10/5/2016: I am one happy camper with my Tamagotchi's, oh yes I am! :) I will tell you all about it and how everyone is doing. :)

First for the best news of all, Morino Tama!!! I am beside myself with excitement! It only took six tries with the white egg but I finally got someone different! I decided to give in and try the weight method that everyone keeps telling me to do. I got him up to 58mg and by age 3 he went into his cocoon, which was very fast considering I am waiting sometimes until age 6 for it to go into the cocoon.  The reason for this was because I was always working the weight off and basically that prolonged his time as a potato grub. This was last night he went into the cocoon and this time I decided to keep the temperature in between the cold side and the middle. And for the first time I ever I just left him going while I slept. I didn't pause and I left it in the cold side and went to bed. When I woke up this morning the meter hadn't completely plunged into the cold side which I was happy about, so I brought it back up to the middle again, and then it went a little into the cold side again towards the end of the work day. I just kept switching it back and forth. I didn't let it go into the heat side at all. This evening just shortly before 7pm I knew he would be coming out of the cocoon... And he did... :) As a Gejitchi! He is a little centipede and I love him so much! I have updated the Morino Tamagotch blogs with an animation of my new character. :) Shawn told me if I got this character he was gonna be so mad because he has been trying to get it forever! Well... I am very happy. :) For more details on this go to my Morino Tama page.

In other news Osutchi and Mesutchi have changed into the generation 3 adult characters which I am pretty happy about. Details about their progress can be found over on the Osu Mesu blogs page. :)

As for Mimitchi, he is 24 years old but not really yet 18. He hasn't gotten his second sickness yet but he is still getting pretty needy, emptying out all of his hearts in less than an hour if I don't check on him. I have been pausing him while at work and spending quality time with him when I am home. :) I was hoping to watch a movie with him this evening but I have been busy updating my pages and making new animations.

As for Zukitchi, he passed the point of being able to change a few days ago and is rather on the demanding side now. I guess I messed up somewhere with him... He is 14 today and got sick earlier so he won't be around for much longer.... I will try again for the secret character on that Tama once he leaves.

Next we have Masukutchi! Well he was a Masukutchi and now he is an Oyajitchi, the Japanese secret character. I hadn't planned on getting him but I did. Oh well he is an alright Tama to have, lives long and is not needy until near the end of his life. :) He is 12 years old and 30 oz.

Next is my other Masukutchi who actually changed into Bill a short while after I got Oyajitchi. They were hatched an hour apart and cared for the same way so it only made sense that I get him. He is also 12 years old and 30 oz. Funny how I tried so hard to get Zukitchi to change and he didn't and then put no effort into getting the P1 secret characters and got them. :P Oh well..!

Oh yes my other good news is that my Kutchitamatchi on my other Japanese P1 changed into the adult of Kutchipatchi, a character I have been wanting to get on my Tama since last year! I am so happy! And now I have gotten all of the P1 characters, including US and Japanese secret characters. Kutchipatchi is sooo cute but he has already gotten sick once so I know he won't be living the longest of lives, but I hope I can keep him around a little while. I worked so hard to get him! He is 7 years old and 28 oz, his minimum weight being 20 oz.

Tabatchi on my Nakamura TamaOtch is still around at age 11. He isn't really needy at all and the only thing I really have difficulty with is doing his acting/dancing lessons. Other than that he is a pretty low maitenance Tama. Not sure how long he will be around for but I actually really like this Tama. :) Many people rather dislike it.

I am expecting my new P1 to be on it's way in the mail any day now and two nights ago I caved and bought another pair of Osutchi & Mesutchi on eBay. I have been loving these Tamas so much that I figured why not get another pair. This pair I bought is really nice looking! The Osutchi is white with light blue border and yellow buttons, and it has purple, pink, blue and green hearts all around the shell with a light blue top. The Mesutchi is a greenish yellow shell with light pink border and white buttons, and has purple, pink, blue and green hearts around the shell as well with a light pink top. I absolutely love the look of this pair and I am really glad I bought them. So I will have these Tamas coming my way soon! I will hatch these for sure in the future. :)

I really do spend too much money on Tamas, and having to buy them all online just makes it even more of an expense, but I really don't mind. I love my Tamagotchi and I think they are well worth the money.

As I am sitting here all of my Tamas except for Mimitchi just went to bed for the evening. Zukitchi's time was set an hour ahead so he went to bed at 10pm as well. They all just beeped up a storm and I had to put them all to bed one by one. I will keep Mimitchi up with me until I am ready to turn in. He is a little night owl like me. :)

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