23/5/2016: Well stuff has happened, and I haven't been online much. I am however online tonight chatting with two of my favorite people! Hi Shawn and Kat! :) I have been friends with these two forever it seems. Good friends are hard to come by, and luckily I met these two gems. By the way I feel like this could be a blog that is written over the course of a couple of days because I am coming down with a cold and could conk out at any minute. Today is Monday the 23rd just for my own references. Who knows when I will actually post this.

The last couple of days I have lost several Tamas to old age and other things. The first was yesterday, Numemon on my DigiMon passed away at 10 years old. A good age considering he is the worst of the characters. He isn't the cutest but I do like him a lot. :) I restarted that same Digi this morning when I got up and now have a sleeping Koromon. He will battle against Matts Digi when he gets older. Oh yeah his Digi changed from Darkmon into Metal Greymon! I had no idea that was possible but hey it worked out that way which was kinda cool. Matt is really enjoying him. :)

The next death hapepend sometime this afternoon when I was hanging over to Matts place, I took TamaOtch out of my bag to see he had passed away. It was the same death screen as last time, with my character in a little car going back and forth with some half empty hearts and writing coming and going on the screen. Tamaotchi was 11 years old which seems to be an average age for this one. I put the tab back in my TamaOtch for now. I will run it again when I have more time to learn more about it and know what I am doing. :)

In other thoughts... Ooppps Mimitchi just beeped! He is soooo demanding at his 36 years of age. Of course that is artificial. I know he will be leaving soon. He could even be leaving as soon as tonight which I really don't want to happen. Excuse me while I put him to bed. Alrighty we are safe for another night. I really don't wanna let him go. What a sweet little thing he is...! :)

This evening I could hear the slow steady beeping of a Tama coming from my bedroom and I knew it had to be one of my secret characters. They have been so needy over the last few days. Oyajitchi passed away full and happy. I know that Bill will follow in his footsteps tomorrow. He is asleep now. Oyajitchi made it to 25 so Bill will most definitely pass away tomorrow morning. They were only hatched an hour apart and Oyajitchi passed away right before bed time.

I still have Kutchipatchi on my white/blue/pink swirls Tama. He is age 9 and sleeping right now. He has been sick a couple of times and I have nursed him back to health again. Poor guy didn't stay around for very long last time. I really don't want him to go just yet so I might pause him a little... Will see how the week goes.

I feel a headcold coming on and I have to go back to work tomorrow. This is not good as I do not function well at all when I have any kind of sickness, let alone having to go into work for 9 hours. I really hope that I can get through the week ok. And I will probably have to raise Mimitchi again this week when he leaves.... I am tired just thinking about this coming work week... Ugh...

Anyways I really should at least try and get some sleep. It probly won't come easy but 7am comes fast when you don't want it to! Gonna snuggle up with my Furby buddy from Kat. He is so soft and sweet. I shall update again soon and most likely with some newly hatched Tamas. :)

Update: Bill died on me first thing the next morning at age 26. He was probably awake for about five minutes and then died on the drive into work. Poor bill...!

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