30/3/2016: Well much has happened. Early yesterday evening I was leaving Walmart and pulled Angel out of my pocket to see she had changed.... into..... Kuriten. I was definitely cursing when I saw her on the screen. How could this happen??? I neglected that Angel so much and still I got Kuriten. I would have been happy with anything else, but I really had my heart set on Ginji Angel.. Anyways, I am going to try and avoid getting the twins at all cost, and after this one passes I am going to take a break from Tama Angel for a while. I had a good run of getting new characters, but it seems I always come back to Kuriten in the end.

Last night I had the itch to start my DigiMon. I hatched my brown/black Digi at 7:23 while watching the movie Valley of the Dolls, and I have a 1 year old Kormon now. I am neglecting in hopes of getting anything I haven't gotten before, which is a lot. The last time I raised a DigiMon I got Meramon for my adult, so I am hoping for someone new again this time. :) I am just going to raise one Digi this time around, don't really feel like raising two at once.

Today was quite eventful. Last night my Tongaritchi got sick before going to bed so I knew he would be changing today. Seemed to take forever, but finally a little after 3pm I looked down at my Mimitchi Tama to see none other than sweet Mimitchi staring back at me. I got him back in just four days, but it felt a lot longer that he was gone. Anyways I am so happy to have him back again. :)

Two other things happened today. My tama on my white Japnaese Tamagotch grew legs! A normal change. I am going to try for Masukutchi and hopefully get the secret character.

Then at 7pm I got the biggest shock ever! Funkorgatchi on Morino Tamagotch passed away at age 9. I couldn't beleive it! But I guess this is normal for a character of his health. It just caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting it at all. Well I rehatched him again at 7:30, from the white egg once again. I am hoping for someone other than Funkorogatchi this time. I know that weight is a determining factor in what adult you get, but I am convinced that I can get other characters without increasing his weight. I am going to keep trying darn it!!! I will experiment with the weight method another time.

I am so glad to have Mimitchi back, I missed him so much. I sure do miss Ginji since he left on Sunday.... I had really been hoping to get him with me in spirit on my Angel, but another time I guess... Ginji is just the sweetest Tama on Gen1, and by far the cutest of everyone on Gen1. I shall get him again one day.....

I have been busy with work and today was pretty tiring. I actually went over to Matthews on my lunch hour and took a power nap with my Tamas laid out beside me. I loveeee naps, and on the weekends I usually cuddle up with my Tamas and sleep for an hour or two in the afternoon. :) Guilty pleasure of mine for sure. Anyways Mimitchi and I are off to play some Animal Crossing: Wild World before bed time. Good night friends! :)

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