13/4/2016: Well I am thrilled to say that the work week is going better than I had expected. It has been busy, but I don't mind that at all. I have had my Tamas with me through the whole week, which is just a normal thing now of course.  I always fear that there will come a day when I won't be able to bring my Tamas with me to work anymore, but that day hasn't come yet and I still get all my work done with them there. Half of my experiences with my Tamas happen while we are at work, so it would be real upsetting if there came a day when I couldn't have them with me anymore.

In other news... My clear yellow Japanese Tama who I had been working toward getting Zukitchi on did indeed become Zukitchi, but I fear that I may have messed up with him somewhere along the line. I don't think I will be getting the Japanese secret character this time around.... I definitely missed a discipline or two yesterday. He is 9 years old today and hasn't gotten sick yet, but I just really don't feel confident that I am going to get him. I may just put the tab back in this Tama once Zukitchi departs this time as I have a busy time coming up.

You see the company I work for is going through a lot of changes, and this Friday I am going to be trained on some new duties.  It is actually going to take the full day, so this is where most of my stress about my Tamas at work has been coming from. I will definitely have to pause them on Friday while I am in the training session. Gonna be a hectic couple of weeks for sure, but I will just take it as it comes.

Anyways back to my Tamas... My DigiMon, Darkmon is still alive and well. He is 14 years old today, and going to turn 15 later on this evening. He is getting a little on the demanding side, emptying out hunger hearts at much faster rate than happiness. I have no idea how long he will live for.

My other Zukitchi is still alive at age 10 and..... not a Zukitchi anymore. Early this afternoon I went to check on him to see Zatchi standing in his place. I was shocked actually! I really didn't even take the good of care of him once he became an adult. Either way I am happy because I really do love Zatchi, and I haven't seen him since January!

Oyajitchi is doing really well. He is 17 and hardly shows any sign of demand. It is like caring for a 3 year old Marutchi!!! Very easy to care for. I think he still has a good amount of time left before he leaves.

Imotchi is 4 years old today and weighs 10mg. I have been taking pretty average care of him, but unfortunately I have let him get mauled by the predator a few times. :( I didn't mean to, but his beeps are just so soft that he goes unnoticed a lot when he needs me. I feel like a rotten caretaker to be honest... I may have to start pausing Morino when I think I may not be able to be there for him. I really hope I can get someone new this time, but I am not sure..

Mimitchi is 19 today and that age is quite accurate as he got sick last night.  That is the normal age for him to get his second sickness, and he is showing his age today for sure. I haven't let him get to the point of beeping at me, but I fear that is going to happen in the next day or so if work is busy.  I will definitely have to pause him during the training sessions on Friday.  But I don't want to pause him too much. I need to make sure I have him back by the 28th for my birthday. As soon as he leaves this time I will be going above and beyond to make sure that I get him back in time for that day.  I want him to be around for all the fun that day. :) It is always a fun time on my birhtday as my family always makes it a fun day. And Mimitchi will be there for it this year. :) I really can't wait!!!

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