27/4/2016: It has been five days since I wrote in these blogs, and that is due to the fact that most of the things are happening with Osutchi & Mesutchi who have their own blogs section. :) Because of this, I decided to hatch my Morino Tamagotch on my way out the door to work yesterday morning. I hatched him at 8am sharp and three minutes later I had Babymotchi in my care. This morning when I woke up he was attacked and a few minutes later changed into Imotchi. I really hope that I can get someone besides Funkorogatchi this time! Anyone, I don't care whom. :) Just something different.

When Imotchi does go into the cocoon this time I am going to do the best I can to make sure that the temperature doesn't go into the cold side. It is easier said than done because that meter seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. I will have to make a concious effort to change the temeperature every 15 minutes... Anyways. My main priority is keeping Imotchi safe from predators at the moment, which I have done well with so far.

Mimitch is doing great at the young age of 10 years. Things have been rather hard for me this week... Anxiety has been out of control. So he has been here to help me through. I have just been trying to keep my mind on my work and hobbies like Tamas and Animal Crossing, but somehow that isn't enough to keep the anxiety at bay. I really hope that things get easier again.... I know what it is like to feel content and that is what I want.

Zatchi on the other hand is 24 and very demanding. He empties all of his hearts out in about 10-15 mins and beeps for attention. I know he doesn't have long left.. But that is ok. He has lived a good long life and I cared for him to the best that I could. :)

Osutchi and Mesutchi have entered the second generation and are in the teen stage now. I am having so much fun with them, and will be updating those pages later this evenng with new animations!

I know that Tamas are directed at children, but clearly that was no more than a trend for the kids of the late 1990's. I was one of those kids, but the love and enthusiasm I had for them then is wayyyyy bigger now in my twenties. I am postive that a lot of the people on the Tama Ancestors page feel the same way.  I think as we get older, we learn to appreciate the simple things in life.  Tamagotchi has such a beautiful simplicity to it that who could resist. When I am caring for my Tamas and writing these blogs, I feel the sense of peace that I crave from life.  Mind you I have many other interests that go beyond virtual pets, but somehow life is just better when I am raising Tamagotchi. :)

I plan to hatch more Tamas by the time the weekend comes around. I would say that Nakamura TamaOtch will be one of them as I have been eager to hatch that one for a while now. :) I actually did hatch that one back in March when I got it in the mail, but just played around with it a little. It seems rather complex with a lot of Japanese writing. My friend Jackie said she can help me out with it which will be awesome. The Tamagotchi itself is really lovely looking - light pink shell with purple border & red buttons, with white flower petals painted on the shell. More to come on that when I hatch it!

I hatched another Tama this evening when I got home from work. He is a Japanese Gen2 and just changed into a Tonmaurtchi a short while ago. Maybe I can get the secert character this time?!

We just finished watching one of my childhood favourite movies, Steel Magnlolias. We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more...! Time well spent with Mimitchi and everyone. :) I have work tomorrow on my birthday and then a day off on Friday to look forward to. Sure glad Mimitchi will be here for it!

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