18/4/2016: It has been a few days since I have typed out one of these blogs, and I actually started to feel weird about it since I write one at least every third day! Life has been busy to say the least, but it hasn't kept me from my Tamas. :) Quite the opposite actually... I finally hatched my Osutchi Mesutchi Tamagotchi on Friday evening after work, and have been writing all about them over on a separate blogs page. :) Animations and pictures are plentyful over on that page for anyone who is interested in reading my experiences with these lovely little Tams. I am having so much fun with them, and they are really enjoyable Tamagotchi. Very easy to care for. In fact I find myself checking on them constantly to see that they need nothing at all. I have Obotchi and Ojotchi in the Kodomotchi teen stage at the time being, and I will be updating their blogs after I post this.

As for my Tamas, a lot has changed since the last time I wrote here. I will start with the most recent and important thing, Mimitchi Tama. My little sweet heart passed away while I was caring for him this morning at my desk. He was 24 and dropping a heart every 2-3 minutes. I hurried and put him to bed last night knowing that it would be his last night here for a while, just hoping I could have a little more time with him. And that is really all I got since he departed early this morning. I stepped away from my desk for a moment so I could restart the egg he left and not draw attention to myself. By the end of the morning I had TonMarutchi who I have been taking perfect care of ever since. I have had this little Tama by my side since August of last year and I intend to keep him with me until he ceases to function anymore. I love that little Tama with all my heart, and it is sometimes the only thing that gets me through some hard days. I will hopefully have Mimitchi back by the end of the week. :) Is it sad that I miss him already??

The other departure happened on Friday. My DigiMon, Darkmon passed away at 16 years. I felt kind of rotten about it, but it was really out of my hands. I had to go to a training session all day on Friday at the office, and I had to pause all of my Tamas for the work day. DigiMons don't pause, so he was left to his own devices. I did manage to sneak away from the workshop a couple of times and I managed to fill Darkmon up with food and snacks, but when I went to check him at lunch time, he had departed. Poor little guy.... He was quite demanding and probably would have died in a day or so anyway, but I still felt kinda bad... Oh well. I put the tab back in my DigiMon and will raise another sometime soon.

I still have the P1 Japanese secret character on my white with black buttons Tama.  Oyajitchi is 22 years old and 41lbs. His weight has been going up and down like a yo-yo (bahahaha inside joke at work with Tracey and I), and since he is kinda needy I have been feeding snacks when I am busy at work.

On my US cowspots P2 Tama I have Zatchi who is 15 years old and got sick tonight. It hasn't been the best week for him since I have just been so busy with work. Poor guy... I do my best, but I just don't feel it is good enough. I have also been focusing a lot of my efforts into Osutchi and Mesutchi.

As for Morino Tamagotch, he went into the cocoon before the weekend arrived and I thought that would give me the benefit of having enough time to concentrate properly on the temperature. I tried, oh how I tried to be mindful of the temperature but finally yesterday afternoon he emerged from his cocoon to be.... Funkorogatchi. I am really going to have to try harder with this Tama. I love this character and all, but this is my fourth time having him now. I am by no means a horrible caretaker, but I guess I am going to have to experiment with the weight method of caretaking next time. I just know there are ways to get other characters without weight being a determining factor.

Oh yes I almost forgot my clear yellow Japanese P2. I have a 15 year old Zukitchi who I messed up my chances of getting the secret character with. He was sick again this evening and is quite in need of food and attention. I will get Zukitchi again next time on this Tama so I can try my luck at the secret character again. :)

I have been busy with another webpage besides the Osutchi Mesutchi blogs page. I have been working on my Animal Crossing: New Leaf blogs. Do check it out if you are at all interested. I am having a lot of fun in my town of Ginjro, the name of which was inspired by my favourite P1 Tama character, Ginjirotchi.  Not Tama related at all, but I made a post about it on the Tamagotchi-Ancestors page and I got a couple of nice responses. I guess anyone who likes Tamas would find this game fun. Shawn has been guiding me through my journey since he knows a lot about the game. So my Tamas have been spending a lot of time watching me better my town, fishing, collecting fruit, planting trees, etc... I will even have my second mortgage paid off soon! :)

I just have Tonmarutchi awake with me now as I type this. The rest of my Tamas are asleep since it is after 10pm. I don't know what the rest of the work week has in store, but I am sure I will get it all done as best I can. And with my little Tama sidekicks, it should be a pretty easy ride. :) I have a long weekend coming up next week for my birthday, and I am really looking forward to it. Gonna be a relaxing weekend with wonderful company, family and Tamas included. :) Off I go to update my Osu Mesu blogs.....!

Update: I finally added the photo showing the group of Tamas I have going right now. Included in this photo is Osutchi & Mesutchi! Go here to see them in all their glory. :)

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