23/4/2016: Well it has been a rough couple of days. My anxiety has been bad, and work hasn't been much better. I love my job, but sometimes things can get really stressful there and I take a lot of the stress home with me. Yesterday was just one of those days which I will carry around with me for a while, but I am hoping it will pass with time.  I am really more concerned about taking care of myself at the moment. I really don't want my anxiety to get to the point where I can't cope with it. I have always found that I can take refuge in writing here about my Tamas. :)

I have added some new images to my Tamagotchi photos page. Go check it out if you want to see some cute picutres of my Osutchi Mesutchi Tamas, along with the rest of my Tamagotchi. I have been keeping on top of my Mesutchi Osutchi blogs each day, and I think the parents are going to be leaving the children tonight. I will be ready to make new animated gifs for the next generation of characters I get. I am really looking forward to seeing what they become next.

If anything good can be said about yesterday it is that I got Mimitchi back. You have no idea how happy I was to see him on my Tama yesterday afternoon at work. He had gotten sick the night before and was only 75% disciplined. I freaked out because normally he will ask for his final discipline before getting sick. I disciplined him before he went to bed that night and just hoped against hope that I would get him back. Well I am just really happy I did because I haven't had anyone else but Mimitchi on that Tama, and I intend to keep it that way.

I am really in awe over the fact that I have written over 3/4's of the way to 100 blogs on this website. It is really amazing how this time a year ago I didn't have any Tamas going and this website was completely non-existant. I had always dreamed of having my own website, a Tamagotchi website in particular. I really didn't think I had the means or the knowledge to do anything besides sign up for a free blog at weebly or some place like that.  When I hatched the first P2 Tama I had hatched in years last August, the Tama who later became Mimitchi, I decided I wanted to do something to document my Tamagotchi collection and the lives of my Tamas. I didn't know if I was going to raise many Tamas or not after hatching that P2, since I really hadn't played with them on a regular basis since my teen years. I would always think about hatching some, and the idea of a webpage was always at the back of my mind. I always seemed to have a reason to put it aside - work was too busy, I wanted to go out with friends, I wanted to meet new people etc... By the end of last August I realized just how much I had missed the fun of having a Tama in my life. I was up to raising two and three at a time by that point, and I decided that it was time to get online and find a html editor and a webhost.

In early September I found my answer. I downloaded a free program called Kompozer which I have designed the layout for this entire website with, and a few days later I found a webhost at arvixe. I couldn't have asked for a better situation. I paid my 2 year fee and got a domain that will be mine forever. After that I spent an entire weekend trying to figure out how to upload my small little webpage to my host. My site consisted of a small page about my first Tamagotchi in 1997, and a list of the Tamagotchi I had hatched since August. It was nothing special, but it was a start, and I learned a lot about how to make small pages and uploading files and images to my host. I was actually jumping up and down when I typed in www.ginjirotchi.ca into my web browser and my page displayed for me. It was a truly wonderful moment for me. I knew this would never be a famous website or anything, but my little home on the web was born. :) I was also making a lot of new friends online at this point, and reconnecting with old ones from years ago. I was now chatting with Kat and Shawn every day, and it felt wonderful to be chatting with people who shared my passion for Tamas. Both have been a very big help to me as well.  Kat was my inspiration for making a website, and Shawn was there to help me when I was making new pages and trying to post them for the first time.  I chat with tese two every day and they are wonderful friends.

I have also become very good friends with Jackie, who I don't know if she even reads these blogs, but she is also a good internet friend. We chat more and more all the time now and she is an avid collector of Tamas. In fact she will be helping me out when I hatch my TamaOtchi in the coming weeks. :)

A lot of great things have come my way since starting this webpage, and I plan to keep working on it. With my good friends to chat with about raising our Tamas, and my sweet Mimitchi by my side, I really couldn't ask for much better material for writing about. :) I am not sure if any of this blog made much sense, but that has been my journey so far with this site.

I am pretty tired now. I am trying to stay up until midnight to see if the parents are going to leave their babies on Osu and Mesu. :) I will try and make it through another half hour and see what happens. Oh yes, and I plan to be hatching more Tamas in the coming week. :) Until next time....!

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