2/5/2016: Where is the time going? We are into May month already!! The days are getting longer, the sun is out more. I actually went out for a walk on my lunch hour today! Things are looking up. :) And Tamagotchi wise things are pretty good too.

First off I will say that Mimitchi was sick yesterday. He is 15 years today and obviously that is artificial since he usually gets sick around 11 or 12. He is still quite easy to care for so I still have a good amount of time left with him. :) I love my little sweetie.

Today when I got home from work Zatchi gave in and died on me. He was very old and needy but he made it to 29 years of age which is good for a secret character. I have had them leave as young as 25 with perfect care and I think my oldest one was 27. So Zatchi lived a good life for sure. He left happy and full.. I put the tab back in my cow spots Tama as I have 8 other Tamas to care for right now.

My Morino Tamagotch is doing really well. He went into the cocoon yesterday, and for the first time ever I got him to the cocoon stage without missing a predator attack. He didn't get sick once!!! :) I am extremely pleased with this since it is hard to save him from the predator at times since his beeps are so soft. Anyways I am trying this method with him in the cocoon this time: I am going back and forth between keeping the temeprature in the center and going into the heat side. I figured I might as well try a new method. I am not letting it completly plunge into the hot side, more or less letting it get hot, and then immediately bringing it back down to the center again. Once it goes to the center, I put it back into the hot side. I have been pausing him when I sleep so he will be slower to emerge from the cocoon, but I don't mind that. I just really want someone different this time. :)

As for my clear yellow Tama, the Japanese Gen2 one. He was sick early today and tonight after I got home from dinner out with some friends, I took him out of my pocket to see that he had changed into Zukitchi, just like I had hoped. I didn't hear him change. We were all talking in the car on the way back so I guess his sound was muffled in my pocket. Either way I am really happy. :) Next off is to try for secret character again!!

Next up we have my white/blue Gen1 who I was treating badly in hopes of getting the beaked teen. But nope... I got Tamatchi, the one with legs instead yesterday. I am continuing to neglect in hopes of getting anything below Masukutchi. I would so love to get Kutchipatchi.

Next we have my all white Japanese Gen1 who I was also treating horribly, and again.... I got the one with legs. :P Oh myyyy.... how hard it is for me to treat my Tamas badly. I am trying to treat this one bad like my white/blue Gen1. I would even be happy with Tarakotchi!! Anyone below the average caretakers pet!

I updated my Osutchi Mesutchi blogs yesterday as I mated them yesterday morning over at Matts. Details of their procreation can be found over on that page. The parents will probably be staying for another day and then departing. Then it is onto Generation 3!

The last Tama I have to talk about this evening is a Tama that I really don't know a whole lot about, my Nakamura TamaOtch. I hatched this Tama on Friday evening and I have been winging it the whole way... Well.... Not really. I actually had to do something I don't like doing with a new Tama, and that is researching it on the internet. This Tama is very complex with a lot of Japanese words involved. I had been debating making a seprate blogs page for it, but I decided against it for now. Right now I have the character Kakuretchi who I found on the screen this morning after he woke up. I am guessing this is a teenage character? The growth chart is not really easy to understand as the characters are all over the place. This Tama has the basic functions of a regular Tama in that you feed and play games to make it full and happy, but there are other factors involved. The Tama itself is based on an actress from Japan so you have to give it singing, acting and dance lessons. The Tama has a motion/sound censor like Angel and Morino does, and you have to tap the screen when it does it's singing/dancing/acting routines correctly. This Tama beeps A LOT for no known reason. Well I am sure there is a reason behind all the beeping, but I just don't understand the Tama fully.

I will probably make some animations of my characters when I get the chance. It is kind of hard to make one of the character I have now as it stands half off the screen so you can only see half of its body and face. :P Very unique little Tama he is. :)

So that tells you about my Tamas. You know I hadn't planned on running so many at once, but I have so many different incarnations running at the moment that it is fun and keeping me busy. They were all very good at work today, and the only one who was really needy was Zatchi and he is gone now. I reallllyyyy hope that I can get my two Tamatchi's to change into unhealthy adults!! Here's hoping anyway. I am off to work on a few things on my page and then off to bed for Mimitchi and me.

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