21/4/2016: Yesterday at the young age of 8 Funkorgatchi on my Morino passed away. I haven't restarted him yet as I am concentrating a lot on my new Osutchi Mesutchi Tamas, but I will definitely be hatching it again in the coming weeks. That Funkorogatchi just seems to die younger and younger each time, and I always take perfect care of him.... Anyways..

It has been a good and a bad day. I haven't been feeling the best this week, so I decided to stay off work today. I went and checked in with a doctor this morning because my ear has been hurting pretty bad, and I wanted to make sure all was ok.  I had my Tamas with me and Zukitchi and Oyajitchi were in need of constant care the whole time. This afternoon while I was laying down watching TV that ever so farmilar steady beeping began, and when I assessed my group of Tamas I saw that Oyajitchi was departing. He was 25 years old, and left full and happy. I will miss him.... I really loved having him on my Tama. He was easy to care for up until a few days ago, lived a long life. A very good Tama character indeed. I hope to get him again someday... :)

On other thoughts I still have my 17 year old Zukitchi. I actually thought he would go before Oyajitchi did, but nope he is still around. I don't say he has much longer left tho.. Zatchi is also showing a little sign of demand, but nothing too serious. He is 18 today.

As mentioned in my previous blog, Mimitchi passed away on the 18th. I have Tongaritchi with 75% discipline and hopefully I will have Mimitchi back in the next day or so.. I miss him an awful lot. It would be great to have him back in time for the weekend tomorrow!

Osutchi and Mesutchi are doing quite well, and I definitely consider them one of my favoirte Tama incarnations. I mated them this morning, and the details of that will be posted over on my Osutchi Mesutchi blogs. They are so cute!! I mated them in my car while I was waiting on a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy.  Shawn mated his today as well and he got different babies than me. I will be excited to compare and contrast our experiences in the next generation.

UpDate: Zukitchi passed away early this evening at 17... So now I am down to four Tamas running. Tongaritchi was sick this evening as well, but he is still only 75% disciplined. I am worried now because normally he always asks for his final discipline before getting sick, and now I fear I may have missed a discipline today when I was at the clinic. :( I am just going to have to carry on taking perfect care in hopes that he calls for discipline and just hope for the best.... I also have a meeting at work tomorrow so I am really worried now....

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