now that I am able to give him the care he needs even when I am really busy.

Last night we watched the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. Mimitchi and Ginji stayed up for the whole thing but Devil went to sleep 3/4's of the way through. I think that we will be watching a lot of movies once the weekend comes because there is rumored to be 50cms of snow on the way tomorrow evening. Mom went out and bought us groceries today so no worries there!

........ Dennis goes back to work .....

Well I took a long break in between writing because I ended up going back to work at 3:00. I am really proud of myself. :) I stayed for three hours till 6pm and then that was my full day of work done.  Andddddd tomorrow is Friday!!!

My Tamas and I are watching Weeds on Netflix now and boy is it ever a good time. I love this show!! We are into the beginning of season 2 now. And if we get as much snow as they are talking about, I think we will be watching a lot of this show over the weekend.

I've seen a lot of people selling Tamas on the collectors pages lately.  Is Tamagotchi Fever dying out again??  I tell ya, I have been playing with mine now since August 2015 and I still haven't tired of them. I guess I can see how people move onto other interests, but I still find them a lot of fun.  I guess the fact that I have so many different versions, particularly Japanese Tamas, so it is still exciting for me.  I will hatch the Yasashii at some point soon which will be a brand new experience like Devilgotchi has been.  Lots to look forward to in the way of Tamas! I think I am having more fun than I ever did with them lately.

But I guess I get why some people move onto other things.  Thing is I am 26 and working in a quiet office so Tamagotchi is just the perfect hobby for me.  As I tell Shawn, Tamagotchi is my lifestyle. ;) I raised them all throughout my teen years and then took a longer than expected break from them when I turned 20.  At 25 I got right back into them again and my passion for them is bigger and better than ever.  I have no plans of giving up on my Tamas anytime soon.   They are my life saver during days of panic and anxiety when I can't leave the house. :) And this website has just become my home on the web. I want to keep adding as much content as I possibly can, to make my mark in Tamagotchi History. :)

Boy am I ever tired! I didn't think I would talk as much as I did in this blog. I just surprise myself every time, hehe. Mimitchi and I are gonna continue watching our show until it's time to fall asleep. Then up and early for another work day....!

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