29/4/2016: I have found myself with three days off work which is exactly what I wanted so I can update my pages and raise my Tamas. And I am certainly in the Tama mood lately. :) My birthday was yesterday and it was a great day! All of my Tamas were there for it, but I will get to talking about that later. I wanna tell you about my Tamas first!

First off I have Osutchi and Mesutchi who are still in the Kodomotchi teen stage, gen2 characters. I have no clue who they will change into when they grow up. They are 7 years old today!

Then I have little Imotchi who is 3 years of age! He is doing really well and I have saved him from all predator attacks. I am taking perfect care of him all around and hoping I can get anybody but Funkorogatchi! I hope...!

Mimitchi is doing really good at age 12, not needy at all. He hasn't even gotten sick yet! I love pausing him to make him stay longer.... :) And I was sooo glad to have him around for my birthday yesterday. I would really like to go to the movies this weekend and have him there. But I am not sure if that will happen or not. We have been watching a lot of TV and movies together here at home. Tonight we have been watching a rather riskay movie, Eating Out... I am not sure if it is really appropriate for my younger Tamas, but they are all asleep now hehehe. I think Mimitchi enjoys pretty much anything that we watch.

A couple of days ago I hatched my clear yellow Japanese Tamagotch. I have hatched this one once before and got Zukitchi, but he didn't change into the secret character. I am hoping my luck will be different this time! I have beent taking good care of him and now he is a Tongaritchi with 50% discipline.

Just before noon today I hatched my all white Japanese Gen1 with black buttons. I am treating him badly and missing all of his disciplines in hopes that I can get the unhealthy teen, Kutchitamatchi and then Kutchipatchi for my adult. Even Nyrotchi would be a nice change even though I have had him before.

I also hatched a US P1, white with blue border and buttons. I am doing the same thing, neglecting and taking bad care in hopes of the unhealthy teen and then Kutchipatchi or Nyrotchi as my adult. If I do get Kutchipatchi, then I will have gotten all of the adults on P1, including US and Japanese secret characters. :)

I still have Zatchi here with me at 26. Very needy, beeps for food every 10 minutes, won't be long before he departs. I wouldn't be surpirsed if he dies before the night is out. I'll miss him....!

Tonight I hatched my Nakamura TamaOtch for the first time. I am completely clueless as to how to raise this Tama, but I am going to give it a good try.  I have been debating making a blogs page for it, but I am not sure. Either way I am just going to run this Tama for the first time and not worry about a blogs page, or even writing much about it in here. It is pretty complex, with a lot of Japanese writing and screens. It sure beeps a lot!! And different pitched beeps at that. Very interesting little Tama. I have a Ashitchi as my character at the moment. She started out as a Karatchi but changed into a Ashitchi within a matter of seconds. The game is NOT easy to win on this Tama, but I think I am getting the hang of it. :) I will write more as I learn about how to raise it. She is sleeping at the time being. I am assuming it is a female Tama.... More to come on this.

So yes that will tell you that I am quite in the Tama mood as of lately. With 9 Tamagotchi to care for, I think that is about all I can take on right now. I did raise ten back in the fall, and I never thought I would raise that many again. Ten was my record..... I don't think I could handle anymore than that. But I am doing just fine with these 9. Zatchi will be gone soon, so then I will have 8 to care for. I love them all, so it is easy to care for them. :)

So that is my Tamagotchi situation for the time being. I will be a busy caretaker that is for certain! My birthday was good..... But it really just wasn't the same without my Dad there. I was really glad to be able to include Mimitchi in on my day. He has made all of the "firsts" without Dad a little easier to deal with. Even Christmas, as horribly TERRIBLE as it was, Mimitchi's sweet innocence just made it all a little easier to bare. He is sitting right beside me as I type this. I started writing this blog about two hours ago when all of my Tamas were still awake, and now he is the only one left awake. I will keep him up late with me until I go to sleep. :) He is my little night owl hehehe.

I hatched my 79th Tama this evening...! I wonder who number 80 will be! I am so happy that I decided to keep a list of all my past characters. It holds a lot of sentimental value to it, and it is also really handy for keeping track of the dates I hatched my current Tamas. Even Shawn benefits from it because often times he will hatch a Tama the same time I do, so he refers to my chart of hatched Tamas when he is writing his blogs. :) Go and check out his blogs if you ever feel like seeing something different! You can find them at this link here.

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