3/6/2016: After a busy work week and not writing a blog for four days, I am happy to say I finally reach a weekend. It's about time I say! Just glad I had my Tamas with me. :)

I am disapointed to say that I got the twins on my US Angel, the one I raised Pukuten on. It changed into the twins about 3 days ago? I can't recall the exact date, but they have graced me with their prescence once again. I reallllyyy hope that they don't live to be 50 this time. I just don't think I could handle that a second time. I haven't paused them at all so their age is accurate at age 9.

I still have Ginjirotenshi on my Japanese Angelgotch but sadly he is getting quite needy at age 11. That is one thing I rather dislike about the Angels, they get demanding at such a young age and then either live forever or die really young. Ginji empties out all his hearts in about an hour if I don't check on him. I hope he stays around a little while longer.... I am already getting attached to him!

DigiMon is still with me as Greymon. He is 11 years old and I don't think he will be changing into Metal Greymon which is ok. He has a 61% victories and beats the socks off poor Matt's Digi who ended up becoming Numemon today. :P Matt is not impressed at all. We are going to raise more DigiMons after these two pass away. I say my Greymon will outlive Numemon, so will write more about that when the time comes.

Mimitchi is 9 years old and not a bit demanding. I have so enjoyed having him back with me this week. :) I was sooooo busy all of this week at work but having him there made the long hours a little more tolerable. I just prop him up on a little stand at my desk and peer down at him while I am keying my data. I really couldn't ask for a better work setup.  I really can't wait to get some time off this summer tho. I am gonna need a break from work to just relax and do stuff out of my normal routine.  Next weekend I'll be taking off with my family to go to the cabin out of town and I will definitely have my Tamas there for that. I can't wait!

I don't plan to be hatching many more Tamas over the course of the next month. I predict some very hot temperatures to come this summer and it will be hard to raise Tamas in such heat. Regardless I plan to have Mimitchi going through all of it, and I may take that time to start work on my Ocean page and possibly hatch Ocean if work isn't too busy. With a max of two Tamas I plan to raise over the course of the early summer months, I say I will take a small break from these blogs. I am really not sure yet.... Gonna see how this month goes and what happens with my current set of Tamas.  I am just trying to plan ahead a little. :)  Whatever the outcome, I will have Mimitchi there so there is no worry about my interest fading or anything like that. ;)

Oh yeah before I end this I will mention that I still have Osutchi and Mesutchi going, but this will be my last generation with this pair. I have decided to let my Gen5 adults live their lives out without mating them, and I shall raise another pair in the fall sometime. I have really fallen in love with these Tamas, but I am stuck in the generation 4 loop of characters so I have no other option aside from restarting them.  Since I plan on raising Ocean soon is why I am just going to let them live their lives out and wait to raise another pair in the fall.

Well that is all for now folks. I shall be updating the Osu and Mesu logs over the weekend and possibly getting things in order for the Ocean page as well. So stay tuned for updates. :) Have a great weekend Tama lovers.

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