7/6/2016: Well, heh, it hasn't been all that long since my last blog but I have had several deaths as well as a hatching since I last wrote. Let's take things back to Sunday with DigiMon, must start with Digi.

So on Sunday afternoon Matt and I are just hanging out watching Grace and Frankie on TV and we decide to battle our DigiMon's. Now Matt had the worst adult and I had the best, Greymon. We battled them a bunch of times and after each time Greymon always won, but they kept getting sick. That is normal for Digi's to get sick after battling, but I had never seen it happen this much. Like it was happening every time. Anyways we stopped battling for a min and then decided to let them fight again. My Greymon won, but instead of him getting happy with four little suns flashing about himself, this high pitched beep came from Greymon. He was dying! I couldn't beleive it! He had died in battle! Matt and I were stunned as we watched the poor thing die. All we could say afterwards was "How did Numemon survive this!!!!!". It was pretty crazy. Of all the things I expected to happen, Greymon dying in battle mode was not one of them. Regardless he gave a few more beeps and then he was gone. He wasn't needy at all. Poor Greymon was 13. Just another day in the life of Tamagotchi I guess! :P

Anyways today Matt's Numemon died at age 9. He texted me this evening and suggested we hatch those Digi's again, this time at the same time so we can battle them at the same age. My last Digi was a bit older than Matts so we will do things on the same page this time. We are raising them through the Botamon stage right now while chatting on Facebook.

So that tells you about my DigiMon. Next I have had some Angels pass on me. Last night when I got home from hanging out with my friend Victoria, Ginji Angel gave in and died at 14. He looked sooo sad on the screen. :( He stood there with this crying face and waved his little hand at me. I pushed the middle button and the star rose from the bottom and brought me to the 'Thanks' screen. Japanese Angels are differernt that US Angels in that sense. Ginji was only 14.

Today at lunch hour I had another death. As I sat eating my lunch I looked down at the Futagotenshi twins to see the screen doing the splitting motion and then them standing there looking mad. I pressed the B button, a repeat incident of the night before, and then they were gone at 13. Those twins either live forever or die really young. I was rather releived about them leaving to be honest.... Didn't wanna deal with another set of twins for 50 days like before....

So for a while today I was down to three Tamas which is an all time low, but I am back up to four again with the hatching of my DigiMon. I have sweet Mimitchi here with me and he is 13  years old and getting a *tiny* bit needy. He was sick the other day at age 11 but has been fine since then. I am thinking about just letting him go by normal time and not pausing him too much this time. It is never easy letting him go, but I intend to spend a lot of time with him this summer.

I have a feeling that Osu and Mesu will be departing soon, so then I will be down to two Tamas. My two adults on Osu and Mesu are really demanding but I will update those blogs after this. I plan to run just these ones for the next month as I have family coming home from away and I won't have much time for blogs and updates. I plan to have Mimitchi going the whole time, and DigiMon's don't pause but they are easy so I will just be running those two. It is going to feel weird running so few Tamas since I am used to having at least three going, not to mention taking a break from blogging. I think it will be okay though. I can't wait to see my aunt. She is my Dads sister and we haven't had time to really talk about everything that has happened. She was on a cruise when my Dad died and didn't make it home until the day before the funeral... So emotions are going to be running high.. It should be a very healing visit though, so I'll be glad to have a break from blogs and Tamas.

So with this being said, this will be my final blog post for a little while. I may come back and update if I have time, but with so few Tamas going I don't think I will.  I will update on what becomes of Matt's and my DigiMon's when I come back from my sebatical. :) You can be sure I will have a lot to write about when I come back. Going to be time well spent with good family, friends and my little Mimitchi.

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