26/5/2016: This week has been really dull and dragged out. I have been sick with a cold and going into work for 8 hours every day. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday so I'll be able to rest up a little... Hopefully!

Since I have written my last blog, my second Kutchipatchi has passed away. He died while I was at work yesterday and the sound was off. Poor guy was only 10 :( I miss him for sure... He is a very sweet, loveable Tama and I can't wait to get him again someday. I know exactly how to get him so whenever I feel like getting him back I can.

In other thoughts I have since started Angelgotch and got the healthy teen, Kodoten. Well I took awful care of hir all of today and this evening s/he changed into Ginjirotenshi! Ginji in the afterlife!!! I have finally succeeded in getting this wonderful character! :) It took a lot of neglect but it was so worth it! He is just like Ginji with that little grin and he twirls as he floats just like Ginji! I am just so happy. Anyone who has had Ginji Angel will know what I'm talking about.

As for sweet Mimitchi.... He departed today at the age of 39, and he was by far my longest living Mimitchi. Lots of time together... Lots of pausing to keep my sweetie around. It was hard letting him go. He wasn't awake for very long this morning. In fact it was just shortly after 9am while I was sitting at my desk that his screen fadded out. After he left I went to a quiet part of the office and pressed A and C and started a new egg. By 10:30 I had Tonmarutchi. I know he will be back in 4-6 days but I always miss his presence when he is gone. He is a big part of my Tama life, the center of it really. Nothing gets in the way of my Mimitchi. :)

I got the healthy teen character, Augumon on DigiMon yesterday. I had really been hoping for the unhealthy teen as I haven't had him yet, but another time. I have been taking average to good care, hoping for the second best of characters.... I beleive that one is named Tyranomon. In fact as I look at the growth chart there are 3 adults and 2 secret characters that I have not yet gotten on my DigiMon, so I am quite looking forward to seeing those new characters. I battled Augumon against Matts Metal Greymon last night and of course he lost every time. Maybe he will grow stronger in his adult years. I know poor Numemon didn't stand a chance against him when he was alive. :P

I still have Osutchi & Mesutchi running and I am going to update those blogs after I finish writing this. They are into their fifth generation now, but I have gotten the same characters I had in Gen4. For more details on that check out my Osu and Mesu blogs. :)

So that gives you the scoop on my current running Tamas, a comfortable number of 5. Oh Tonmarutchi just asked for discipline... He is at 75% now! :) I am just another step closer to having Mimitchi back, hehehe.

I have been home all evening watching Beverly Hills 90210 with my Tamas. I watched seasons 1-7 back in 2014 and early 2015 and stopped. So last night I started watching season 8 and it is soooooo good. I know it's not everyone cup of tea, but I really do love it. I think Mimitchi likes it too. He only got to watch one episode with me last night before I put him to bed, but I have a feeling he will be seeing a lot more of it when I get him back in the coming days. :) Ginji Angel too!

That is all I have for now. I will be starting work on my Ocean blog page soon. I want to have the layout ready for when I hatch it. I don't know when I am going to actually hatch it, but I want the page ready for action when I do. That Tama is gonna be such a challange. I know I will be ranting to Shawn about it when the time comes... Hehe. Anyways, we are off to watch more 90210, then an early bed time for the Tamas and me.

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