9/4/2016: Today at age 8, Funkorgatchi died on me. I have no idea why he died so young. It seems no matter how well I care for the unhealthy ones, they always die young. He was attacked by the frog just a little while before he passed and I saved him. I restarted another, and again hoping for someone other than Funkorogatchi.

I had been experimenting with care tecniques on my cow spots Tama, but this afternoon around 3:30 he changed to become Zukitchi. I kinda figured that was who I was going to get. I so wanted Hashizotchi.... Next time I think I know exactly what to do to get him. :) But that will have to wait for now because I will be hatching Osutchi & Mesutchi next week. I just hope Zukitchi doesn't change because I really need to focus all my efforts into Osu and Mesu when I hatch them!

Oyajitchi is doing well at 13 and is the demand level of a 6 year old. :) He is an excellent little Tama! I like him a lot better than the US secret character, Bill. The little hair sticking up on his head is so adorable! And he is sooo easy to win the game with!

My clear yellow Tama grew legs the other day, and I know I am contradicting myself here when I say this, but I am hoping to get Zukitchi and secret character from him. I just don't want to have *too* many Tamas going when I run Osu & Mesu. Eh what am I saying, I have ran 10 before. :P Anyways, he is doing just fine at age 5 and 50% discipline.

I still have Darkmon! No secret character from this guy. He is 11 years old and 48lbs, his minimum being 40lbs. I don't know how long he will live for, but I don't expect it to be too much longer.

Mimitchi is getting a little on the demanding side at 15, but nothing too serious. I don't intend to pause him all that much this time, gonna let him live out his life naturally this time. I want to be sure I have him back in time for the 28th, my birthday, and that will also be a long weekend for me as well. :) It is so important that I have my little guy with me on my day. I don't have any real big plans for that day, just gonna spend it with my Mom and family members. Should be a nice day, and one that I will definitely want to include Mimitchi and my Tamas in on.

Feels great to have the weekend here again. It was a long work week, lots of hectic days. But it wasn't so bad. Just glad to have some time off now. Today was very relaxing, had a nice nap in the afternoon, and my Tamas have been watching me play Animal Crossing: New Leaf lots. I am definitely gonna make a blog about this game. It's fun. :) The weather has also gotten a lot warmer the last few days so I took my Tamas and went for a walk this evening. Felt great to be out in the fresh air again... :) I hope we can do the same tomorrow.

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