6/5/2016: Well it's been a pretty good week! :) Lots has happened and I need to gather my thoughts and go in order of what happened. I'll tell you about my Tamas first. I am caring for 9 Tamagotchi right now!

I will start off with the bad news first! Morino Tama. My fifth hatching of the white egg and who did I get but Funkorogatchi.... I was definitely disapointed since I really thought I had done things differently this time. But I am not going to give up. He passed away today at age 9 and I hatched him again at 2:47 while working. I have Babymotchi now sleeping beside me. I am going to try and raise his weight this time as that is what everyone says is the key to getting different characters on Morino. But I really don't know how much truth there is to it because Shawn raises the weight all the time and still gets the same adult character. I really wish I could crack the case on how to get which character, but I guess if it was that easy then I wouldn't be interested in Tamas for as long as I have.

Alright enough about Morino and onto the next Tama, Nakamura TamaOtch. I have made an animation of the next character I got.  He actually smokes a cigarette!!! So I am guessing from the smoking alone that he is a more unheatlhy character? Or maybe that is just the lifestyle of an actor hahha. Either way I am happy with him and he remains very easy to care for. I think I have the acting/dancing lessons down pat and that is what raises his discipline meter. Every couple of hours the meter will decrease and I have to do more training with it so the meter will fill up again.  If I let the meter empty completely it will beep non stop and Japanese words will flash across the screen. The beeping is crazy, and I think that is what a lot of people find frustrating about this Tama. I hate that I had to refer to the internet for help on this Tama, but I felt it was the only way. I can do trial and error with Morino, but this was just too complex not to do some research on it. He sleeps from 10pm to 1pm in the afternoon. I couldn't quite believe it. He really lives a rough lifestyle. :P

The other thing I am looking forward to is getting Kutchipatchi! I hatched a Japanese Gen1 two nights ago, a white one with blue and pink swirls. Really cute looking Tama. Anyways I have been treating it REALLY badly, and with 8 other Tamas to care for it hasn't been that hard. He got sick today and I am really hoping that he will change into the unhealthy teen. I just need to get Kutchipatchi and then I will have gotten all of the P1 characters, including US and Japanese secret characters. :) Heres hoping for this one to work out!!!

As for Mimitchi he is doing pretty well, but a little more demanding than I am used to now. Since I have been pausing him a fair bit, he is only now getting demanding at the age of 19. Normally he would start to get needy around age 13-14. I love to involve him in everything I do, but lately I have been choosing to pause him at work so I can spend more time with him when I am at home or actually out doing more fun things. :) I don't get to look in on him as much as I would like to at work, so I figure why waste precious time spent at the office?!

Next I have Zukitchi on my clear yellow Tama who asked for his final discipline and got sick today! I am really hoping for the secret character, but not sure if I will acheive it or not seeing how I have so many Tamas going right now. I do hope he changes tho!

Then I have my two Masukutchi who changed two days ago, the two that I had been hoping would become Kutchipatchi or Nyrotchi. They are the two who were just hatched a couple of hours apart, the only difference between the two is that one is a US Tama and the other a Japanese one.

Then of course I have my sweet Osutchi Mesutchi Tamas going, now in the third generation. I have updated my Osutchi Mesutchi blogs part 2 for May month and they are really cute!!!! Love them lots! Check them out if you wanna see the cuteness. :)

So that is my Tamagotchi news. My other news is that I got a birthday surprise in the mail three days ago from my dear friend Kat. I had purchased a Nyrotchi plush toy off her eBay store a couple of weeks ago so I had been expecting that to come in the mail. Well I got that and much more.. heheh.. :) I opened my package up at the breakfast table the other morning to see my Nyrotchi plush had come in wonerful condition, but that wasn't the only thing I got. She gave me an ADORABLE gray/white Furby buddy plush. He is so cuddly and cute!!! Also in there was a Tamagotchi card from 1997, with a sweet little note written inside. I was so touched by the sweet gift, almost made me cry. :) I continued on eating my breakfast and getting ready for work when it dawned on me that the Nyrotchi plush is meant to hold a Tama inside. It closed shut with a little peice of velcro to keep the Tama from falling out, so I opened up the bottom and to my surprise there was a Tama in there! A brown camoflauge Tama at that. :) I have been wanting one of these forever and now I finally have one!!!! I was beyond happy. Best birthday gift ever, and from one of my best friends ever. The little furby plush has really stolen my heart though... I have him next to me always when I am at the computer.

Oh yeah I must also mention I bought another Tamagotchi this week, a P1 Tama that I had been wanting forever which is bright pink with green border and blue buttons. I snatched that one up off Nik for 30 bucks on the Tama Facebook page! So I will have that one coming my way soon. I don't even know how many P1/P2 Tamas I have, but I think I need more. ;)

I am really enjoying doing the seperate blogs for Osutchi and Mesutchi, and you can be sure that when I finally get some new characters on Morino that I will update those blogs as well with new animations. I have plans of hatching my Tamagotchi Ocean in the coming months, and I am pretty sure I will make a blog section for that one as well. I know from past experience that it is horribly frustrating to even get that Tama past the child stage, but I will give it my best shot and try my hand at making a blog page for it. ;)

Tonight I paused half of my Tamas while I was up to my cousin Lauras. I was there with my Mom, friend Sharee and Lauras son (my god son) and it was a lot of fun. :) We had Mexican food and watched some stand up comedian. We talked through the whole show, had a lot of fun. Tomorrow Laura and I are taking Donald to see a kids concert which should be interesting. I will decide on what I am gonna do with my Tamas when the afternoon comes. I may just pause them for the couple of hours we are going to be out as I am going to be concentrating on Donald having a good time. :) The Tamas will be there when I get home.

Well this blog has been a disorganized mess but that is what happens when I have a bunch of stuff that I want to talk about all in the one day. :) I shall end this blog here, but I may come back and update tomorrow to say if I get the beaked character on my Japanese P1.....!

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