21/5/2016: Well I am off for a long three day weekend and I spent the whole first day avoiding being online because the weather has been so nice today. I have to attend a party this evening ::grumble::. But I am hoping that will go ok. Regardless of that, I have some good news to talk about.

I got a package in the mail this week and it was my gorgeous pair of Osutchi Mesutchi that I ordered a little less than two weeks ago! They are SOOOO gorgeous looking, love them lots! I guarantee I will be blogging these Tamas in the near future. I do love my clear and smoke pair but I gotta say this pair holds a very solid second.

The Mesutchi is a greeny yellowy color with pink border and white buttons. It has a pink cover with green, blue, pink and purple hearts all around the shell, and at the top of the shell it says "Gotch Love". :)

The Osutchi is white with blue border and yellow buttons. It has a blue cover to match the border color like the mesutchi, and it has green, blue, pink and purple hearts around the shell, and it also says Gotch Love at the top. I really *really* love the designs of these Tamas and I was so lucky to snatch them up for such a good price.

I am still waiting on my pink/green P1 to come in the mail from Nik but that will be here soon as well. I am certainly lucky when it comes to getting good deals on Tamas. :)

So that is my Tama mail news I had to talk about. As for my Tamas themselves, they are all doing pretty good except Mimitchi. Poor little Mimitchi is still hanging on. I just can't let him go, been pausing him a lot lately. It is really because of work. Now that I have some days off I am going to unpause him more and take better care of him. Either way he has been taken care of very well because he is paused when I can't tend to his needs the way I should. :)

As for TamaOtch, I got a new character this time which I was surprised about. Well his name is very original, it is Tamaotch hehehe! Yes that is actually his name, the same name of the Tama itself. He is 9 years old and a little overweight due to my caretaking. I find the game really hard to win so I just feed snacks instead. It is actually imposible to win that slot machine game. :P

As for my secret characters, they are both 23 today and both very much on the demanding side. They empty all of their hearts in about 15-20 minutes which is hard to keep up with when I have six other Tams to care for. They are definitely close to leaving.... I just don't know how long they will live for.

On a very awesome note I got Kutchipatchi again on my Japanese Tama, the white one with blue and pink swirls on it. It is really simple to get this cute character. You just discipline to 50% as a Marutchi and neglect to get the beaked teen character, then discipline all the way to 100% in the unhealthy teen stage and take perfect care. And then you will get Kutchipatchi. This is my second time getting him now. He lived to be 11 last time and he is 7 now. I wonder how long he will live this time...!?

I still have my Numemon on my DigiMon, and also still have Darkmon, Matt's Digi in my care. They are doing well at the age of 9, but Numemon is actually quite demadning. Guess that makes sense since he is like the worst character. Neither of them changed into secret characters so I guess they will just live out their lives as they are. Darkmon wins the battles 99.99% of the time, and poor Numemon is just left crying. Poor little guy....

I still need to update my Osutchi Mesutchi blogs but I won't get to that this evening because I have just been so busy with stuff outside my internet life. I will get to that tomorrow for sure. :)

Well it is time for me to go and upload this blog and get to bed. I wish I could write more about my day but I am just so tired. I spent a lot of time with my cousin Laura and God son Donald, and of course lots of time with my Mom as always. Then this evening Matt and I went to a party. Sadly my Tamas could not be involved in the party as it would of just been too hard to care for them all there. Ok sleep time now. :)

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