4/1/2017: This week has been one with some ups and downs, but I've been really celebrating the ups as much as possible. :) Work has been busy but also very good at the same time. No complaints there! I've just been keeping as busy as I can without overdoing it. I find when I stay busy that it keeps my mind off anxiety stuff. I will say that anxiety related stuff has been on my mind a lot this past month, but I am trying so hard not to let it overpower the good things happening.

Tuesday night I got to include Mimitchi when Sharee and I went to the movies. We saw Why Him and it was hilarious! Mimitchi has been really demanding this week, but we were in an almost empty theatre so I had no trouble checking on him with the light of my cell phone. I loved that I was able to include him in all the movies I went to over the holidays. This movie was definitely the best tho! :) I paused my other Tamas since I didn't wanna mess up my chances of getting Ginji on my clear blue Tama, and Devilgotchi I didn't wanna take any chances of messing up either. So I just kept my litle Mimitchi up for the show. :) Quality time!

Speaking of clear blue Tama, I have Tamatchi with 75% discipline so if all goes well I should have Ginji back in the next few days. :) I can't wait to see my smiling cutie!!!

I got Kabutchi and Pipotchi back on Mesu and Osu this week and I've decided that this will be my last generation with these Tamas for a while. I won't be mating them and I am just going to enjoy however long they live, which I hope is a while considering how much I love them. I also have a paused Birukotchi on my pink Mesu whom I need to unpause and let her live out her life. This has been an amazing run with these guys and one I will cherrish forever. Lots of great times, and new characters. :)

I've been keeping up on the Devilgotchi blogs as I mentioned in my last blog. The growth process is definitely slower than any other Tama I've raised, but I kinda like that. Gives me time to really get to know the character and enjoy it. I say that he will be changing again tomorrow at some point so I will be interested to see who I get for my adult! Updates and animations to come on the Devil Blogs when that happens. :)

So yeah, not a whole lot going on besides work on this end. I kinda enjoy things being quiet around here again. Christmas was all fine and dandy, but man I am not a social person at all. I am quite content with coming home after work and doing my own thing around the house. Sometimes I get the feeling that I give people the idea that I just sit around and play with Tamas, which yes I do. But I keep pretty busy around here. I do a lot of house work, constantly out in the car running errands, visiting family members, pretty general stuff.  But at the end of the day I am soooo happy to get home and relax in my lovely bedroom with my Tamas. Needless to say my Tamas are with me for every moment of my day. I feel so lucky to have a hobby that I can carry around with me 24/7. :) Hehehe... Just my little two cents worth on my life for today.

What else should I talk about today.... Oh I am thinking about buying a second Devilgotchi because the one I have isn't as good condition as I would like. Don't get me wrong I love it, but I would like to have a second one just in case the one I have doesn't last as long as I'd hope.  They are such rare Tamas, and I didn't think I would love the Devilgotchi as much as I do. :) Gonna be keeping my eyes peeled on eBay for the next little while....!

Anyways, tomorrow is Thursday, and on Friday I start cat sitting for a friend of mine just up the street, so that should be fun. He just got two new cats and they are very sweet and loveable. I told him that he better watch out because I might just take them home with me. ;) I am a crazy cat man..... Love cats. :)

And with that I will end this blog post here. I didn't get to bed at a very decent hour last night and as a result my eyes were red all day, so hopefully I will be more sensible and go to bed early tonight. That's what happens when you get sucked into "surfing the net" before bed. My God that sounded so 90s. When I was in High School there was a slogan on the wall of one of the classrooms that said "Ride the wave, surf the net...!". Am I being weird? I think so.  Peace out for now.

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