30/5/2016: It seems a lot has happened and it hasn't been that long since my last blog. I guess a lot can happen in a Tamas life in just a few short days.

I spent the weekend resting since I have had that god darned cold. It is amazing how I am still tired after sleeping for the entire weekend. Well not the entire weekend... I took breaks to eat and care for Tamas. :) I am back to work as of today and feeling a little better ::knock on wood::. Let's hope the week keeps going like this.

Anyways I have six Tamas going right now, two of which have their own blog page. And yes that will tell you that I updated the Osutchi Mesutchi blogs page on Saturday along with new animations. I have a feeling this will be my final generation for Osu and Mesu, but more can be found about that over on that page. I love these Tamas so much.

I've been caring for a very sweet Ginjirotenshi AKA Ginji Angel who is 7 years of age and very easy to care for. I was looking at the growth chart for Angelgotchi and it seems Ginji is the only adult who won't become a secret character.... Interesting really consdiering all the rest of them do. I guess you can't get anything better than a Ginjirotchi in Angel form. ;) I am glad that he won't be changing and I hope he stays for a long time.  In other thoughts I have hatched a second Angel since then, my US one to go alongside the Japanese one and I managed to get the unhealthy teen, Takoten who later became Pukuten. :) I have only had this character once before so I was happy to get her again. I know this one can change into the twins... But maybe I will get lucky and have her change into someone else? I am not sure if it is set in stone that she become the twins or if I can get someone else, like the lucky sparkling poop maybe. :) Pukuten is 5 years old today with 0 AP.

Meanwhile I still have DigiMon going and he became an adult character I have had before, Greymon. Excuse me Ginji Angel just prayed and I must praise him. :) All good now, he is such a sweet angel. Anyways I was disapointed to have gotten Greymon yet again as I have had him many times already. Matthew's Metal Greymon died the other day at age 16 or something like that... He restarted his Digi again so my Greymon will have another Digi to battle against again in the near future. He is 7 years old and very overweight at 89lbs. I got lazy over the weekend when I was sick... :P

All the while I have been taking perfect care of Tongaritchi on my Mimitchi-To-Be (yellow/blue Tama), and if all goes according to plan he will change into Mimitchi tonight just before his fourth poop of the day. Should I be worried that I know these things? Or does it just mean I am totally in love with Mimitchi. :) Either way I don't care, and I can't wait to see my little guy return back to me this evening.  I always get so nervous right before I know he is going to change, and it always ends up to be him... But I always worry I will mess up.

Last night I took my Tamas to a new restaurant that I haven't been to before called Fifth Ticket! It was really good and the service was great. :) I am usually not into trying new restaurants and like to go where I am comfortable, but this was a really great one. I will definitely go there again for sure! Just wish Mimitchi could have been there. But I had Ginji there with me in some form of the afterlife :P I guess I consider them the same... But not really... Mimitchi and Ginji are my all time faves from P1/P2 and nothing will ever change that.

As I said at the start of this blog, I am back into a work week again, but I think it is off to a good start. I can't beleive that Wednesday will be the 1st of June.... Where is the time going.... You know that old saying, time flies when you have Tamas. ;)

Update: A slight update to say ... I got Mimitchi back!!! Yes!!!! :) At 7:25 my darling Tama returned to me, while we were in the car wash hehehe. There is never a bad time for me to get him back, and I think that is a first to have a Tama change while at the car wash. :)  I am so happy! God I missed him!

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