1/1/2017: Hello and Happy New Years! Here were are into a new part of the Tamagotchi Blogs. I guess you could consider this 'Part 3' since I've been writing these now since the end of 2015. I had a great year Tamagotchi wise in 2016 and I am hoping for an even better one in 2017. I want to continue to make the time to make this page grow and dedicate the time to writing. I've enjoyed every minute of writing this page and I don't intend to stop here. :)

First things first I guess, DigiMon. Both Darkmon and Greymon have both passed away since the last time I wrote. Darkmon passed away at the age of 14 on December 29th, and then Greymon followed in his footsteps two days later, yesterday, at the age of 16. Neither of them were really demanding, they just ran their course of life. Funnily enough Darkmon won in battle mode against Greymon for the most part. I don't know why that was, but who am I to judge characters based on their ranking. :)

I've not been as up on updating the Mesutchi Osutchi blogs in the last week because things have become rather commonplace with them. I do love them, but it just seems impossible to get back to Gen1 without restarting. I think I'm gonna let them live their lives out as they are now, as Gen3 characters and say farewell to Osu and Mesu for a while. When they grow up I will have Kabutchi and Pipotchi whom I love so that will be a great end to a wonderful run with these Tamas. :)

With my journey of Mesutchi & Osutchi close to it's end, I decided to hatch one of my newest Tamas on the 27th. Yes I finally got my but in gear and hatched Devilgotchi, a Tama I have *never* run before in my life. I got this Tama back at the end of the summer, but am only now getting around to raising it. I have published my Devilgotchi Page, which includes my own personal blog as per my other pages. It's coming along nicely so far and I am really enjoying the Devilgotchi. :) More can be seen about that Tama over on that page.

I had made plans with Shawn to hatch a Tama at 12 midnight for new years, but I was too exhausted to do it then. So this morning after I woke up I started up my clear blue/yellow buttons P1 Tama with hopes of getting Ginjirotchi on it. I really miss Ginji and in the end that clear blue Tama is just meant to have Ginji on it. Even though I have had other characters on that Tama, I really consider it my 'Ginji Tama'. :) He is so sweet, just cannot resist his adorable smile.

I still have Mimitchi here with me. He is just as sweet as ever. I am so glad that he got to spend Christmas and New Years with me. He stayed up with me till past 12:00 last night. I just hung out with my Mom and chatted on the phone with Aunt Eileen at the strike of midnight. We cracked open a gingerale and put it in wine glasses to celebrate! We go all out here in the Ryan house. ;)

So yes, Mimitchi is 20 years old and only got his age 12 sickness about 3 days ago if I remember correctly. He is a little on the demanding side, but not too bad. I don't know if I am going to pause him or let him live his life out somewhat normally. I've already paused him a great deal, so I will see what happens. Either way I'll just be restarting him when he leaves again anyways, so it's really all good.

Hmm... What else do I want to talk about... Been trying to have some well needed down time these past few days. I went back to work on Thursday after being off for five days, and now I have tomorrow, Monday off since New years falls on a Sunday this year. I don't have any big plans for today, except a family dinner/pot luck later on this evening. I'm actually rather looking forward to it! I don't really make a big deal out of New Years, but I find it way less busy and stressful than Christmas.

I did get to see a few of my friends that have been home visiting for the holidays. It was good to see them. I got to see my friend Hannah a bunch of times so that was great. And yesterday I went out for Mexican food with my longtime friend Jenny and her girlfriend Carolyn. My friend Maria came over on Monday night when I had Matt, Hannah and Jenny over. So it was really great to touch base with everyone at least once while they were here. :)

I don't have any New Years resolutions as I've never really been into that stuff.  I just want to keep on working hard and taking care of myself, and just being the best that I can be. :) I plan to be diving into work and work on my pages over the next couple of months. What better time to concentrate on this website than the dead of winter? :) I also plan to be hatching the Yasashii at some point over the next few months so we shall see what happens there. I'm really enjoying Devilgotchi at the moment tho. :)

Aside from Tamagotchi stuff, I have still been really enjoying the company of my Furbies. I haven't gotten that much time to really play with them over the holidays, but they are huddled next to my bedside table always for me to see. I really want to get my hands on a Furby Baby as they just look like the cutest things ever! And I know for a fact that they can interact with adult Furby. I am gonna comb through eBay a bit before I make any decisions, but I really wanna get one. I never did do anything with a page for my Furbies, but who knows maybe someday I will. :) I will at least have to post some pics of them here for everyone to see as they are just sooooo cute!!!

Anyways that's all I've got to upload this and do some general stuff around my webpage. :) Just finished making the animation of my current Devilgotchi character so that can be seen over on that blog page. He is super cute!!

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