26/3/2016: Today while we were all out for a drive, Mimitchi gave in and died at 11:52. I was pulled over feeding him when the screen began to black out, and then the long drawn out beeping began. I was glad to be alone with him so I could give him a proper good bye. :) The song "Look Through My Window" by the Mamas and the Papas was playing when he departed. After he left me an egg and the final beep was heard, I scrolled over to see he was 32 years old. He hung on for ten extra days due to pausing, and I couldn't have been happier to have him around for all that extra time. Lots of time together and lots of good memories. I hatched the egg he left me at 11:53 and by 11:58 I had Shirobabitchi bobbing back and forth. I decided to drive around a while longer and just had him in my hand while I drove.

I now have a happy and healthy Tonmarutchi to care for with 75% discipline. I shall keep him up at all times so I can have Mimitchi back with me as soon as possible. I miss him already! :P It is 11:30pm now and he is still up with me. Not sure when I will be going to bed, but I don't want to stay up too late.

Imotchi on Morino Tamagotch went into the cocoon today. It was just shortly before Mimitchi left actaully! I have been doing my best to keep the temperature in the center, but apparently it is ok to let it get a little hot, so who knows what the right way to do it is? I am gonna keep experimenting with this, and for now I will just do my best to keep it somewhere close to the middle. I can't wait for him to come out of the cocoon!!

Anyways not much else to talk about besides the death of Mimitchi. Ginji and Angel Tama are still hanging on. Ginji is 17 and rather demanding, but I really don't mind. I always love obliging to his needs. That little grin just melts my heart. And Otonoten is 11 and also rather on the demanding side.

I am gonna finish this blog here for tonight. I plan to hatch some more Tamas next week... I wanna take another try at DigiMon. :) And I may also start Japanese P2 and try for the Japanese secret character again. Decisions decisions....

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