13/5/2016: Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Hope your day went well! I think I squeaked on by without any bad luck. :P Hehehe. Since I have last written stuff has happened, so I am gonna get comfy with my Tamas and tell you about what's been going on.

Okay first off Zukitchi passed away today (clear yellow) at the age of 17. He was very needy and he actually died while I was filling up his last happy heart, so at least he died happy. Since I have 9 other Tamas to care for right now I decided to put the tab back in that Tama for now. I will hatch it again and try for the secret character when I have less Tams to care for.

As for TamaOtch, he passed away as Tabatchi yesterday afternoon. I never heard his departure as I had the sound off on him because that Tama beeps constantly even when it doesn't need anything. When I took him out of my bag and looked at the screen there was a car driving back and forth on the screen, and a little hand sticking out of the top with a lit cigarette. :P He drove out in style, and there were some full and empty hearts with some Japanese writing that flashed across the screen. I restarted it last night without even thinking, and hatched the white egg again this time. I really have no idea what I am doing with this Tama but hey I will try for another character. :) If I do you can be sure I will make an animation. :)

Yesterday I was really feeling the need to hatch a DigiMon, but with 9 other Tamas to care for I didn't want to raise two. So I convinced Matt to hatch one with me. We hatched them together yesterday afternoon. I hatched my dark blue/grey one and Matt hatched the clear black/grey Digi. I have been taking average to bad care of mine, so I really don't know who I will end up with. We are just waiting for the next day or so until they can battle. :) Matt is really excited to see this. So right now we have two Koromons at the age of 1. I think Matt's Digi is a little overweight... I will be interested to see who he ends up with as an adult.

As for Mimitchi, hehehe, he is still with me.  I have been pausing him a lot lately do to work and other things. Just can't let him go right yet. He is 26 and only got his 18 year old sickness two days ago so he still has a bit of time left. I really do love that little guy.. :)

Ok lets see... Kutchipatchi is still alive but he was sick today at the age of 10. Poor guy was destined for an unhealthy life right from the start... I really love this character and it is too bad that he will have to leave me so early. I did pause him a little this week but no matter how well I care for him he will still leave early.

Then I have both my secret characters, Bill and Oyajitchi. They both got sick this evening as they are both 15 years old, but they don't show any sign of demand right now. Of course this is the life of a secret character so they still have quite some time left before they leave.

Mesu and Osu had babies so they will be moving onto Gen4 after the parents leave. I am loving these Tamas so much! Can't wait to get my second pair which I will probably end up hatching in the fall. After I am finished with this pair I am probly gonna get started on my Ocean blogs...! I have NO idea how that page is going to fare as that Ocean Tama is one of the hardest Tamas of life to get past even the child stage.... We shall see what happens...

Come to think of it, I find it hard enough to get organized and do my seperate Tama blogs as it is. I don't know how good of quality my Ocean page will be if I make one, but I would really like to document the experience. I am such a perfectionst when it comes to my blog pages. If I end up hatching the Ocean and it dies before adulthood I am gonna get so angry and will just feel that the blog page is ruined.... I dunno how I am gonna do that page. Gotta think about it some more. If I could just hatch it at the start of my weekend and have two days to get it past the child stage then I might be alright and possibly get it to adulthood. Making the animations and such has never been an issue with me. It is just finding the time to do it. I love working on my webpage but I always gotta fight for the time I need to dedicate to it.  If it weren't for the job that I have then I definitely wouldn't have the time to be able to raise Tamas and make notes of their growth during the day. I am pretty lucky in that sense.  It is just colaborating all of my notes together at the end of each day and putting it in a (somewhat) organized format so I can look back on all my Tama experiences. Yes... I am weird... But I love my Tamas, so I had to do this website to show my passion for them. :)

Well I have rambled on enough for this evening. I am gonna try and get in bed early this evening so I can make the most of my days off. Just got Mimitchi awake here now as it is after 10pm. :)

Update: Kutchipatchi passed away on me the following night at the young age of 11. I really thought he would make it to bed that night. He wasn't needy at all.... Poor Kutchipatchi. :(

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