6/4/2016: As I figured, it has been a hectic work week. I go in at 8am and I begin work immediately. By the end of the day I am so tired, and don't really feel like doing much. Not too tired or busy for Tamas, but too tired to go and do anything with friends. Although tonight Sharee and I hung out and ran errands at walmart! I brought my Tamas. It was fun. :)

I had the urge to hatch a Japanese P2 yesterday evening, so after work I hatched my clear yellow with clear white buttons Tama. Really cool looking Tama, especially the buttons.  I took pics of it today along with the rest of my Tamas. I will be updating my Tama pictures page after I post this blog. I am hoping to get Zukitchi or Pochitchi on my clear yellow Tama, and then hopefully the secret character. :)

And speaking of secert characters... Hehehe... Last night just shortly after 10pm, Masukutchi changed into Oyajitchi, the Japnaese P1 secret character! It four tries, but I finally got him! This time I neglected him quite a bit as a child, but I don't think that had anything to do with getting him. I paid extra special attention to him once he became an adult, was sure to catch all of his disciplines. I think having the weekend with him and being able to keep an eye on him 24/7 was what got me Oyajitchi. Either way I am thrilled. As of tonight he is 10 years old, 32lbs and 100% disciplined. I am going to try the same method with Zukitchi if I get him on my clear yellow Tama. Here is an image I made of him!

In other thoughts, I got Funkorogatchi... Again... Hahah! I kinda predicted that I would get him as I was really concentrating all my efforts into taking perfect care of Masukutchi. I let the temperature slip into the cold a few times, so when he changed this afternoon I wasn't surprised. I gotta say though, I really don't mind because this character is incredibly cute and sweet, I would just really like to see some new characters is all. :)

Darkmon is still Darkmon and I am hoping he stays that way. I really like him. :) He is 8 years old, 40lbs (his minimum weight). He is really easy to care for, only dropping one heart every hour or so. Not sure how long he will live for, but I don't mind so long as he stays easy to care for!

Sadly I got Tongaritchi on my cow spots Tama. I tried, oh how I tried to neglect him, but I still got the character with legs. I still hope I can manage to get Hashizotchi, but I really don't know if I will. I will either get the worst or the worst of the best. I can't seem to get the best of the worst....

Mimitchi is doing just fine at age 12. He has yet to get sick yet, and I am going to do my best not to pause him much and let him live out his live naturally this time. I want to be sure that I have him back with me again by the time the 28th rolls around as that is my birthday and I definitely want him around for that. If I let him live out his life in the next 11-12 days then I should have him back in plenty of time for my bday. :) I gotta have my sweetie around for that day, just wouldn't be right without him there with me...

So a lot has happened indeed, and with six Tamas going now, two of which haven't even become adults yet, I am sure I will have more to write about by weeks end. I am also gonna be hatching Osutchi & Mesutchi next week! I should have that page all ready by then.... Had thought I would have it done by now, but things have been so busy I haven't had time to do anything with my website, cept update my character page, write blogs, and tonight I am gonna update the pictures page. Off I go to do that now, I have three images going up of my Tamas tonight. :) I cannot believe this is my 79th blog... Times flying.

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