2/4/2016: Here we are into another new month! Stuff has happened and it has been a few days since I wrote one of these. I had to go into work today because I had to leave early yesterday, so I was up and showered at 8:00 this morning. No less it was a really good day, it was just me in the office, and when I got out at noon the sun was out and it was actually warm for the first time since the fall. :) I took my Tamas and went for a walk this afternoon. It was really nice.

Babymotchi changed into Imotchi the other day, and I am hoping to get someone other than Funkorogatchi this time. I haven't had much luck with my past Mori Tamas, and I let this one get mauled by the predator twice the other day. :( Seems like there are a lot of things going against my caretaking with this Tama, but I am not going to give up on it either. Imotchi is 3 years old and 10mg as he lays asleep this evening.

Tamatchi on my Japanese P1 changed into Masukutchi today! I have been taking perfect care and catching all of his disciplines, and I am hoping against hope that I get the secret character this time. :) I had no issues getting them on my US Tamas, so we will see what happens with this one.

DigiMon is an Augumon, the 'healthy' teen. I have been giving him pretty average care, hoping for anyone but Greymon or Numemon. I wish I had gotten Matthew to hatch one of my other DigiMons with me so I would have someone to battle with, but another time... He is 3 years old and 27lbs as of this evening.

Oh yes, Kuriten on my Angel passed away at age 6 yesterday. I feel bad saying this, but I was not sorry to see her go. I did not wanna deal with those twins again.... I stuck the tab back in my Angel Tama... I will probably hatch my Japanese Angelgotch the next time, but that won't be for a while yet.

One Tama I will never say that about is Mimitchi! He is doing wonderful at his young age of 8 years. Such a sweet little guy he is... And so easy to care for. :) I will never tire of that sweet face!

I am going to begin work on my Osutchi Mesutchi page soon, the blogs page that is. I would say I will be ready to hatch those Tamas in about two weeks! I will do the same thing that I did with Morino Tama, day to day blogs with my own made animations and such. I am really excited for those Tamas! And I think I will be doing the same thing with Umino Tamagotch/Ocean when I am ready to hatch those. In fact, I plan to do that with all of the incarnations I hatch, and there are quite a few - Genjintch, Mothra, etc. I would loveeee to get my hands on a Devilgotchi! But those are quite pricey. Anyways, I have lots of Tamas to keep me busy for now. :) I will never do a page for Angelgotchi simply because Kat did the best Angel page anyone could ever ask for, with detailed accounts of how to get each character. Nobody can ever do a page as brilliant as she did with the Angel info.

So yeah, like I said, the Osu/Mesu blog page should be ready for blogs in no less than two weeks, maybe even sooner. :) I have finally gotten the hang of my animation program, so this page should go off without a hitch!! Anyways, I must be off! Got my nephew Donald coming down for a little while as his parents are going out for dinner, so off we go....!!

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