4/4/2016: It has been a busy weekend, and I think it is going to be an even busier work week! Yesterday was fun though! Matthew and I spent most of the day together at his place. We made homemade spaghetti from scratch and it was so delcious. We made enough that we will both have several meals. I froze mine in little containers. :) Later on I got together with Sharee and we went to see the movie How to be Single. It was soooog good! I laughed so much. :) I Kept all my Tamas up for the movie, except for Morino and Digi. I knew Mori was going to sleep at 8pm so I paused Mori 20 mins before bedtime. Digi was already in bed by 7pm, but actually changed in his sleep during the movie. I will talk more about that after tho! Mimitchi and Masukutchi got to enjoy the movie tho and it was great. :)

After the movie was over it was getting late so Sharee brought me home. I had to be up early for work, and sleep didn't come easy with all of the wind we have been having. The house was creaking all night long, very unsettling... Got up and went to work today for 8:15 and brought along a new Tama to hatch, a Gen2. I hatched it on my lunch hour, and it is black, white and gray cow spots design. Really nice looking Tama. It has been a while since I hatched a Gen2 without the intention of getting Mimitchi. I am really hoping to get Hashizotchi, but it is going to be a busy work week, so I dunno if I will get him or not...

Imotchi went into his cocoon tonight at 5 years old and 10mg. He was attacked three times today by the foot. I have only once seen him get attacked by the frog, hehehe. Imotchi sometimes goes without needing anything for the longest time, and then sometimes I will look at him and see that he has pooped twice and emptied all his hunger leaves. Very unpredictable little critter he is... :) I am hoping to get a new adult this time.

I still have Masukutchi here with me! I have been giving him perfect care and catching all of his disciplines. I really hope I get the secret character this time. :) He is 8 years old this evening and really doesn't need much of anything, very quiet guy for the most part. He is already 100% disciplined, I caught that last call just after dinner this evening. He has never been a favourite of mine, but I do like Masukutchi a lot. :) I just really hope I can get the Japanese secret character this time hehe.

Mimitchi is doing just wonderful at his young age of 10. Not demanding at all! I have been pausing him here and there to give back the time I took away when I was keeping him up all the time to make him change faster. :)

Now onto my other Bandai Tama, DigiMon! As you may have already guessed, he has changed into his adult form. And I am happy to say that I got someone new. :) Last night when I got out of the movies with Sharee, I pulled Digi out of my pocket to see he had changed into Darkmon! He is really cool looking, I like him a lot already! He actually ranks third (worst of best characters) on the growth chart, so I am really happy. As I look at the DigiMon growth chart, I see that there are still many characters I have not gotten yet. So I will be kept occupied with DigiMon for quite some time yet. :) I am so happy!!! I do wonder if Darkmon will change into a secret character..... But I believe I would need to battle him with another Digi in order for him to become a secret character. Oh well, I am quite happy with him.

Well.... I gotta be up early again for work tomorrow, and I have been busy this evening working on a new page. :) It is not Tama related surprisingly, but I think anyone who is interested in Tamas will find this page of interest. I am working on a blog for a new game I just started, Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I played Animal Crossin: Wild World back in 2007 and I loved it a lot. I started my town in New Leaf today, and Shawn has been giving me all kinds of tips. I am really excited about this new page. It won't be ready for a few days yet, but I will post a link when it is up. :) Good night to all my kind Tama friends.

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