28/3/2016: Blog number 75! Amazing indeed. :) Last night while I was doing some cleaning around the kitchen, Ginjirotchi gave in and died at 18. This has always been the age he leaves at when I don't pause him, so it was quite accurate. Either way I was really sad to see him go... I thought he would have at least made it to bed last night, but nope... He was ready to go. I look forward to getting him again someday soon... He is so sweet.

Otonoten also passed away last night at age 12. Two deaths in one day. I restarted my Angel Tama again immediately and this evening I got the healthy teen, Kodoten. I am neglecting him in hopes of getting ANYTHING except for the twins. I will even take Oyajitenshi again. Just as long as I don't get Kuriten and the twins I am happy.

This morning my Mimitchi-To-Be Tama grew legs, a normal change. He is 3 years old, 20lb and 75% disciplined already! I await the return of my sweet friend in a couple of days. :) I have been keeping him up with me at all times so he changes faster.

I restarted my Japanese Gen1 at 10:30 this morning, a little after in fact. I am going for Masukutchi or Kutchipatchi. If I get Masukutchi then I am going to try for the secret character again. As of right now I may just go for Masukutchi because I gotta concentrate on raising Mimitchi this week.

What else.... Oh yes, Funkorgatchi is 7 years old and 83mg. He doesn't need a whole lot, and only gets attacked once or twice a day. Tonight I was eating dinner and he got attacked by the frog for the first time! I laughed right out loud when I saw it! Inside joke between Shawn and I. ;) Poor little Funkorogatchi looked so frightened.

Started another work week today! Haven't been feeling the best since last night anxiety wise, but I made it through the day alright. Glad I had my Tamas there! Now I am just home relaxing with my Tamas and chatting with Shawn on Facebook. Gotta love it!

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